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November 27, 2007


yesterday i had to run into best buy to get an extra camera battery.  i was in a hurry because i was headed to a photography session (long story about why i had to buy a battery on the way to a session…yikes).  when i walked out of the store back to my car, a young man on a bicycle stopped me to ask for 80 cents and said something about how he hadn’t eaten in four days, i said, “just a second”, went to my car and got $1 in quarters.  i handed it to him.  did he say “thanks” or “thank you” or even give me a gold-grill-filled smile?  NO! 

jerk.  go sell your teeth.  then you won’t need to buy food and you’ll have plenty of money.


November 27, 2007


okay, so i’ve given this alot of thought.  i haven’t written a post in almost 10 days because i’ve been trying to figure out what my favorite “E” thing is…

can’t think of anything.  sorry.  i like eating.  i think elmo is pretty cute.  e.t. was a good movie.  still, i don’t think i can call any of these things a “favorite”.  oh well.  hopefully i won’t hit this bump too many more times…21 letters to go…  (i LOVE erin, my sister-in-law, but i’ve promised myself from the beginning of this that i wouldn’t single anyone out, so as not to hurt anyone i’d forget.)

Encourage one another, while it is still today.  Heb. 3:13

November 17, 2007


dogs:  it might be a little cliche and “j.crew” to say that i like dogs, but i LOVE dogs.  i’ve been around them my whole life….literally since i was brought home from the hospital.  i hope all my kids can say the same thing.

dairy queen:  do i seriously need to explain this?!

“dada”:  my favorite word that harper says.  it warms my heart to hear her asking for her daddy, or talking to him on the phone, or looking for him in the house.  it’s an awesome feeling to know that your child loves your husband as much as you do.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.  James 4:8

November 12, 2007


coral cove: my favorite beach.  when the tide is low, there are rocks to climb on.  the rocks also make little pools that turn into little harper jacuzzis the lower the tide gets.  there are shells everywhere, and little rocks that you can pick up and take home and put in a jar.  there is a shower (there’s no way it’d be my favorite beach if my car and kid were covered in sand when we left), and much to harper’s delight, a playground.  it’s never crowded, because it’s still a pretty well-kept secret.  i didn’t know about it until july when i did a photo session there.  if you want to see coral cove, go to my proofing site ( and click on “evan & jenna”.

continuim:  this john mayer album could very well be my favorite of all time.

camping:  a group of us go camping twice a year….ususally once in late november/early december, and once on martin luther king weekend in january.  we go up to sebastian to longpoint key.  it is the coolest campground…real toilets, hot showers, power hook-ups, and sites on the water.  we don’t really care that we’re not “really” camping…it is always a great time.  during the day, some of the boys surf, and the rest of us hang out on the beach or “chill” at the campsite (“chill” sometimes meaning sit and be bored while our baby takes a nap in the tent).  we play sports, take naps, go for walks around the campground, and munch on snacks.  we bring pre-made dinners and cook them on the fire.  after we eat we sit around the fire for hours and drink and talk and laugh alot.  if it’s really cold or rainy, we head to the cafe at the entrance of the campground for a hot breakfast of coffee, eggs, and pancakes.  when we get home, all the laundry smells like campfire and it makes me wish we hadn’t left. 

Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Matt.11:28

November 8, 2007


birthdays: today happens to be mine, but it’s not just mine that i love.  some people think that celebrating birthdays promotes materialism and other negative things, but i think birthdays are a great way to show someone how special they are.  it’s one day out of 365 that we can honor them for being them…not because they’re a mom, not because they’re our boss, but because they were born.  birthdays are also a great time to reflect on where you were a year ago, where you want to be next year, and to think back on fun birthday memories.  i remember freshman year in college, it was my first birthday away from home and my parents sent me a care package filled with junk food and party supplies.  my friends snuck into my room, took all the party stuff, and secretly decorated the 4th floor lounge.  they made me a cake and then blindfolded me and brought me into the lounge and…”SURPRISE!!!”  they had all made sweet notes to me and put them together to make a book.  i cried.  🙂  i love my birthday this year because it’s one of my “off” days in the month of no sweets.  i had 2 chocolate cupcakes before 10:30 this morning (thanks, kathleen!!!).  🙂

burgers: i LOVE a good hamburger.  right now Five Guys is my favorite…not sure if it’ll ever be topped.  mmmm…i can taste it!  ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, & pickles…

buerke: my maiden name.  this might be terrible, but even though i’ve been married for 5 years now and am of course more than honored to be a part of the hobbie family, i still like the one-syllable-no-“E”-sound-on-the-end name better.  also, i absolutely adore my family and that’s their name…that’s another reason i love “buerke”.  [it’s not that i don’t like the name “hobbie”, it’s just that i think “katie hobbie” sounds goofy.  that’s why none of our kids’ names with end with the “e” sound.]

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

November 7, 2007

give thanks.

just thought i’d share my thanksgiving decorations…  i found the letters at joanne’s for $1 each.

give thanks


November 7, 2007


sorry it took a week for me to get this up…

 Harper the hula girl

November 7, 2007

harper’s vocabulary.

for future reference (since she doesn’t have a real “baby book”), here’s a list of the words Harper can say right now (18 mos.):

money (“um-knee”)

play, pray (both sound like “pay”)



oh, wow!



MIMI (sorry about that, amy!)

flower (“ofer”)

butterfly (“er-fy”)

cereal (“yo-e-o”)

fork (“ok”)




clap (“pap”)

good girl (“oo-goor”)


book (“ook”)

cookie, nikki, yucky (all sound like “ucky”)

pretty (“peety”)













thank you (“ank-oo”)

fyi…it took me like three days to make this list.

November 6, 2007


animals:  sounds corny, but i love animals.  i love looking at them, learning about them, and touching them.

Angela’s Ashes:  the best book i’ve ever read and i think the only real book i’ve ever read more than once.  actually, now that i think about it, i need to read it again.  it’s not a christian book, and there are some not-so-clean parts in it, but i just really love the way it’s written.  a few years ago, ryan and i went to visit a friend who was living in ireland.  he just happened to live in limerick, where most of Angela’s Ashes takes place.  it was so cool!

analogies:  i am an analogical thinker.  for some reason, i learn things quicker if there is some kind of parallel to be made.  i have learned alot spiritually from thinking through analogies.

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23

November 6, 2007

my favorites alphabet.

i’m stealing this idea from one of my favorite bloggers (joanne heim).  i’m going to go through the alphabet and list things that i love that start with each letter.  probably won’t do it every day…  i’ll try for a few times a week. 

i also just found a website that lists simple scriptures alphabetically.  i’m going to put those down too, so that i can go back through them and review (and hopefully “hide them in my heart”).