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October 29, 2010


so…i’ve been thinking for a long time that a healthy happy life is all about balance.  some quick examples:

rest vs. being active  (laziness vs. not being able to relax)

living a life of spiritual discipline vs. our faith becoming a burden of ritual

as a full-time homemaker, i constantly struggle with this one:  maintaining my home (i.e. cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc) vs. spending time with my kids

pining for Heaven while still finding much joy in this life

being totally honest vs. hurting feelings or scaring your kids

the two Bible studies i’m in right now have both gotten me thinking about this.  especially the last chapter we read in “Raising Your Children Without Regret” by Catherine Hickem.  she talked quite a bit about how our job in parents is NOT to be our child’s friend.  it is NOT to make them happy.  it is our job to teach them respect and responsibilty and how to be a good steward of the life God has given them.  when comparing those thoughts to ones of our relationship with our Heavenly Father: i do believe that God wants us to have happiness, but i think mostly He just demands our worship.  He wants us to be holy so that we will bring honor to Him, and basically He doesn’t care if we have a good time doing it.  being a parent, i know that the Lord must love to see us happy, but i know that He even moreso likes to see us obey and brag about what an awesome Dad He is.

forgive me.  i’m thinking “on paper”.  a short glimpse into the endless chaos that is Katie’s Brain.

October 27, 2010

unfinished business

sooo…the four posts below this one are drafts that i’ve had sitting in my “posts” box for a long time (one from over a year ago).  i just felt for some reason like putting them out there today.  getting them off my chest, i guess.  i get so tired of the way i start things and don’t finish them and the way i hold onto some things thinking i’ll get to it later or i’ll use it later or something…most of the time i have the best of intentions.  for example, i was going to do this yesterday and call it “transparency tuesday”.

(there’s more where those came from.)

October 27, 2010

TV diet

new rule:  no TV after 8:00 for the month of July.  i’m not getting rid of it totally, just trying to watch less, and honestly, to see just how addicted i am.  i will definitely still be watching movies and a few other things with ryan (world cup finals), but i am anxious to see what i can get done/learn and how much extra sleep i can get (if any).  here’s how it’s gone so far…

Day 1: cleaned off the computer desk (something that’s been on my list for like 2 months).  put away laundry.  caught up on a few blogs.

Day 2: watched Alice in Wonderland.  it was…decent.  i don’t like watching movies where everything is computer-generated.

Day 3: i left the house around 8:15 PM to run some errands (bank, groceries).  ended up randomly going bathing suit shopping before i even got to the grocery store.  didn’t get home with the groceries until 10:45, but i sort-of enjoyed the trip.  definitely more productive (and somewhat more entertaining) than TV.

Day 4: BBQ at a friend’s house.  we didn’t get home and get the kids in bed until almost 10:00.  i was in bed at 10:15.

Day 5: we watched the last half of Office Space, but i was on the computer most of the time.  trying to get pictures organized for a slideshow for Layne’s birthday.

Day 6: put away clothes.  cleaned the kitchen.  caught up on some computer file “housekeeping”.  ryan called me into the other room to see some hilarious stuff on wipeout, but i was good and came right back to my work.


October 27, 2010


so, since i posted last night about the guilt vs. grace thing, i’ve been thinking more about it.  i feel like as a mother, i am constantly trying to find a balance.  i’ve realized in the past few years that i have alot of pride.  secret pride.  like, when i’m in the store with the baby and someone says, “oh what a beautiful baby!”, why is my first reaction to want to say “yes, and i have two more at home.” ?  why can’t i just find joy in the compliment instead of searching for more praise (or sympathy, ha!)?  it’s hard to figure out where the line is drawn between sinful pride and just feeling good about something you’ve accomplished.  i feel like all women are constantly faced with not knowing what to do with our bodies.  we work hard to get them to look their best, but then we’re supposed

JULY 2010

October 27, 2010


i’m realizing all over again why i love photography.

the screensaver on my laptop is a slideshow of pictures pulled from whatever folder(s) i specify. it’s a very simple, very old function and i’m sure many other people use the same one.  i have to say, though, that it is yet another reason i’m loving my laptop.  i feel like i have one of those digital frames that moves to various places in my house. 

anyway, back to the photography love.  i SO enjoy watching the slideshow because it is totally randomly picked.  i’m constantly saying to myself, “oh i remember that” or “aww…i forgot about that!” or “wow look how young harper is there.”  most of the images that pop up bring memories flooding back.

JUNE ’10

October 27, 2010

if you don’t ask, you’ll never know…

here is a stream of questions harper asked me as she was eating lunch (listed in the order she asked them):

  • mommy, have i ever been to the jungle?
  • if we went to the jungle, would we ride in the car for a loooong time?
  • mommy

AUG 09

October 22, 2010

friday favorites: new and/or improved

here are five shots of some of my favorite decor in our new house.

i don’t want to give too much away, since i STILL haven’t posted any pictures of the befores/afters of this place.  so…they’re more artsy than they are explanatory.  i’ll just label each with where each shot was taken.

first up, maitland’s room.

girls’ room.

living room…er, area.


my bedroom/art space.

October 20, 2010

i want water for my birthday.

my birthday is coming up in a few weeks.  this year i’m asking for something different.  if you’re interested in giving me a birthday gift, visit my charity:water campaign website and GIVE me something!!  i am so excited about being a part of this incredible organization.  such a simple idea with such life-changing potential.

let’s do something to help change that.

October 15, 2010

friday favorites

a few years ago i did an alphabetical favorites series of posts.  i’ve decided to revisit my favorite things, but do it through photography and do it every friday.

i’m hoping to post some pics of the new place (or things in the new place) next week, but for today…

jack-in-the-box.  it was mine when i was a kid and i found it in my grandma’s attic when we cleaned it out a few years ago.  the music and “popping” function only works some of the time, and i don’t even really like the way the clown looks (i took a picture of him and even hated that, so you won’t see him), so i’ve thought about filling it with rocks and glueing it shut to use it for a book-end or a doorstop.  every time i have this on my to-do list, i feel like the kids re-discover it and then i feel guilty about destroying it (even though they have another jack-in-the-box).  i just love love love the colors and the graphics on the outside and i love that it’s a tiny bit beat up.  and i love knowing that i played with it as a kid.

October 14, 2010

hit and run

keep forgetting to write about this:

last thursday i was looking for a parking spot at the library.  i paused before turning into one and glanced into my rearview mirror just in time to see someone slowly backing into the rear door of my van.  i LAID on my horn, but to no avail.  i pulled into the spot i’d initially paused for, and started to get out of the car, when i realized that the other car was leaving the parking lot.  “no way!  she’s leaving!”  so, i followed her.  there was a burger king about an eighth of a mile away.  by the time we left the entrance of burger king, i’d figured out that an old woman was driving the car in front of me and that she had no idea she’d hit me.  i figured out the latter because she’d turned into the BK parking lot and driven right back out the exit…trying to lose me!  i have no idea why she was scared of a young-looking gal driving a gold mini-van, but she was.  so, i decided that it would be the wrong thing to do to get out of my car at the stoplight and knock on her window.  i decided to follow her and to call 911 (side note: the whole time this was going on, the girls were screaming at me about how they wanted to go back to storytime).  i have to admit, i of course was annoyed that she’d hit me, but i was sort-of excited that she was “running”.  she headed to her neighborhood where my chase was cut short by a neon orange arm traffic barrier.  a police officer met me there shortly, got the other driver to come back to where we were (the guard shack), and wrote his report and a ticket (for her…Elinor, it turned out).  it was true, she hadn’t realized she’d hit me, but i’m so glad i followed her because we’re thinking it’ll be like $400 to get the door fixed.  so pathetic, but this was the most exciting thing that’s happened to me in awhile.