(i know this post was supposed to contain pictures, but i haven’t found the camera yet since we got home…give me a few days.)

i’ve made several discoveries in recent days:

  • Expresso: i’ve only tried it once, but i see a great future ahead with this machine.  it’s a bike at the gym with virtual reality.  the handlebars move and it has a screen that makes it look like you’re riding your bike somewhere exotic (or just on a plain ol’ road).  it’s harder to peddle when you go up a hill.  you create a username and they keep track of all your stats and you can race your p.r.’s.  it’s very much like the running part of wii fit if you’ve ever seen that.  so fun!  i haven’t gotten sick of the gym yet, but when i do, i’m sure that’ll be one of things i lean on for motivation.
  • chick-fil-a sauce is amazingly good on pretty much everything that place sells.  i just figured out that it is fantastic on fries.  everytime i eat that sauce my mind races to think about what else i can dip in it.  i need to stockpile it at home and make a dinner with it.
  •  [warning: what you are about to read will cause shock and possibly despair.]  I’M THINK I’M ALLERGIC TO SONIC.  no, i am so not kidding.  seriously, would i joke about something like that?  here’s the story:  for about a year now, i’ve been getting really bad excema on my thumbs.  it is really painful and disgusting and, well, annoying.  i went to the dermatologist just after layne was born and she (the dermotologist, not laynie) told me that there was no way to tell where it came from and there is no cure.  i was very frustrated.  anyway,  the girls and i ate there about two weeks ago and i hadn’t been since new years’.  the excema popped up 2 days later after not having an outbreak in three months.  i don’t know when/where it hit me, but i all-of-a-sudden realized one day that sonic is the only factor that has changed in my life since i started getting this junk on my finger.  talk about being between a rock and a hard place!  i want so badly to know the cause of the problem, but i also want so badly to continue eating/drinking sonic!  i’m going on a 6-month sonic fast to see if that really is the source of the allergy.  pray for me.
  • today i discovered our george foreman grill on the porch.  it had been sitting there since the last time we grilled hamburgers.  TWO WEEKS AGO.  ew.

i guess while i’m discovering things i need to figure out how to get up and clean my house!  love you all.  night night.

ps.  i had a photo session tonight and one of the first things the mom said to me was that she liked my green nailpolish.  🙂  haha


3 Comments to “discovery.”

  1. 1. that bike thing is COOL. wish my gym had that.

    2. paul runs on the wii fit now. it’s hilarious.

    3. you JUST discovered chick-fil-a sauce on fries? i am a bad friend. i’ve been doing that SINCE i discovered the sauce. basically i’ll eat anything that can get that sauce from the container to my mouth. 🙂

    4. i hope for your sake you are not allergic to sonic. as for me, i probably won’t ever eat there again…unless i have to (or unless they start serving chick-fil-a sauce).

    5. i miss you.

    6. i love you.

  2. AmEn on the chickfila sauce!!!!!!

  3. you can always wear gloves at Sonic while you eat…just saying 🙂 Also a fan of the chick fil a sauce…it goes on everything….and I mean everything! 🙂 Love you KT and it was good to catch up on your life!

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