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February 28, 2008

we had our ultrasound today (finally).

it’s another little girl.  🙂  we’re excited.  it’s just nice to finally know either way.

if i had a scanner, i’d scan a picture, but…um…i don’t.

February 28, 2008

three davids and a jason

tuesday nights are bible study night for me, so i tape Idol and watch it on wednesday.  i just saw the guys’ performances from last night and here are my comments on the 4 that i thought stood out:

david hernandez… that boy can SING.  i hope he goes far.  the song was perfect for him.

david what’s-his-name (the “rocker”)… i still say he is super full of himself and i love it when simon criticizes him, but he did play/sing the song really well.  note: if he wins, i’ll be ticked.

dear sweet chocolate-covered david archuletta… after i heard the song and listened to the judges’ comments, i rewound the dvr and watched him again.  that kid is AMAZING.  to echo what paula said (did i seriously just say that?), he is doing what he was put on earth to do.  it takes someone super special to sing a song better than the writer/super mega-star sang it.

jason… sorry buddy.  you’re not my favorite anymore.  but you are adorable and have a nice voice.  [if that guy buzzed his head he would be unbelievably good looking.]

just wondering: what the heck was up with danny noriega’s video?  did his name used to be danielle?  did anyone else notice how he looked like he was a) dressed in drag or b) a girl?!

February 27, 2008


(i added to “V” this morning, if anyone’s interested…)

water:  i love water.  i like swimming in the ocean, a lake, a pool (although i’m a little freaked out by water parks…too many bare feet in one wet place).  i like snorkeling and scuba diving.  i like taking baths.  i like taking showers.  when hiking or exploring somewhere outside, i am always drawn to the waterfalls or creeks that are bound to be discovered.  i like to walk out onto the rocks as far out as i can…until they’re too far apart or until the water gets deep enough to scare me away because i’d like to keep my shoes dry.  i love it when it rains…whether i’m warm and dry inside, or getting soaked because i was only halfway through my 2 mile run when it started to rain.  for 10 years of my life, water (the ocean) has been my sense of direction.  i’m never lost because i always know which way is east.  some of my best memories involve water…being rambunctious in a swimming pool, on a slip ‘n slide in the backyard, or relaxing and talking with friends in a hot tub somewhere.

weather:  i guess this “answer” is two-fold.  i like changes in the weather (like today’s totally unexpected cold snap or a thunderstorm that comes out of nowhere) and i like our weather in general here in south florida.  as much as i complain during the summers, i love the heat.  it always seems to return at the right time…just as i’m really getting pale or reallly starting to miss the sand between my toes.  granted, we can go to the beach anytime of the year, but who wants to go when the water’s too cold to at least get wet up to your knees.  i love rainy season when you can pretty much bet on there being at thunderstorm from 2:57-3:16 every day. 

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.  Psalm 27:14

February 25, 2008

my weekly calendar

i’m so proud of this.  i’ve been trying to get a little more organized lately.  i’ve had a chore list up on the fridge for a month or so, but today i expanded on it.  i added a space to plan dinners and to write what harper has for lunch so i don’t feed her the same things everyday.  i also put little places to check off if i read or excercised (pregnancy seriously causes me to backslide… you’d think it’d be the opposite).  here’s what it looks like (thank you InDesign!):


February 25, 2008


“victory in jesus”:  i love old hymns.  when i was little, we went to a presbyterian, then baptist church.  we sang hymns from hymnals and i loved it.  sometimes contemporary worship gets on my nerves.  i wish we could just sing a few verses of “victory in jesus” or “power in the blood”.  i think my favorite was probably “when the roll is called up yonder”.

vegetables:  i love veggies.  i was not the kid who hides her brussel sprouts in her napkin.  i was the kid my sister handed hers to under the table.  🙂  seriously, i’ve really only met like one veggie i didn’t like (collard greens…they have a sour taste).  my favorite is probably corn or spinich…both with alot of butter.  actually, come to think of it, pretty much any vegetable tastes delicious when you add butter and salt (or cook it with bacon grease…duh).  or honey’s good on some things, too (carrots).

Victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore……..stand firm. Let nothing move you.  1 Cor. 15:57,58

February 25, 2008

too cute.

so…i’m supposed to be clearing the bed off (i.e. putting away folded clean laundry) so that i can work on my bible study, but i just stumbled upon an AWESOME website: .  it’s a marketplace of unique adorable handmade items…dangerous!

80 Plump Elsie Love Paper Hearts80 Plump Elsie Love Paper Hearts80 Plump Elsie Love Paper Hearts80 Plump Elsie Love Paper Hearts

February 22, 2008

emotional eater

i’ve written before about my love for twinkies.  well, just wanted to say a big thank you to my good friend kathleen.  not only did she watch harper for me today while i took opie, but when i got back to pick up harper, she had gotten me some twinkies to help me feel better (well…to be honest, they were generic twinkies, but she tried her best to find the real thing). 

thanks friend!!

February 22, 2008



this is opie.  he was our dog for 2 years and 2 weeks.  we had to give him to a shelter today because we can no longer afford to pay for his medical bills.  he has had problems since the first month we got him, and we’ve always been strained financially to pay for them, but it had gotten to the point where it wasn’t fair to him to keep him and not take him to the vet.  he has serious allergies/terrible skin, and this last week was absolutely miserable for him.  all he did for 4 days was scratch and sleep.  it was hard to watch.  diagnosing allergies is a very expensive/time-consuming process and we can’t afford to give much in either area right now..

i was an absolute wreck when i took him to the shelter this morning.  they had assured me that he would most likely be turned over to a special bulldog rescue group, so that’s what i’m hoping.  he is a very cool-looking dog and i don’t want someone to adopt him just because of that, not knowing how high maintenance he is.  after i left, i kept smelling my hands (i had just been petting him for probably an hour straight), and thinking about how i will never see him again.  it was THE hardest thing i’ve ever done.  i feel like i gave up on him.  i feel like it would’ve been easier to put him down than give him away. 

he was a loyal member of our family and will be greatly missed.  it’s only been 3 hours since he’s been gone and i’m already starting to realize that a good part of my day was scheduled around him.  weird not to walk him just after i put harper down.  SO weird not to hear him snoring at the front door as i type this blog.  i think i’ll miss his snoring more than anything.

here are some other things i loved about him:  he had to drink out of a rodent water bottle because if he lapped out of a bowl, he’d drip water everywhere; his mouth watered like crazy when i poured his food into his dish; he burped like a person; he LOVED harper since the day we brought her home from the hospital; he could run really fast for a short distance; he loved to jump up on things (he sat in a chair next to me while we were in the waiting room this morning); he had a really sad whine; his ears were super soft and his muzzle felt just like a horse’s nose; sometimes he slept with his tongue sticking out (SO cute!); he loved ice and i will miss him everytime i open the freezer and he doesn’t come running…

February 22, 2008

the girls of idol

ummm…yeah.  very disappointed.  i honestly don’t have a pick.  i think that 16 year old blonde, alaina is good, but she is carrie underwood’s twin, so there’s really no way they’d let her win.  i also like the gorgeous black girl, syesha, but she’s not as good as several of the guys.

to ammend to my guys’ list:  i also really like 17 year old david who sounds like he’s having an asthma attack every time he breathes, and of course the hot aussie guy (is it bad that i have a perfect picture of his face in my head but can’t remember him name for my life?).

February 21, 2008

castro is cool.

this is jason.  in my opinion, he’s the guy to beat on american idol.  LOVE HIM!  can i get a witness?  (i’m about to go watch the girls right now…i’ll keep you posted on my pick.)