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February 1, 2011

i wish i had the super-power of not needing to sleep.

i work best at night.  i always have been a night owl, but even much moreso since i had kids and figured out that peace and quiet makes for a faster, more efficient, and most of the time a more creative way to get things done.  however, i am tired.  i’ve been tired for like 4 years.  and i’m sick.  i felt for a long time that if i’m not physically capable of being a night owl anymore, God should at least give me a few doses of morning person every now and then.  nope.  never.

i really do need to get to bed…i’ve been on the internet for 3 hours…pausing every 3 minutes to cough.  a dry, annoying, every-time-i-take-a-breath-i-need-to-cough kind of cough.  i haven’t felt that bad during the day (especially today since i got a glorious nap), but at night, all through the night the cough and congestion kick it into high gear.


apparently my domain expired.  for my website.  if you click on that little box to the right that has my logo and says “the website”, it’ll now take you to some dorky generic domain registry ad page.  that’s why i’ve been on the internet since 8:30…doing research on what my new site should be like…suggestions welcome.  i’m thinking i want to just nix the whole website thing and just do a fancier blog.  especially since i’m going to be combining my blogs….i feel i’ll be more devoted to upkeep and making it cool if i only have one spot on the web to worry about.  however, i am feeling VERY uneasy about having to leave this blog and its archives behind.  wondering about making it into a book…

i’m rambling.

here’s a sampling of my day brought to you by google images.




November 3, 2010

i think zombies must look more rested than i.

  • harper’s not going to school today.  she got up around 4 AM and had a 103 temp.  no idea why or what else is wrong.  she says her throat hurts.  GREAT.  i am very glad she’s not going to school because it is pouring rain outside, however i am OVER the germs that are constantly creeping their way into this house.  i don’t want to resort to having to become one of those paranoid, addicted-to-hand-sanitizer moms (if you know me, you know that would be a ssttrreecchh).
  • got the estimate (the # that we’ll get a check for) from the insurance company on monday.  it was over twice what we were expecting.  i am begging ryan to let us just leave the scab on the side of the van and SPEND that fat check.  we’ll see what happens.  (new headboard?  gym membership?  stack of restaurant gift cards?  please babe???)
  • one night last week, harper was up all night with a stomach virus.  of course i hate for her to be sick, but i do love how snuggly she gets when she doesn’t feel well.  i slept on the couch just so that i’d be able to hear her if she was up running to the potty in the dark (which she did, 4 times, poor girl).  she wanted to lay with me for awhile after 2 of those potty trips.  while we were lying there, i was thinking that i never wanted to forget that moment…4 AM, house is quiet, just me and harper spooning on the couch.  her little hand on mine.  SUCH A PRIVELEGE.
  • my friend Tina is going on a FREE trip to san francisco this weekend.  she won a recipe contest on Foodbuzz and is being flown out there to attend a festival and do a demo for the recipe she submitted (which i had the privilege of trying and it is UH-mazing (pumpkin parfait).  we are all so proud of her (and i am SO jealous…san fran is one of my favorite places).
  • maitland hasn’t slept through the night since we were on vacation in august.  i’ve tried a few times to let him cry, but it hasn’t done the trick and i have perfected the skill of being in a semi-conscious state (basically asleep with my eyes open) so i’m lazy and just give in to nursing him.  i’d rather be up feeding him for 10 minutes as opposed to listening to him cry for an hour.  he just got 2 teeth in 2 weeks, but it looks like things in his mouth will be calm for awhile, so this week i decided it’s the end of the road for that waking-up business.  last night was night #2 and i think he only cried for like 20 minutes (monday night it was an hour or so).  i’m looking forward to not hearing him during the night anymore and i’m also looking forward to my milk supply understanding what’s going on.  i fed him at 6:30 this morning and he only ate on one side.  not to be graphic, but lets just say things are a little uneven right now.  i feel like i have a disability.
  • got a new blackberry and a new provider.  i now have internet on my phone.  it is a dangerous amazing new world.  🙂  the trackpad isn’t working right, so i actually have to go to the sprint place today to get it fixed or get a new phone or something.  i need to post pictures because it is ADORABLE.  purple.  i need to give it a name.
  • another note on maitland: he is very close to sitting on his own (he can do it on a soft surface).  his teeth are adorable. and he’s recently started being verbal…making jabbering noises.  all of this is fun to experience, but i can’t help but feel sad knowing he’s my last baby.  i want him to slow it down a little!

October 14, 2010

hit and run

keep forgetting to write about this:

last thursday i was looking for a parking spot at the library.  i paused before turning into one and glanced into my rearview mirror just in time to see someone slowly backing into the rear door of my van.  i LAID on my horn, but to no avail.  i pulled into the spot i’d initially paused for, and started to get out of the car, when i realized that the other car was leaving the parking lot.  “no way!  she’s leaving!”  so, i followed her.  there was a burger king about an eighth of a mile away.  by the time we left the entrance of burger king, i’d figured out that an old woman was driving the car in front of me and that she had no idea she’d hit me.  i figured out the latter because she’d turned into the BK parking lot and driven right back out the exit…trying to lose me!  i have no idea why she was scared of a young-looking gal driving a gold mini-van, but she was.  so, i decided that it would be the wrong thing to do to get out of my car at the stoplight and knock on her window.  i decided to follow her and to call 911 (side note: the whole time this was going on, the girls were screaming at me about how they wanted to go back to storytime).  i have to admit, i of course was annoyed that she’d hit me, but i was sort-of excited that she was “running”.  she headed to her neighborhood where my chase was cut short by a neon orange arm traffic barrier.  a police officer met me there shortly, got the other driver to come back to where we were (the guard shack), and wrote his report and a ticket (for her…Elinor, it turned out).  it was true, she hadn’t realized she’d hit me, but i’m so glad i followed her because we’re thinking it’ll be like $400 to get the door fixed.  so pathetic, but this was the most exciting thing that’s happened to me in awhile.

October 8, 2010

come thou fount of many blessings

is it sacreligious to use that title if i’m referring to my rental house and not God?  if it is, Lord, i am so sorry, but you know how much i’m enjoying this new place.

yes, folks, the condo is history.  we’ve been out of there for 2 weeks, but i’ve yet to’ve made the announcement here (right?  i’m too lazy to read my past few posts…).  this is the reason for the neglected blog.  SOOOOOOOO many many many things to get done.  here are a few that are weighing on me right now:

(try to hear me saying this like the guy who used to be on the micro machines commercials…it’s a long list)

spray finish coat on stool i am sitting on, move the rug in maitland’s room so that it no longer works as an unintentional doorstopper, sand star for maitland’s room, paint star for maitland’s room, hang all my jewelry on the pegboard, hang full mirrors in our room and the girls’ room, hang chalkboard in the laundry room, books on the bookshelf (not sure if i’ll have the energy for that one since all they do is sit there), go for a run…like every day, figure out some way to make the hideous wooden wall look…not hideous, do the sinkful off dishes that have been there since this morning, put away the neglected-for-days folded laundry, paint our headboard black (this one is waaay down the list), sort through the humongous (?) pile of papers/cards/photos on my desk and put everything where it should go, clean the bathrooms, post an interview on the SoFly blog, empty the recycle box into the recylcle bins and pray that they don’t fill up because i forgot to put the bins out this morning, birthday/anniversary cards, hang whiteboard above my desk, hang antique sign in maitland’s room, make/mail CD’s for girlfriends session, edit/blog/CD for hadleigh’s first birthday shoot, design/order/send out some type of holiday/change of address/maitland announcement card, read for tuesday morning book study group (Raising Your Children With No Regrets by Catherine Hickem), read for tuesday night book study group (Crazy Love by Francis Chan…so excited abou this one…and, oops, actually i still have to go buy this book), pictures of the new place for all the facebookers who’ve asked to see some, print out a 5×7 for aimee honse


i feel better now.  my friend jenny told me that’s called a brain dump.  exactly what it feels like.  if you are anything like me, you lie in bed in the dark with things like these going through your head and you can’t sleep.  so maybe now i’ll be able to fall asleep a little quicker.  however, i do get up with maitland around 5 AM and while i’m nursing him i’m sure i’ll be coming up with a whole other list.

on a lighter note, here are a few of the “many blessings” i mentioned in the title of this post (some big, some small):

  • to and from the car is an absolute BREEZE
  • the fridge has a freezer shelf which i didn’t have before, see through drawers, and huge space in the door.
  • the washer is huge compared to my previous stackable.  the dryer has an end-cycle signal.  so exciting.
  • the girls love their new room/new beds.
  • we now (FINALLY) have a queen-sized bed (after 8 years of marriage with a full)
  • storage room.  nuff said.
  • rediscovering some things i have that i’d forgotten about.
  • YARD.
  • we’re a good 7 minutes closer to harper’s school.

i’d like to say it won’t be another week before my next post, but…well, you saw the list.

August 6, 2010

mystery solved.

many thanks to you who cared to wonder what was in the photos in this post.  i appreciated your comments and guesses, but you were ALL WRONG.  i think.  i can’t exactly remember what you guessed and i’m too lazy to look right now.  xoxoxo anyway.

here are the answers:

1) last week i noticed that the rubber plant on our back porch was COVERED in white caterpillars.  they weren’t doing anything, just hanging on.  harper and i counted 12!  went outside the other day and i guess i was there at just the right time because every single caterpillar was chowing down like it was their job.  i must’ve stayed outside at least 5 full minutes watching them eat.  if you’ve never seen them eat, it’s almost like a human eating an ear of corn really fast…side to side.  i felt like a little kid because i couldn’t stop watching them.  i was really disappointed with the pictures i got…first time i’ve ever really wished i had a micro lens.  [unfortunately, i just looked them up and i think they will be moths when they come out of their cocoons…too bad.  would’ve been cool to see some pretty butterflies out there.]

2) sort-of a long story, but there are two old ladies in our building that the girls and i have become friends with because we see them all the time.  last week each of them came to our door on different days bringing 3 macy’s boxes.  they had bought clothes for all the kids.  the oldest woman, carmen, is adorable.  she’s spanish and unkempt most of the time and has a dog (juliet) that is like 400 years old.  anyway, the boxes that she brought not only had clothes in them, they had little…goodies.  random candies and even that 50 cent piece.  so adorable.

3) lastly, was a picture of ripped shorts.  the kids and i were heading out to run errands…can’t remember where or why, i just remember we had somewhere to go.  anyway, i got all the kids strapped in the car and went to get in my seat and i still have NO idea how, but my shorts got caught on the lever that lowers the seat back.  they got caught and i pulled away, and they RIPPED up to my…um…backside.  i considered posting a picture of me wearing the ripped shorts, but i was too self-conscious…that’s how high the rip went.  haha.  as soon as they ripped, i started laughing really hard and harper asked me why i was laughing.  i said “i’m sorry girls, but we have to go back inside so i can change my shorts.  they just ripped.”  in true kid-selfish fashion, harper kept protesting saying she didn’t want to go upstairs and i didn’t need new shorts.  i just kept laughing and got them out of the car and upstairs (all with one hand because the other one was busy holding the ripped material together).  ryan called me as i was getting them out of the car and i didn’t even say hello, i just said, “i’m SO glad you called me right now because i needed someone to laugh with!”

August 4, 2010

can you guess…

the stories behind these photos?  if you want to guess at one, leave a comment (obviously they’d just be numbered 1,2,3…top to bottom).

i’m trying to think of a prize for someone who guesses right…maybe i’ll just speak very highly of you in the post where i tell the story behind each picture…probably friday sometime.

August 2, 2010


so i read meg duerkson’s blog every day.  we are not friends.  we’ve never met and most likely never will.  i just like her and i like reading her blog.  simple.  she is funny.  she is creative.  she is a Christian.  she has five kids.  and best of all, she is NORMAL. 

today’s post made me like her even more.  she had her readers ask her questions (she has like 3,000 subscriptions on google reader) and then she answered them. 

i have 15 subscriptions and probably about that many readers.  but i can still answer your questions, right?

so, is there anything you would like to ask me?  if you know me, you know that i am not afraid of honesty.  let me have it…could be anything from “what do you order at taco bell?” to “do you believe in pre-destination?”

(i feel like i should start a new category called “post ideas that i’ve stolen from other bloggers”.)

July 27, 2010

slip n slide

this just made my day.  thanks meg (even though the video of you conveniently didn’t work).  now i am daydreaming about this being my family and some friends of ours (or maybe family) in like 5 years.  we have done this tarp thing before and it was awesome.  i just can’t wait for the day that all my kids can do it with us (although i don’t know if i would pay them a dollar for making it to the end…maybe if they were standing on their head or something).

July 2, 2010


thought i’d post a play-by-play of today’s beach…ahem…”adventure”.  i want to record things like this so i can remember what it was like when the kids are older and i can just play with them without stress lay on a towel and read.

10:00 – feeding maitland on the couch at home.  stroller is packed and we are ready to walk out the door.

10:30 (not even going to attempt to speak of the things that happened from 10:00 to 10:30…the process of getting from our door to actually driving in the car is a post in itself.) – supposed to be meeting kathleen and carla, but stuck on the bridge.  maitland is screaming.  i opened the windows and he stopped.

10:40 – applying sunscreen in the parking lot.  layne is naked and screaming because i won’t let her put the sunscreen on her face by herself (“i do it!  i do it!”).  maitland is in his carseat on the ground still screaming.  however, i was thinking “this is going well so far”.  must’ve been feeling pretty optimistic because i decided not to put a swim diaper on layne (you can see where this is going, right?).

10:45 – walk from the car to the beach.  miraculously uneventful (thanks to kathleen helping me lug the stroller/cart down the stairs).

10:50 to 11:45 – maitland is asleep (thank you to the angels who were kissing him and singing to him or whatever you did to keep him asleep on the beach for that long).  girls are playing and eating.  harper is swimming about 30 yards away in her floatie (we were under the pier, which is a no swim zone, so she had to go down the beach a little ways.  i chose to stay with the other two kids because layne wanted NO part of the water and had very zealously let me know it.)

11:45 – maitland wakes up.  he’s not supposed to eat until 1:00.  i wasn’t worried.

11:48 – he’s a little fussy.  everytime i pick him up, he gets more sand on him and feels a little sweatier than the last time.  oh man.

12:00 – explain to harper that maitland is fussing and we have to go.  she doesn NOT like this.  tantrum follows.  i hand maitland to kathleen and start to gather up my things.  he stops fussing and looks like he might fall asleep.  i change my mind and decide i might as well stay a little longer (seems to make the trek a little more worthwhile).

12:08 – harper is swimming down the beach again…looks like she’s having fun.  layne is finally sitting in the water playing with some other kids and…wait…is that a SMILE i just saw?  maitland starts to fuss again so i decide i’ll try to nurse him.  i do so very discreetly (if you’ve ever breastfed in public, you understand why this made me happy) and he’s liking it for a few minutes. 

12:10 – carla informs me that LAYNE’S BATHING SUIT IS FULL OF POOP.  oh man.  [you’re right if you’re thinking it’s all downhill from here.]  layne is crying again.

12:10:30 – i pretty much run up to my stuff and start throwing things in the stroller/cart (including poor maitland…he was laid on top of all the towels).  i ask kathleen to run and get harper and tell her we have to go.  thankfully, harper comes pretty quickly.

12:12 – we head up the hill to the stairs. i was carrying a ridiculous load thinking, “this is exactly why i go to the gym.”  i hadn’t put shoes on either girl yet and poor layne’s feet were burning.  i pull her over to the bushes and empty out her bathing suit as best i can (i really didn’t want poop flying everywhere while i was rinsing her in the shower).  i put layne down and tell her “the sand is hot.  run to the stairs.”  she does the opposite.  took 4 steps and froze.  luckily kathleen was right there, so she grabbed her (i had just filled my hands up with the ridiculous load again.)  amazingly enough, during this part of the process, maitland was quiet as a mouse…just looking around from his bed in the bottom of the stroller. 

12:15 – make it to the showers.  i laid maitland on a towel in the shade.  harper put on her halo and started rinsing herself off without me saying a word to her.  i slap myself out of my proud stupor and get to work on the other little gal.  i grab her and the torture ensues.  she was screaming as i was trying my best to act totally normal while rinsing the poop out of her bathing suit and get the sand off of her.  finally it’s done and i sat her down on the towel next to her brother.  put her shoes on and i can tell she’s feeling much better.  she gets up and it’s obvious to me that there is still work to be done on her rear-end.  wow.

12:18 – we get to the car, i get everything unloaded and get maitland in his carseat.  he’s spit up everywhere, but he’s happy.  good.  put a towel on the grass and put layne on it.  i take off her bathing suit and she’s covered with sand.  wipe her bottom and put on a clean diaper.  the sand will have to wait. 

12:24 – off we go.

just realized that my times are all wrong on this because when i put maitland in his seat it was 12:40-something.  oh well.  you get the picture.  speaking of pictures, i hope this one stays in my mind forever.  i’m already laughing about it.  and, let me just say, i am not complaining.  i’m glad my life is challenging in this respect.  i know it sounded like i was complaining about layne, but i’m just stating facts.  she’s almost 2 and she’s acting it.  that’s that.  right now she’s sitting next to me being very sweet…she just has her moments.

June 14, 2010

how is it almost 11 PM?

i need to get to bed, but i just wanted to write about some things making me happy lately.

the kids and i have been in tallahassee since friday evening.  good times.  my sister’s kids are here too, so they’re all having a grand time.  i love it here.  even regular things i do at home aren’t so regular here…laundry, making potato soup, even watching tv.  i feel i have more freedom…i guess everybody feels that way on vacation, but here it’s even better because this vacation comes with built-in FREE babysitters.  ha.  the first night we were here, maitland slept for FIVE hours straight.  a first.  i was delighted to say the least.  guess he loves it here too.

there is a goodwill here that i love to shop at.  i always find good clothes there.  today’s trip was extra fun.  monday is 50% off on all clothes.  nice.  i was trying on a pair of shorts and i put my hands in the pockets and pulled out a $20 bill!!  i was jazzed to say the least…especially when my total at the register was $22.

mom took the three older kids to the city pool around noon.  i put layne down for a nap and then spent 2 hours in the recliner with maitland.  i’d never do that if we were home.  i’d be rushing around trying to mop the floor or something with him in the bjorn.  so fun to channel surf and just soak up my sleeping son.

someone came to look at the condo today.  the kids and i weren’t there.  that made me happy (trying to keep the house clean longer than 10 minutes is challenge).  keep coming, potential buyers!  we’ll be gone for 3 more days…

okay so now it’s not almost 11 PM, it’s twelve minutes after.  i’ve got to get to bed.  my alarm will be going off in a few hours (i.e. baby will want to eat).