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September 9, 2010

the search continues…

STILL haven’t found a new  place to live.  the search is all-consuming.  if i’m not on my computer looking at properties, than i am thinking about them, or going to see them (mostly thinking about them).  i haven’t been distracted easily from this, and it’s getting annoying.  i’m sure my kids are sick of seeing me on the computer.  had a photo session this morning and soccer tonight and it was SUPER nice to blow off some steam and forget about life for a little while.

i owe the four of you a catch-up post.  this past weekend was my annual girls’ weekend in ponce inlet.  we do it every year… sadly this year was the first without our dear sarah who had the nerve to move to south africa and pursue justice and kindness and other junk like that.  (braggis, if you’re reading this, we did notice you weren’t there but we all know you’re not a regular.  and we know you too pursue justice and kindness, only from the wilds of northern california.)

if you don't already know, don't ask about the matching shirts.

about two hours before we (maitland and i) left on friday, i got the news that the sweet rental house we were crossing our fingers for had gone to someone else.  i was super upset about it…so much so that I FORGOT MY SUITCASE.  i didn’t even realize it until i was in the room getting baby’s bed set-up and thought, “now where is the sheet for the pack-n-play?”  luckily a total stranger picked up my bag and brought it to me thanks to the incredible power of Facebook (amy knew a girl who had a fiance making the drive that day).  i also had a stomach virus all day on saturday so i missed out on alot of incredible food.  however, i made up for it on sunday and was fortunate to get to know these pillow cookies (one of the richest things i’ve ever put in my mouth…amy once again adding to the quality of my life/weekend):

yes, that is a BROWNIE in the middle of an already amazing choc chip cookie.

in other news, we’ve started a new reward system with the kids.  well, we started it a few weeks ago.  anytime an adult catches the girls doing anything they (the adult) deem “bean-worthy”, the child gets to take a bean from the bowl and put it into the jar.  when the jar is full, we go to chuck e. cheese.  no idea how harper knows what chuck e. cheese’s is, but she does.  and the motivation is doing it’s job.  this week they passed the small line at the bottom of the jar so they got a small reward: family trip to Annie’s (italian ice) after dinner.

i wish i got a bean for every rental property ad i read.

September 14, 2009

i’m blushing.

i just watched an online clip of kanye west jerking the microphone out of taylor swift’s hands AS she was giving her acceptance speech for winning “best female video”.  i don’t watch the VMA’s becuase anything worth seeing will end up on youtube anyway.  if y’all haven’t heard about this, you need to google it.  my face got hot at the end.  i feel so bad for taylor swift!  kanye really owes her an apology (and beyonce’ too…he made her look bad).


we had a great weekend with friends over in boca grande.  much of that “great” was thanks to my MIL and SIL who kept the kids for us.  it was a much-needed break.  on saturday i stayed in bed until 9:00.  yesterday i was in bed until 10:00!  i think it’s been years since that’s happened.  ryan spent most of his time away on the boat with all the guys.  i spent my time laying by the pool, exploring the tiny downtown, watching several storms roll in and do their business, watching football on mute, talking with the ladies, and eating crap (no joke: all i had to eat yesterday was 3 sausage balls, cake & ice cream, and 10 chicken mcnuggets.  i was STARVING when i woke up this morning).

not many plans for this week.  right now i’m still in my pajamas…spent the morning doing breakfast, unloading/loading the dishwasher, doing laundry, and just being with my girls…we missed each other!  when layne’s up from her nap we’ll do lunch then head out to get some errands done.  tonight we’re doing a taco night in honor of ryan and jenny, whose baby is due THIS WEEK!!  so exciting.

September 8, 2009


just got back from my annual girls’ weekend, except this year it was a little different.  if you want to hear more about the weekend or more about “who we are”, read amy’s post.

it was alot of fun, but i have to say that i did miss the abundance of nothing-but-girls time.  i feel like i spent a little too much time distracted by my family (that sounds terrible, but i’m just being honest).  yes, it was fun to have my husband see/experience some of what he always hears about, and it was super fun to watch my girls play with shanel’s kids, but…i don’t really feel like i had a girls’ weekend at all, actually.  i’m very thankful that we did it, but just wish i could’ve had more time to veg out and just talk…we were a tad bit too busy.

one great thing about having so many people around is that it didn’t allow for a ridiculous amount of picture-taking (if you know me, you know having my picture taken isn’t one of my favorite ways to spend time).  however, here are a few of my favorites (at the end of the weekend, we all upload our photos to one computer and make CD’s so we can take them home).

May 29, 2009


on monday evening harper and i drove down to loxahatchee to meet hank the horse.  he belongs to our friends courtney and brenden (they live in jupiter, but hank stays at a barn in loxahatchee).  harper’s been around horses a few times before this, but this was the first chance she had to really interact with one.  she fed him a carrot, learned a little about grooming, and then rode on him for a few minutes.

when we got out of the car, all the horses stuck their heads out of their stalls.  they were excited to have some company, i guess (or they smelled the carrot in my back pocket).

2009_05_25_0983 copy

harper was a little timid with the carrot, so courtney had to pretty much hold her hand up there, but as you can tell, she thought it was pretty cool that hank ate the carrot out of her hand.

feeding hank


2009_05_25_0999 copy

brushing his tail…she loved this.

2009_05_25_1006 copy

carrying tack (sort-of)…

2009_05_25_1011 copy

meeting one of the barn kitties.

2009_05_25_0975 copy

court got on hank to warm/friendly him up a little and harper kept yelling at her, “is it my turn now?”  courtney rides english, so i was a little worried about harper not having anything to hold onto, but she did great just grabbing the front of the saddle.  she wasn’t scared a bit.  she even told me later that she was sad that he didn’t gallop (who knows where she learned what a gallop is).

2009_05_25_1014 copy   2009_05_25_1016 copy

when we left the barn it was about 7:15.  both of us were starving.  i told harper that my tummy was growling saying “i’m hungry!  give me some food!”  she said her tummy was saying that too.  we went to wendy’s, and after we’d sat down and started eating (i think she’d taken like 2 bites), she said: “my tummy is saying thank you!”

so fun to spend one-on-one time with her doing something special.  thanks courtney and brenden, and thanks ryan for staying home with loo.

May 2, 2009

harper is 36 months old!

maybe if i still say her age in months it will make her still seem like a baby.

probably not.

here are some pictures from the b-day party.  it was alot of fun.  probably the last “adult-ish” party we’ll do for her (i’m actually kind of dreading the pressure of planning and pulling off a kid party).  sorry i’m just now posting these, but 98% of my blog readers are on facebook and posting them there just took away alot of motivation…


2009_04_25_0144   2009_04_25_0159


2009_04_25_0162   2009_04_25_0189

March 18, 2009

pizza delivery

this past weekend, 3 college friends and layne and i all drove up to raleigh, nc, to surprise one of our dear friends, sarah. she had a baby two months ago and will be moving to south africa at the end of the summer for probably 5 years. we weren’t sure when we’d see her again and we were all anxious to meet little kieren, so we decided to go for it and drive up. after we made the plans, we decided it’d be cool to make it a surprise. we got sarah’s husband to help us plan and it worked out perfectly! for the full story of the surprise (and from her viewpoint), visit her blog.

Wednesday (6/11): drove to Gainesville (my sister’s), got there 2 hours after i’d planned to
Thursday (6/12): drove to Tallahassee (my parents’) with 3 girls in tow (Layne, Harper, and Hannah – my niece) to borrow thier car and drop off the two older girls
Friday (6/13): layne & i left at 6:30 am for Jacksonville, picked up 3 friends, drove to Raleigh (amy drove THE WHOLE WAY!). arrived in Raleigh around 6:30 pm for probably the best surprise i’ve ever pulled off in my life

Saturday (6/14): spent most of the day on the couch surrounded by good friends, food, laptops, and two very cute babies (one was mine – layne, and the other was kieren – sarah’s adorable two month old)

Sunday (6/15): attended casey and sarah’s church, followed by more laying around and movie watching

Monday (6/16): packed up and left sarah’s at 7:00 am,  drove to jacksonville (shanel drove THE WHOLE WAY…6 months pregnant!), dropped 2 friends off (amy had flown home from raleigh), drove to my parents’

Tuesday (6/17): left tallahassee at 8:30 am, drove to gainesville to drop off hannah and take a break, drove to orlando for a short visit with my in-laws and some extended family, then finally drove HOME – arrived 6:30 pm

WHEW.  right now i’m still in my pajamas and greasy hair.  trying to unpack, catch up on cleaning and laundry, and just recover from a whirlwind trip.  i’m a dork and made this map to diagram my trip.  i’ll post pictures from the trip later (maybe after i brush my teeth).


January 26, 2009

pay it forward

a few weeks ago, we had our family pictures taken by a fantastic photographer for free.  not only was this great because rebekah is extremely talented and sought after, but the fact that we got them done for free was even more awesome.  we’ve never had family shots taken and they turned out so special.  however, there was a catch.   i had to find another photographer’s family to photograph.  (to find out more about this project, read here.)

i put a post on my blog, advertised on facebook, and spread the word around as best i could.  i had no bites.  i was getting a little worried, and then i got an e-mail from my longtime friend hannah.  they live in michigan, but were coming into town for the weekend.  she’s 5 months pregnant and was a little hesitant to have photos done, but luckily i talked her into it.  she and her husband and i all taught together at berean several years back.  they’ve moved all over the place in the past 5 years because kevin decided to go back to school to become a doctor (he was the athletic director at berean and did a really good job, but just knew that’s not what he was meant to do).  just before they left west palm, hannah started getting into photography.  she really REALLY likes to paint, but painting is very time-consuming if you do it well, and hannah just didn’t have alot of free time.  she figured out pretty quick that photography is a great creative outlet, and that you can make some pretty good money if you’re good enough.  SHE’S GOOD ENOUGH. 

hannah is the type of person who does everything with her whole heart.  she has thrown herself into photography and pursues it with a passion that i can only stand back and admire.  her pursuit has kept her very busy and has made her a really good photographer.  she is extremely generous with all of her knowledge and ideas and i so appreciate that about her.  we give each other feedback often and i don’t hesitate to ask her how she does things.  she even let me borrow a really expensive lens to do this session!
their daughter, lily, is 2 1/2 and one of harper’s buddies.  she wasn’t really in the mood to have her picture taken, but she managed to look pretty darn cute anyway.  here are several of my favorite images from the session:









the little logo thing is new…can i get some (honest) feedback???

November 19, 2008


heh heh.  i crack myself up.

a few weeks ago i had a VERY short session with some dear friends of ours, matt & angela.  they’re getting married in the spring.  they live in colorado so we don’t see them much, and that made taking their pictures that much more fun.  the day was hectic (my car got towed), but we got a few keepers before we ran out of light.  i loved the red shoe/dress idea…apparently matt came up with it, which is pretty impressive.  (if you know matt, then you know why my subject line is so corny funny.)


(i know i copied like 3 photographers by using that shot, but i don’t care.  it was too cool to pass up.)

img_5668-sat1   img_5677-crop-hc-sat1

img_5691-crop-flip1   img_5692-bw-crop

img_5697-sat     img_5709-bw-hc 


put this one in just because matt hated it.  🙂

September 5, 2008

birthday girl

i realized last night that i never did my top ten on tuesday this week, but that can be quickly remedied.

today is my good friend kathleen‘s 30th birthday.  here are ten things i appreciate about her:

  • she appreciates a good bargain (and she’s really good at hunting them down…we’ve had alot of fun doing this together).
  • she’s an ACE in the kitchen…anytime i have a question about cooking ANYthing, i call her and she has at least one answer.  she loves to cook and is very good at it.
  • she is a fix-it girl.  if there is a problem, she looks for the very best solution right away. 
  • she is super sarcastic and hilarious.  one of the first things i noticed about kathleen when we became friends is how much she made me laugh.
  • she’s really pretty but has no clue.
  • she gets excited about the simple things in life.  i was with her when she found the Wii Fit at costco.  she almost peed her pants. 
  • she has a kid.  this might be a wierd thing to appreciate, but it is so nice to have someone to hang out with who can’t just go see a movie whenever she wants and whose idea of a perfect lunch is the booth just outside the playground door at chick-fil-a.  (no offense to all my friends who are child-less!)
  • she’s honest.  she’ll tell me the truth whether i ask for it or not.  i love that.
  • our friendship is new, but doesn’t feel like it.  we’ve only really known each other for about a year, but it feels like 10…that’s nice.
  • she’s a believer.  most of my friends are Christians, but i had to put this one on the list because i don’t think we’d be nearly as close if we didn’t share the same faith.  i appreciate that.


June 4, 2008


i’ve really been slacking on posting pictures.  first, this past saturday night, some of our good friends had a “baby-q” for us (basically a uni-sex baby shower).  we had a great time.  danny, one of our gracious hosts, got a killer HUGE meal from california pizza kitchen (who knew they do catering?!).  the food was amazing.  we ended up not doing too much, but it was so nice.  basically, the girls just sat around and talked while the guys watched ultimate fighting.  who could ask for more?  🙂  we didn’t take many pictures, but here are two of me and my good pal amy (the other host):



two weeks ago my friend kathleen and i took our kids to the zoo.  it was SO flippin’ hot and humid, but we were only there for about 2 1/2 hours, so it was fun.  sad to say that probably the most fun harper had was sitting on a STATUE of a turtle.  go figure.



i thought this was hilarious that she went and posed in front of the tiger.  because the petting zoo was dirty sand, and mommy we both had on flip-flops, mommy decided we would pet the goat through the fence.

they have a big play fountain at the zoo.  when we were there it was mostly populated with loud, “big” kids, but harper and jonas managed to fight for their own sprayer.


back up to the beginning of May and we took a trip up to New Smyrna.  ryan’s parents rented a condo for everyone for 5 days.  it was extremely relaxing (for me at least…harper’s the only grandchild), a great location, and we had great weather.  harper is definitely a florida water/beach girl (thank goodness!)…  (these pictures were taken by my sister-in-law…i pretty much forgot my camera existed that week)


the morning that we left for the beach, ryan went in to get harper out of her crib, and this is what he found(apparently the night before when we put her to bed, a pen had fallen out of ryan’s shirt pocket…i’m just glad it wasn’t a sharpie):