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February 27, 2009


i took some time this afternoon (alot more than i’d planned, actually…ugh) to reorganize all my posts.  i added some new categories (food, tv & movies, music, and travel) and went back through ALL my posts and tried to re-categorize them as best i could.  some still ended up “uncategorized” (like this one, ha!), and i may eventually find a place for them all, but just thought i’d let everyone know in case that’s how they like to read (by category).

happy friday!

February 26, 2009

ryan michael

found this while wandering in blog land.  my hubby reads my blog every day so i thought i’d give him some love.

How did we meet: freshman year at PBA…when soccer season was over, he started hanging out with some guys that my group of girls had been hanging out with for a few months.  i had a crush on him for a few months before i figured out that he had any interest in me.

How long we dated before we got married: we celebrated our 4 year dating anniversary a month before we got married.  we were engaged for 6 months.

How long we have been married:  last august was our 6 year anniversary, so… 6 1/2 years.

What is my favorite feature about him:  he has a very ruggedly handsome face and i love his legs and his butt (i know you’ll want to look next time you see him, but try to control yourself.)

What is my favorite quality about him:  probably my favorite thing about him is just that he is my husband.  🙂  i know that sounds like i’m blowing off the question, but i’m totally not.  i seriously don’t know what i would do or who i’d be if we weren’t together.

What is his nickname: hobie

What is his favorite color: i don’t think he has one, but he’s probably drawn to blue.

What is his favorite food: pizza or a cheeseburger with Dr. Pepper

What is his favorite sport: To play…soccer   To watch..European soccer or NFL football 

Who said the “L” word first: we sort of both said it at the same time…we were in the Barnes & Noble parking lot and The Last of the Mohicans soundtrack was playing (it is awesome)

First kiss and where:  this is embarrassing to admit because i know my mother-in-law reads this blog, but our first kiss was on ryan’s parents’ couch.  🙂  july 18, 1998 

Favorite “couple thing” to do: we always have alot of fun when we go on trips together, but since we had kids, we’ve only had one trip just the two of us.  this is nerdy, but we love to go to barnes & noble and just wander around…we ususally both end up in the magazine section.  we hardly ever get to do this anymore.  we also love to do normal couple stuff like watch movies and go out to eat.

How many kids: 2 girls – harper ann, born 4/27/06 and layne katharine, born 7/15/08

Hidden Talent: he’s pretty good at laughing like a schoolgirl

Favorite Music:  he has GREAT taste in music.  likes pretty much everything except hard metal or techno.  alot of his favorites have rubbed off on me, so that’s cool.

What I admire most about him: he is extremely smart and creative (and modest about both).  he has a very strong faith and a solid witness in a very secular workplace.  he is a fantastic daddy and goes out of his way to make one-on-one time a priority with the girls.

Favorite past time: he loves surfing and soccer, but if it’s an “everyday” kind of past-time, than i’d probably just say watching TV or playing video games

Will he read this: yup.  he reads me on his blackberry pretty much every night.  (hi baby.)

now i’m tagging TinaKathleen, and Alyssa to do it too.

February 25, 2009

cleaning questions

so this morning as i was making pancakes i accidentally scooted a small one off the edge of the griddle when i was trying to flip it.  it scooted into the other burner…fell between the part that gets hot and the “bowl”.  so, when i was doing the dishes, i took the burner off, took the bowl out and cleaned both parts.  this, of course, made me want to clean all of them.  so i did.  i was thinking that unless there’d been a major spill, i don’t think i’d cleaned that set of burner bowls since i got them probably over a year ago.  is that normal?  it got me feeling insecure about my cleaning habits (or lack of), so…

i would like to ask [all 4 of] my readers to PLEASE  comment and answer the following questions (just put the question number and your answers in the comment).  i know that there are several people who read my blog regularly and never leave comments, so if there was ever a time to make yourself known, that time is now.  i need your input.  i’m really curious about how often other people do these sort of things:

1) how often do you clean your burner bowls?

2) oven?  do you actually get in it and clean it or use the automatic setting?

3) how often do you clean the front of your kitchen cabinets?

4) wipe down the outside of the trashcan?

5) clean the inside of your refrigerator?

6) clean the inside of your freezer?

7) how often do you deep clean your bathroom?  (deep clean as in scrub the tile and mop the floor along with the normal stuff)

8 ) how many times a week do you vaccum/sweep/swiffer?

9) how often do you dust?

10) do you feel like your cleaning habits are pretty normal, below average, or that you’re a little bit OCD?

February 24, 2009

garbage perfume

when i go to take out the trash, i have to walk down down the hall, open a door and then open a chute.  when you open the chute, it creates a reverse vaccum that blows the dumpster room air into your face.  sometimes it’s not that bad, but today….well…about 20 minutes after i took the trash out this morning, i noticed that i still smelled trash.  it took me about 10 seconds to realize that it was my shirt and my hair. 

gross.  gag me with a friggin spoon.  it’s a shame that i barely have time every day for one shower…let alone a second one 2 hours later.

in other building 1203 news, ryan’s snowboard bag was returned today.  we are so thankful.  it was pretty weird, though…the guy knocked on the door and then was super flippant about it.  obviously, as soon as i opened the door and saw the big bag, i freaked out and said, “oh my goodness, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”  he explained that his buddy had shown him our flier (ryan put them in the elevator and on everyone’s door) and he wanted to return it.  the way he explained it made it sound like the bag was just strewn in the middle of the hallway and it was purposely left there or something.  if it had been left down in front of the elevator, i could understand him thinking no one wanted it, but it was against the wall next to our door.  the guy lives across the hall and one door down.  i told ryan i’m assuming he was drunk when he took it.  to me, that’s the only explanation that would merit his bringing it back (or his taking it between the hours of 1:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.).  who cares.  we’re just glad he returned it…a snowboard, snowboard boots, some really expensive BORROWED bindings, ryan’s snow coat and pants, and some dirty clothes (all in a really nice board bag).

gotta run.  the girls are in seperate rooms taking turns crying for no reason.  i so hate how vacations or other variations in daily life wreak havoc on any formerly conquered routine.  layne sounds like someone is pulling off her fingernails.  sheesh.

February 23, 2009

traveling woes

things that went wrong on our trip to colorado:

  • i forgot our toiletries.  so annoying.
  • our flight was delayed out of west palm.
  • the button broke on the stroller that you push to fold it down.
  • we missed our connecting flight in atlanta.
  • we were “kidnapped” by a shady hotel van driver.  (see previous posts)
  • we had to pay for our condo on a night that we weren’t even there and had to pay for a hotel room on top of that.
  • finni (the groom) had a severe virus so he couldn’t participate in the bachelor party (snowmobiling trip).
  • i got sick and my voice turned into an embarrassing husky growl.
  • layne got sick and slept worse than normal (which is bad) in a room we were sharing with 3 other people.
  • ryan’s blackberry fell out of his pocket while he was on the slopes.
  • i had a breakdown between the wedding and the reception…or…sort-of at the reception.  i was tired, didn’t feel good, and having layne around was stressing me out really bad.  once i started crying i couldn’t stop because i was so humiliated.  it took me about 45 minutes to get myself composed enough to sit at the bridal party table and eat.  ugh.  i’ll be embarrassed for a long time (this was the one time i was glad my voice sounded horrible so that people had proof i didn’t feel well).
  • on the way home, layne had an especially hard time on the planes.  she was exhausted and fighting sleep and her ears were obviously KILLING her.  luckily she finally gave in to sleep and ryan and i had an hour to “relax”.
  • we got home around 1:00 a.m. last night.  when we woke up around 8:30 this morning, we realized that we’d accidentally left ryan’s snowboard bag just outside our door in the hall.  when he went to get it, IT WAS GONE.  we talked to maintenance and they hadn’t seen it.  someone stole it.  who would do that?!  so much for calling the people who live near us our “neighbors”.

why none of those things matter:

  • going without things for a few days makes it all the more GREAT when you get them back.  my shower this morning with apricot scrub and a body puff was heaven.
  • ryan fixed the stroller with a screwdriver he bought at a convenience store.  [this was when he walked a MILE from our hotel to get diapers for layne because we’d only brought enough to last 1 day…hadn’t counted on getting stranded in atl.  what a dedicated daddy!]
  • the whole kidnapping thing was an adventure and we laughed about it the whole rest of the trip.
  • the wedding was great.  sweet ceremony.  fun reception.  (it’d been a LONG time coming…that made it all the more special for the couple and everyone there to witness it.)
  • a guy named brian found ryan’s phone at copper (in the snow!) and called several numbers on it to try to track him down.  some of our friends (mike and tina) stayed an extra day, so they’re bringing it home with them tonight.  isn’t that crazy?!
  • the weather was fantastic.  even though i didn’t get to participate in any winter “activities”, it was just nice to be in the mountains surrounded by amazing views and snow and blue sky.  the cold weather is so refreshing and i miss it already (NOT that i want to live in it).

we pick up harper tonight!  i can’t wait to see her!!

February 20, 2009

long strange trip, continued…

okay so we’re in a van packed FULL of people headed to who-knows-where.  surprise, surprise, jerry drove us to his hotel.  when we got to the hotel, we got out of the van popped out as soon as the doors we were leaning against opened.  we all kind of looked at each other like, “okay, what do we do now?”  several people casually mentioned to jerry that this was not the ramada inn.  jerry replied many many times by saying that he was doing us a favor.  it’s all sort of a blur now, but the next 20 minutes were highlighted by these happenings:

  • none of the 3 ladies behind the counter (one of whom jerry was referring to as “mom”) seemed the least bit surprised at how many people exited the van, or at how annoyed we clearly were.  hmmm….
  • jerry had promised us that his hotel would give us the same rate as the ramada.  this meant that they had to accept the vouchers from delta.  until he was guaranteed the same rate, one of the guys in our party decided to take the keys to the van out of the ignition and hold onto them.
  • somehow jerry found out that the keys were in our possession and decided to call the cops.  the whole time he was stomping around talking about how he was gonna keep it professional, but that we’d better watch ourselves.  several of us had gotten in his face by this time, trying to explain that what he’d done was very dishonest and not professional and basically just shady.  apparently his brain was only using the few screws that were loose.
  • a cop showed up.  we tried to calmly explain what had happened and for some reason he didn’t look the least bit surprised…i’m wondering now if he gets cut of their profits by not turning them in or arresting jerry.  the cop informed ______ that he should be taken to jail for taking the keys out of the van.  luckily, a few of the other guys are very calm and level-headed, even at 1 in the morning.  they talked our way out.
  • out the door, actually.  we walked across the street to another hotel.
  • i am so annoyed that we didn’t have a camera crew with us because video documentation is the only type of story-telling that could do this experience justice when it comes to the re-telling of it.  it was one of the weirdest, most random things that has ever happened to me.

we slept for 6 hours in the hotel across the street and then caught our plane on time to denver at 12:30.  we’d been re-booked into first class!  it wasn’t the fanciest ever…no personal tv’s or anything, but layne slept on me for 2 hours, and i know that that wouldn’t have happened if we’d been in coach.

we’re hanging out in the condo right now, getting ready for the rehearsal/out-of-town guests dinner.  the girls went to a bridal lunch in breckenridge this afternoon.  the guys went snowmobiling and had a great time, except for matt, the groom who has a horrible virus and has been in bed for 2 days.  poor guy.

so, has anyone else ever experienced some weird hotel swindling thing like we did?  we all have been saying that it was totally something we would’ve expected to happen in the bahamas or something, but weird to see it happen in america…

February 19, 2009

long strange trip

we left home around 4 pm yesterday heading for copper mountain, colorado. it seems like that was a week ago. our route to denver included a connection in atlanta. for most of the day yesterday atlanta was experiencing some severe weather. our plane sat at the gate for awhile and then we sat on the runway for awhile after boarding. we were supposed to have arrived around 8 pm and have 40 minutes to make our connection. we didn’t leave west palm until almost 9:30. needless to say, we didn’t make the flight to denver. we accepted the fact that we were stuck in atlanta and luckily two of the gracious guys in our group took it upon themselves to not only rebook us a flight for the next day, but also get us vouchers for rooms at the ramada inn. we were tired, but satisfied with the results of what we thought had already been an eventful night.
we headed with the stampede of people down to the hotel shuttles (95% of said people were in the same boat we were – late, tired – and were NOT happy about it…they were using choice words to express it). when we found the shuttle for the ramada, there was a long line, but we were all willing to wait it out. just when we were accepting the fact that the wait would be awhile, in swoops jerry to rescue us. jerry’s 12 passenger van was parked in the slot next to the ramada shuttle. it had the name of another hotel on the side, but jerry assured us repeatedly that he didn’t mind driving us to the ramada. he was gentlemanly enough to say that women and children could get on first. i stepped up to the van, opened the doors wide and realized that there were no seats left. i said, half to myself and half to the already loaded passengers, “where does he expect me to sit?” there were 10 people in our group. i’m still not sure why or how we all stuffed ourselves into that van. jerry had us convinced that he was taking us where we wanted to go and he would get us there much faster than anyone else. there were 22 people in the van, 6 of whom were crammed into the cargo area. good thing none of us had our luggage. just as i was breathing a sigh of relief that jerry passed the entrance to I-285, he started talking about how nice HIS hotel was…3 stars, italian restaurant, bar, same rates as the ramada. i looked back at ryan, crammed onto the wheel well, and said, “this guy is NOT taking us to the ramada.”

to be continued…

February 17, 2009

voice recognition.

has anyone else noticed that the new Verizon commercials for the Blackberry storm are “narrated” by John Krasinski (Jim from The Office)? cool. makes me want to buy one.

February 17, 2009

i’m back…

but not for long.
right now i’m on the couch watching Friday Night Lights on dvr (how is this not one of the most popular shows on TV?! it is so GREAT) trying to get through my inbox (72 new e-mails!! blech). i was in gainesville helping my sister move into her new beautiful house…packing, painting, unpacking, and celebrating my niece’s 4th birthday somewhere in the middle of it all. my internet indulgence was checking my e-mail on my brother’s iPhone one night for all of 20 minutes. it was kind of nice to be unplugged, but i just feel like i have alot to catch up on (e-mail, blogs, etc). we leave tomorrow evening for a good friend’s wedding colorado. i left harper at my sister’s for the week. layne and i got back last night after quite the trip home [I-75 was a nightmare yesterday…they closed a big section of it. there were three accidents and apparently some lady jumped off an overpass. ew. thus, we sat in traffic for TWO HOURS. no exxageration. i had layne in the front seat with me for an hour. it took us that long to go the distance between 2 exits.] today is: laundry, re-packing, haircut, library, and searching for something to wear to this wedding (i’m clueless about dress-up clothes for cold weather).

i hope you all enjoyed my husband’s guest post. 🙂 i called him desperate one night begging him to at least post the reason why my blog hadn’t changed in 3 days. he did a good job, but i was annoyed that he didn’t identify himself. i’m sure he was flustered at the thought of SO MANY people reading his words that he forgot to sign his name.

anyway, julie just told her parents she got a tatoo and jason street’s back, so i gotta run. happy tuesday!

February 12, 2009

katiesoutoftown = duckseatinggrapes

This duck walks into a convenience store and asks the clerk, “Do you have any grapes?” The clerk says no, and the duck leaves. The next day, the duck returns and asks, “Do you have any grapes?” The clerk again says no, and the duck leaves. The day after that, the duck walks in the store again and asks “Do you have any grapes?” The clerk screams at the duck, “You’ve come in here the past two days and asked if we had any grapes. I told you no every time that we don’t have any grapes! I swear if you come back in here again, and ask for grapes, I’ll nail your webbed feet to the floor!!” The duck left, and returned the next day. This time he asked, “Do you have any nails?” The clerk replied, “No,” and the duck said, “Good! Got any grapes?”

Dont worry Katie will be back soon….theres just something about jokes with ducks eating grapes….funny….real funny. Katie told me I should guest post on her blog (she probably wont ask again after she reads this, I dont think she finds ducks eating grapes very funny) but I love her, and her blog and your guys comments on her blog.

So keep em coming and I will see you later.