pork sundae

i have seriously got to get back on the ball with this blog thing. just remember always to check here, because if there’s not a new post on this blog, alot of times there is one on the other.

the title of this post is what i had for lunch on sunday.  i can’t stop thinking about it.  it was so so good.  looked like the picture except it wasn’t in a cute mason jar and the layers were in a different order…mine had the coleslaw on top and the pork on the bottom.  i usually hate my food to even touch on my plate, but for some reason when i saw this thing on the specials board, i HAD to have it.  so glad i did.

layne has been watching tv for like 45 minutes while i waste time on the computer.  i had my glucose test this morning so ryan watched the kids.  when i got home from taking harper to school i noticed that the computer was conveniently already turned on.  an hour later, with the dishwasher still full of clean dishes, the bed still unmade, and laundry calling my name, i’m remembering why i try really hard not to turn the computer on until much later in the day.  i could’ve at least spent the time working on some of the “work” i have on my plate right now (editing, design, etc)…

we did disney this weekend and it was a total blast.  later tonight or tomorrow i want to post some pictures.  i insisted on bringing the 50D because i wanted “to get some really amazing pictures”, but i’m actually a little disappointed in the shots i did get. 

gotta go make a grocery list.  oh, and “pay the babysitter” (turn off the tv).


One Comment to “pork sundae”

  1. i got my birthday card today! You are so sweet. I think it got lost in the mail because our address changed. Cant wait to get a WOPPER!! love you girl~ sabrina

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