KT’s faith.

  • i believe that God created everything.  period.
  • i believe that man was created to please God, but we couldn’t remain perfect as He’d hoped.  we sinned.  we sin.  every day.
  • i believe that because we sin(ned), God sent Jesus, His Son, to take on the sins of everyone who has ever lived or ever will live.  Jesus lived a perfect life until He was crucified.  While He was crucified, He took on all sin in order to give us a bridge to God.
  • Jesus was/is God.
  • Jesus rose from the dead after 3 days and ascended to Heaven a short time later.  He is coming again…i don’t know how, i don’t know when.
  • i believe every Word of the Bible is true.  i believe God used the pens of man to write His Word.
  • if we accept the fact that Jesus died to cover our sin and we believe the Bible’s words, we will go to Heaven and live in the presence of God when we die.  we do not have to live a perfect life.  we should simply manifest our love for God by doing things to praise/honor/glorify Him.
  • i have a long way to go.

if you have any questions about these beliefs or want to know more, e-mail me at katiehobbie@gmail.com.  i really enjoy healthy dialogue and hearing other people’s perspectives.


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