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March 25, 2008


[this might be a stretch, but…it’s MY blog so i can do what i want]

zeal: it is defined as “Enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal, or goal and tireless diligence in its furtherance.”  even though i can’t remember the last time i used this word, i think that this is one of my favorite qualities to see in a person.  i wish i had more of it (i barely have energy to dry my hair after a shower…much less have “tireless diligence” for anything).  i think maybe this is one of my favorite qualities in others because i SO lack in it.  i would love for someone to look at my relationship with the Lord and call it “zealous”.  i’ll keep you posted.  🙂

  “….Zion, do not let your hands hang limp. The Lord, your God, is with you, he is mighty to save.” Zephaniah 3:16,17

March 25, 2008


“yelling” (i.e. cheerleading):  most people who’ve known me for 6 minutes or more find it hard to believe that I was a high school cheerleader.  i still can’t really figure out why it’s so hard to believe, except that i’m kind-of “jocky” and sarcastic and don’t wear alot of makeup.  not only was i a cheerleader for 4 years, i was captain for 2.  cheerleading was a huge part of my life and, as pathetic as it might seem to some, it was very important to me.  [i am not, however, one of those silly people who says it is a sport.]  i played other sports in junior high and during our short “off-season” (track, softball, tennis, volleyball) and i considered myself an athlete.  i never could do a split or get the guts up to do a standing back tuck, but i think i was pretty good.  our football team was incredible and went to state two years in a row, which i think definitely made it more fun.  anyway, it was definitely one of the most impacting, self-helping activities i’ve ever been a part of.  some highlights:  in 11th grade, my coach got slammed up against a chain link fence during a game and broke 2 ribs; various camps and competitions (we basically sat around and made fun of everyone for acting so retarded); all the parents made a rig for our signs out of PVC pipe so that they could literally be two stories high; we got to miss alot of class for stupid reasons!  (the picture below is my sister natalie and i in our rad uniforms…i kept it small for a reason.)


“…your God is gracious and compassionate, He will not turn His face from you if you return to Him.” 2 Chron.30:9

March 9, 2008


nope.  i got nothin and i think it’d be stupid to try to get creative about it…  the website i’ve been using to find my Bible verses for this list doesn’t even have anything for “X”.  who invented that letter, anyway?!

February 27, 2008


(i added to “V” this morning, if anyone’s interested…)

water:  i love water.  i like swimming in the ocean, a lake, a pool (although i’m a little freaked out by water parks…too many bare feet in one wet place).  i like snorkeling and scuba diving.  i like taking baths.  i like taking showers.  when hiking or exploring somewhere outside, i am always drawn to the waterfalls or creeks that are bound to be discovered.  i like to walk out onto the rocks as far out as i can…until they’re too far apart or until the water gets deep enough to scare me away because i’d like to keep my shoes dry.  i love it when it rains…whether i’m warm and dry inside, or getting soaked because i was only halfway through my 2 mile run when it started to rain.  for 10 years of my life, water (the ocean) has been my sense of direction.  i’m never lost because i always know which way is east.  some of my best memories involve water…being rambunctious in a swimming pool, on a slip ‘n slide in the backyard, or relaxing and talking with friends in a hot tub somewhere.

weather:  i guess this “answer” is two-fold.  i like changes in the weather (like today’s totally unexpected cold snap or a thunderstorm that comes out of nowhere) and i like our weather in general here in south florida.  as much as i complain during the summers, i love the heat.  it always seems to return at the right time…just as i’m really getting pale or reallly starting to miss the sand between my toes.  granted, we can go to the beach anytime of the year, but who wants to go when the water’s too cold to at least get wet up to your knees.  i love rainy season when you can pretty much bet on there being at thunderstorm from 2:57-3:16 every day. 

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.  Psalm 27:14

February 25, 2008


“victory in jesus”:  i love old hymns.  when i was little, we went to a presbyterian, then baptist church.  we sang hymns from hymnals and i loved it.  sometimes contemporary worship gets on my nerves.  i wish we could just sing a few verses of “victory in jesus” or “power in the blood”.  i think my favorite was probably “when the roll is called up yonder”.

vegetables:  i love veggies.  i was not the kid who hides her brussel sprouts in her napkin.  i was the kid my sister handed hers to under the table.  🙂  seriously, i’ve really only met like one veggie i didn’t like (collard greens…they have a sour taste).  my favorite is probably corn or spinich…both with alot of butter.  actually, come to think of it, pretty much any vegetable tastes delicious when you add butter and salt (or cook it with bacon grease…duh).  or honey’s good on some things, too (carrots).

Victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore……..stand firm. Let nothing move you.  1 Cor. 15:57,58

February 20, 2008


thank you, kati maddingly!  🙂

ultrasound: my most favorite day of pregnancy.  not only do we find out the sex of the baby, but we get to SEE the baby!  i love looking at the beating heart and all the precious little body parts.  i love the way the baby moves on the screen and (don’t make fun) i love the way the radar thingy feels on the jelly on my belly.  🙂  our ultrasound is next wednesday (feb.27th).  keep you posted!

“…..Under His wings you will find refuge.” Psalm 91:4

January 31, 2008


the hiding place:  the autobiography of corrie ten boom about christian jews who hide from the nazis at the beginning of ww2.  they eventually get caught (sorry if that spoiled it for you) and are seperated, sent to prison, then a concentration camp.  i need to read it again…as i’m trying to write this, the details blend together.  it is definitely one of my favorites, if not THE favorite.  corrie’s faith and hope in God during her situation is challenging and encouraging.  her story is absolutely amazing and will make you feel so guilty about all the things you’ve ever complained about.  if you don’t like to read, rent the movie.

travel:  i love to travel…doesn’t matter where.  there are so many amazing places in the world that i want to see before i die.  my aunt and uncle are on a 4 month cruise around the world right now.  my aunt e-mails pictures several times a week.  i usually don’t even want to open them because my jealousy grows like a weed.  this is thier second time doing this, but last year it was to different destinations.  it is my dream to go on that cruise someday when my kids are older and we happen to have $30,000 to spend on a single trip.  🙂

twists & turns:  i enjoy routine and i like for there to be some predictability to my life.  i like being able to plan ahead and create certain expectations for what i think is in the future (of the day, week, month, or year).  but i think my favorite things about life are events or circumstances that catch me off guard.  not that i enjoy crisis or tough times, but i like the challenge and emotional stimulation that they bring.  (i could probably really regret this post someday, seeing as nothing really bad has ever happened to me…)  i love the life i lead, where i live, etc, but i’m always jealous in some small way of those who are forced to move to an unknown place or new job.  it just seems so new and exciting.  we met with a realtor last night so that we can put our condo on the market.  now all we have to do is PRAY and wait.  i am so excited to see what God has planned for our future…i’m sure it’s something new and exciting!

tea:  SWEET tea, to be exact.  SOUTHERN sweet tea.  sugar water that has a touch of tea taste with lemon.  🙂  my favorite:  sonny’s.  it comes in a ridiculously huge bottomless cup and is the perfect compliment to bbq smothered in sweet sauce (can you tell i ate there for lunch today?).

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding.  Proverbs 3:5  (my favorite scripture!)

January 28, 2008


shag: it’s not what you’re thinking if you’ve watched alot of austin powers…  shag is a movie made in 1989 about 4 very southern high school senior girls who sneak off to myrtle beach for the summer of 1963.  it’s called “shag” because that was the name of a popular dance during that time.  i honestly don’t know how many times i’ve seen this movie, but it’s definitely one of my favorites (like the kind that i’m annoying to watch it with because i can – and do – quote every line).  everytime i watch it it makes me want to bubble flip my hair and put on a pair of bermuda shorts.  (warning:  men/boys will find nothing to like about this movie…except maybe bridget fonda in a cute bikini)

sudoku:  i wrote a blog about sudoku soon after i started this blog, but whatever…  sudoku is a puzzle where there is a square filled with smaller squares, some of the smallest squares containing numbers.  the object of the puzzle is to fill a number into every square using the process of eliminiation.  the numbers only go 1-9.  there is a 1-9 in every line, horizontally and vertically, and there is a 1-9 in every one of the 9 smaller boxes. 


i started sudoku last summer on a plane to shoot my first wedding (i was nervous…about the sudoku and the wedding, haha).  it’s great for car trips, the…ahem…bathroom, and sitting on a lounge chair by the pool.  sometimes i time myself, but most of the time i just work at a relaxed pace.  when i’m done, i always write the date and where i am at the bottom of the page: “1/25/08  bathtub”.

Surely, I am with you always.  Matthew 28:20

January 25, 2008


restaurants:  maybe i should’ve put this under “E” for eating out…  i love eating out.  i love that i don’t have to cook, someone waits on me, and there is usually a large variety of deliciousness to choose from.  we try not to eat out too often (usually twice in a week) because of budget reasons, but that makes it all the more fun when we do.  i guess i could type a list of restaurants that i really like, but it would be really, really long.  plus, i pretty much like anything that i don’t have to cook, whether it’s burger king or a seafood place on the water.

running:  throughout my years in elementary, junior, and high school i hated to run.  i always knew it was good for me, i just didn’t like it.  up until 10th grade, i played softball in the spring, but was never really an outstanding player (my sophomore year i was petrified to hit against our own pitcher –  she had been featured in sports illustrated for how fast she was).  so spring semester of my junior year rolled around and i decided i wanted to try to run track.  it may have remotely had something to do with a few of the boys on the team, and maybe one of the coaches (my hot history teacher), but i decided that i wanted to get in good shape.  my parents had taught me that once you start something, you don’t quit, so i knew once i went to that first day of practice, i was in it until april.  i don’t know when it was that i realized i really liked running, but i remember how i started adding up all our laps and turning them into miles and feeling very proud of myself.  i had never known i could push myself so hard.  at our first meet i signed up, along with my best friend who also hated running, for the mile.  she got so mad at me when i left her halfway through.  she still hates running.  🙂  senior year i got really into the 800 and our coach made us do alot of distance training.  oh dear coach king, if you only knew what you started.  those 4 mile timed runs to train for running two laps instilled in me a LOVE for running.  i ran cross country for two years in college (and got $600 a year).  i still run several times a week.  i haven’t ever been in cross-country shape again, but i still love it just as much (probably more, now that it’s totally my choice when i go).  i love the taste of lactic acid in my mouth, the sound of my breathing, and the feeling of getting that second wind.  i pray the Lord keeps my body healthy so i can run for a long, long time.

Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him.  Psalm 37:7

January 24, 2008


quiet:  as in, no noise.  doesn’t necessarily have to mean no SOUND.  i like the quiet that comes when i’m running and all i hear is the sound of my breath, or the quiet that is there when i dunk my head underwater during a bath.  i love the quiet of hearing only the carving sound my snowboard makes on a deserted hill.  i love snuggling with my husband when we’re not talking (not that i don’t like talking to him, haha).  i like the quiet of harper when i peek in her room and see her intently reading books in a corner.  i like quiet in my house: dog snoring, air cutting off and on, keys clicking on a keyboard.  🙂  the garbage truck emptying dumpsters right outside my window….not so quiet!

Quietness and trust is your strength.  Isaiah 30:15