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January 26, 2010

pork sundae

i have seriously got to get back on the ball with this blog thing. just remember always to check here, because if there’s not a new post on this blog, alot of times there is one on the other.

the title of this post is what i had for lunch on sunday.  i can’t stop thinking about it.  it was so so good.  looked like the picture except it wasn’t in a cute mason jar and the layers were in a different order…mine had the coleslaw on top and the pork on the bottom.  i usually hate my food to even touch on my plate, but for some reason when i saw this thing on the specials board, i HAD to have it.  so glad i did.

layne has been watching tv for like 45 minutes while i waste time on the computer.  i had my glucose test this morning so ryan watched the kids.  when i got home from taking harper to school i noticed that the computer was conveniently already turned on.  an hour later, with the dishwasher still full of clean dishes, the bed still unmade, and laundry calling my name, i’m remembering why i try really hard not to turn the computer on until much later in the day.  i could’ve at least spent the time working on some of the “work” i have on my plate right now (editing, design, etc)…

we did disney this weekend and it was a total blast.  later tonight or tomorrow i want to post some pictures.  i insisted on bringing the 50D because i wanted “to get some really amazing pictures”, but i’m actually a little disappointed in the shots i did get. 

gotta go make a grocery list.  oh, and “pay the babysitter” (turn off the tv).

September 21, 2009

i love food.

and i love to eat.  and i love this “guy” because he loves it just as much as i do.

i don’t watch alot of cooking shows, but diners, drive-ins, and dives has become a close second to paula deen (formerly the only cooking show i could tolerate).  “triple d” isn’t really about cooking…it’s about eating.  and it’s about eating greasy, fatty, DELICIOUS food in large portions.  i don’t watch every episode, i don’t have it on my dvr list of things to record, but if i’m flipping channels and it’s on, i’ll stop every time.  it’s almost punishment to watch because it just makes ME want to take that huge drippy greasy bite that guy just ate, but i watch it anyway.

anyone else a fan?

August 16, 2009

what i ate today

i usually try to stay off the computer on sundays, but i just had a photo session with some friends and couldn’t resist uploading them right away.  what that has to do with me being logged onto wordpress…i have no idea…

randomly, here’s a list of all the things i ate today:

  • leftover monkey bread (thanks, jenny!) and orange juice (before church)
  • bacon, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich and purple rain gatorade (after church)
  • approximately 1/2 cup of chocolate whip frosting from the fridge and a glass of water(1:45, when the girls went down for their naps)
  • some sunflower seeds with another glass of water(about 10 minutes later)
  • 2 fruit roll-ups with yet another glass of water (about 15 minutes later…just couldn’t seem to figure out what i wanted…a.k.a. the munchies)
  • pretzels sticks and a sprite (in the car on the way to the photo session)
  • a resee’s big cup (in the car on the way home from the grocery store after the photo session)
  • black beans, taco meat, cheese, salsa, and sour cream all reheated and mixed into a dip with multigrain tostitos and some water (9:00 pm!!  after i had all the groceries put away and the fridge cleaned out)

for the record, let me say that my kids did not eat everything i ate.  and they had a green vegetable at dinner.  also, i walked 2 miles pushing a double stroller (that counts for something, right?).

also, check this out.

August 3, 2009

the little things…

some small things that made me happy today:

  • i entered 2 designs into this contest and they are on the site today.  GO VOTE!!!  i really want to win and i feel like i have a chance…the designs with the most votes right now are a huge deer and michael jackson.  the prize is $150…help harper go to preschool!!  please vote for either of the last two designs…they’re both mine:  “branches” and “peony sketch”.
  • chick-fil-a peach milkshake.  so good it is just WRONG.  why why why must their time be limited?!
  • after i cleaned up the mess at our table, i walked into the playground at chick-fil-a and couldn’t see layne anywhere.  i couldn’t see her because i was only looking on the ground.  guess those nuggets were little bits of battered courage, because she decided today was the day she could climb up all the stairs to get to the little “rooms” at the top.  she was SO proud (almost as proud of herself and i was of her).
  • talked to a client in tallahassee today.  we did a session like 2+ years ago and she decided out of the blue that they need another.  i’ve also had another girlfriend from the TLH want to schedule something, so i guess i’ll be heading that way sometime in the next few months.  thank goodness….hopefully this is the drought coming to a close.
  • took the girls to dubois lagoon after naptime since ryan was working late.  it was great….a little more crowded than i’d prefer, but not too bad.  love the beach that time of day, and then we got home just in time for baths and bed.  also, i got my favorite parking spot right in front of the shower.
  • dating in the dark: have y’all seen this show?  it is awesome.  ryan came into the room while i was watching and laughed at me.  he said i had a huge grin on my face.  ha!
  • sent in harper’s preschool registration!!  yay!  so excited (for her and for me).
May 19, 2009

full day

gonna do this one in reverse…

just showered.

ate 2 bowls of raisin bran, 4 bites of vanilla ice cream, and a reheated bowl of the mexican skillet i made for dinner but wasn’t around to eat. 

went to soccer evaluations, but only 6 of us showed up, and i was the only one “new” to the league (this is the 30+ league).  we played 3 v 3.  i was nervous at first…felt really out of my element, but it ended up being alot of fun.  i was encouraged because i never really felt tired…the gym is paying off!

fed and bathed the girls, cleaned house, folded clothes, vaccumed (how the heck to do you spell that?!). then i had the unpleasant experience of seeing the contents of a can of peas all over my kitchen floor. i’m such a clutz.


a few phone conversations and some e-mail.

playground behind the library…avoided the homeless man sleeping on a picnic table and the huge looming black clouds.

library…put the old books/movies/CD’s in “the hole” and checked out new ones.

church play group. (enjoyed our conversation, charlene.)

breakfast at first watch.  told harper it was her reward for being SO great at the dentist.  she was pretty much layne’s nanny while i got my teeth cleaned.  i was so proud!  we all shared chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled eggs. $9 including tip was worth it not to go home to eat breakfast before we headed out to the church.


dentist.  i was told once again that i don’t floss enough (or ever!), that i need a $200 toothbrush, and a mouth guard thingy because apparently i clench/grind my teeth so much so that the back ones are worn down like they’re 80 years old.  harper was put in the chair for about 2 minutes after i had my teeth cleaned.  she was VERY excited and very cute about it.  when i asked her later if she’d been scared, she said no, but when they put the air-blower thing in her mouth, i could see her flinching a little bit.  still, she seemed genuinely diappointed when “dr. mark” was done.

IMG_1023 small  IMG_1024 small

got the girls up around 7:15…pretty early for them.  out the door at 7:45.

April 29, 2009

i hear the sesame street theme song…

not really, but that song to me epitomizes happiness.

i have a great deal to get done in the next few days (including resizing and blogging about all of harper’s birthday party pictures, i know, i know), but for now i just wanted to do a short post about things that are making me happy lately.
img_0920-copywe met ryan at chick-fil-a for lunch.  there are 3 reasons why that makes me happy: 1) i love seeing ryan in the middle of a weekday, 2) there’s really nothing i’d rather have for lunch, 3) harper eats everything she’s offered when we’re there AND has a great time on the playground.  layne likes the fries until she almost chokes and we take them away.




img_0922-copy2next up, we got a new faucet for the kitchen sink.  it is making me excited to do dishes just so i can use it and stare at it up close.  our old one was really ugly AND it leaked all over the top of the sink for pretty much the entire 5 years we’ve lived here.  funny story: when i got home on saturday night and the guys had just put this thing in, i was very excited to find that it also came with a soap dispenser.  so, i decided to fill it up and try it out.  first, i filled it up with dish soap, not realizing what i was doing.  i emptied the container (which is stored screwed in underneath the sink), and then proceeded to pour the hand soap into the hole.  after i’d dumped the entire bottle of hand soap into the hole, i bent down to see how much more i needed to pour in to get it full.  it was then that i saw the container STILL ON THE COUNTER.  i’d poured all the soap into the empty cabinet below!



this is the canvas that we got from the pay-it-forward photo session with my new friend rebekah hood (kallima photography).  she gave it to me on monday night after our SoFly meeting and i LOVE it!  i never knew i was a canvas kind of girl, but it is so impactful and classy looking.  we also got the rest of the images from her and are going to finally fill up the empty frames above the couch.  i would love to get our family photos done every few years and have a collection of these things to fill up a wall.



img_0926-copythis is a new gadget i got at bed bath & beyond.  i’ve only used it twice, but i can already tell it’s going to make this living-in-a-condo-with-two-kids life a little easier.  it’s called the OneGrip and it’s for carrying many grocery bags at once.  you just open the little slot with your thumb, slide the bags on, the latch closes, and you go…carrying many more bags than you could’ve without it…or at least carrying them without cutting off the circulation in your hand.  the first time i used it, i pulled several muscles in my back trying to prove JUST how much easier my life was going to be by only making one trip.  however, i learned my lesson from that and have accepted the fact that it may still take 2 trips, but those trips will be more pleasant.

April 16, 2009


(i know this post was supposed to contain pictures, but i haven’t found the camera yet since we got home…give me a few days.)

i’ve made several discoveries in recent days:

  • Expresso: i’ve only tried it once, but i see a great future ahead with this machine.  it’s a bike at the gym with virtual reality.  the handlebars move and it has a screen that makes it look like you’re riding your bike somewhere exotic (or just on a plain ol’ road).  it’s harder to peddle when you go up a hill.  you create a username and they keep track of all your stats and you can race your p.r.’s.  it’s very much like the running part of wii fit if you’ve ever seen that.  so fun!  i haven’t gotten sick of the gym yet, but when i do, i’m sure that’ll be one of things i lean on for motivation.
  • chick-fil-a sauce is amazingly good on pretty much everything that place sells.  i just figured out that it is fantastic on fries.  everytime i eat that sauce my mind races to think about what else i can dip in it.  i need to stockpile it at home and make a dinner with it.
  •  [warning: what you are about to read will cause shock and possibly despair.]  I’M THINK I’M ALLERGIC TO SONIC.  no, i am so not kidding.  seriously, would i joke about something like that?  here’s the story:  for about a year now, i’ve been getting really bad excema on my thumbs.  it is really painful and disgusting and, well, annoying.  i went to the dermatologist just after layne was born and she (the dermotologist, not laynie) told me that there was no way to tell where it came from and there is no cure.  i was very frustrated.  anyway,  the girls and i ate there about two weeks ago and i hadn’t been since new years’.  the excema popped up 2 days later after not having an outbreak in three months.  i don’t know when/where it hit me, but i all-of-a-sudden realized one day that sonic is the only factor that has changed in my life since i started getting this junk on my finger.  talk about being between a rock and a hard place!  i want so badly to know the cause of the problem, but i also want so badly to continue eating/drinking sonic!  i’m going on a 6-month sonic fast to see if that really is the source of the allergy.  pray for me.
  • today i discovered our george foreman grill on the porch.  it had been sitting there since the last time we grilled hamburgers.  TWO WEEKS AGO.  ew.

i guess while i’m discovering things i need to figure out how to get up and clean my house!  love you all.  night night.

ps.  i had a photo session tonight and one of the first things the mom said to me was that she liked my green nailpolish.  🙂  haha

April 4, 2009

today as interpreted by google images



February 2, 2009

+     =  DELICIOUS.

September 2, 2008

the beginning of the end

my pregnancy is finally coming to an end.  yes, the baby has been out of my body for about 7 weeks now, but my body hasn’t really realized it yet (not like my eating crap all the time is gonna slap my body across the face and say, “hey!  lose some weight!”).  tomorrow marks the first day of an all-out war on the last 10 pounds i have to lose.  the plan: no sweets or soda until my 30th birthday (nov. 8th) and some type of heart-pumping excercise 6 days a week.  i’ll let you know how it goes.  i honestlly do LOVE excercise, but my love for sweets and such is just as great.  that’s why i called it WAR.  luckily i have a few friends in the boat with me, so that should help.  not to mention the fact that i don’t fit into 97% of the clothes in my closet…talk about motivation.

if you don’t know me, you should know that the most dramatic part of this “commitment” will be my lack of attendance at sonic’s daily happy hour.  no, i don’t go every day, but i do go at least once a week and when i do, i go all out.  sadly, route 44 strawberry limeades are carbonated and are VERY sweet…