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January 31, 2011


isn’t this whole internet thing strange?

i guess it’s not-so-much the website thing (like target or the library or even google) that blows my mind, but moreso the things via the web that involve people connecting to each other.  e-mail, yes, but i’m talking moreso about network-y things like Facebook and blogs.  anyone who’s been around the “blogosphere” (world of blogs) for any decent length of time, has figured out that you can learn a great deal about someone from their blog.  yes, you can stalk someone on FB and learn pretty much anything you want to know about someone, but it’s usually people you’ve met before.  the world of blogs is different.  you can read a total stranger’s blog for YEARS and never meet them and still know ALOT of stuff about them.  [actually, i have many friends who blog, and, now that i’m thinking about it, i guess you can learn alot of things you didn’t know about them, too.  but that’s not what this post is about…even though i love all of you gals…]

there are several bloggers out there who i have fantasized about meeting.  for real.  i would rather meet these girls than any celebrity i can think of…i’m thinking…  yup, can’t think of a celebrity i’d want to meet more than MEG or ASHLEY, for example.  i have literally had dreams about meeting meg.  dreamS, as in, more than one.  pathetic?  maybe.  (more pathetic: the fact that i’ve commented on a post both times to tell her.)  but if i’m going to be reading “articles”, i’d rather them be about real life/faith with 5 kids than about what some terribly-acting movie star ordered at Starbucks while her nanny-for-one-kid wrangles the child outside.

i almost peed my pants when i saw the photo in meg’s post today…i know there are alot of well-known bloggers in the picture, but the only ones i recognized were meg (bottom right) and ashley (top right).  i almost peed my pants because i was thinking about how much i would’ve paid money to be anywhere in that room while all those ladies were talking and crafting and probably eating some ridiculously delicious treats.  make me a fly on the wall (“i’d be honored for you to swat at me with that homemade totally-cool fly swatter!”)or a rug on the floor (“please, walk on me with your awesome broken-in-but-not-too-dingy shoes!)”….Lord, do you hear me?  i’d love to magically transported to meg’s house in kansas next time there is an event like this. 


seriously though, these bloggers encourage me, inspire me, and humble me.  i’ve mentioned joanne a few times in the past few weeks.  hers is a blog that i’ve read for about 3 years.  i’ve “spoken” with her a few times over e-mail and on Facebook, and i’ve even read one of her books, but we are strangers nonetheless.  it has been so so neat to read comments these past few weeks from readers just like me who are saying how much joanne has meant to them and inspired them through her blog over the years.  (by the way, she’s made a ton of progress in the 20 days since the stroke…if you haven’t clicked on her link yet, you should check it out!!

don’t really know how to conclude this post except by saying: i am thankful for the opportunity to read about other Christian women’s lives and be encouraged, challenged, and taught by them.

January 29, 2011


did these paintings for my friend jenny. i was so honored to do them, and even more excited that they were going to hang in her office. she’s an extremely successful wedding and portrait photographer, and she’s also a Christian (as am i) so she draws alot of encouragement and inspiration from scripture.

she knew she wanted 2 passages of scripture on 16×16 canvas, with some sort of blue (her office is white with light blue accents). 
first, phillippians 4:8

next, proverbs 3:5-6 (which happens to be my absolute favorite passage of scripture).

here’s a link to a blog post she did with pictures of them hanging up.

January 27, 2011

3/4 of a year

maitland turned 9 months yesterday.

re-reading that statement reminds me this: motherhood is an awful, beautiful thing.

it is so heart-wrenching and confusing to be stuck between enjoying your child as a sweet, chubby-bellied, babbling, bald creature and being excited about where you know they’re going: cruising, walking, spoon-feeding themselves, getting their driver’s license.  i wonder if i’ll ever get over it?  i wonder if i should even try.  maybe these feelings of being torn between where we were and where we’re going are what will help me not to take even one day for granted.  or, for that matter, not to look back on the past and ever say, “thank goodness those days are over.”

i guess i’ll just choose to be thankful for everyday.  period.  end.

i know, i know…that booger is driving me nuts too.  but what’s the point of editing out dried snot when he is eating grass while sitting in the dirt?  he’ll thank me later for leaving it there.  (even though i really want to break out that healing brush.  really bad.)

January 26, 2011

wednesday, already?!

time passes so quickly, doesn’t it?

i can’t believe it’s been over a week since my last post.  i did post on my other blog once, but man i am slacking off.

all the kids have been sick.  harper’s at the tail end of it and layne is just easing in…some sort of virus with disgusting huge boogers and a slight fever.  and attitude.  lots of attitude.  haha.  maitland on the other hand was a very sick little baby.  he was running a fever for 3 days with no other symptoms (just sleeping ALOT) and then he started with the congestion, too.  he wasn’t sleeping well at night and i started to suspect an ear infection.  saturday morning i called the ped’s office and they were booked solid so i ended up taking him to the urgent care.  WASTE. OF. MONEY.  luckily it was only $30.  the doctor was nice, but…to put i nicely, clearly clueless.  took him to the pediatrician on monday morning (2 days later) and she took one look in his ear and made a really sad face.  than she looked in the other ear, and, same face.  he and harper both had “overflow” in their eyes.  so gross…basically there’s so much mucous in the nasal passages and it’s not coming out of the nose so it comes out of the eyes.  so disgusting.  especially maitland because he can’t really wipe his eyes.  after 2 days on an antibiotic, he’s doing MUCH better, thank goodness.

i’m not feeling the best…pretty sure i’m getting whatever the kids have.  luckily i’ve been working on our new year’s cards (no comments on my tardiness, please) all morning so it was a good excuse to sit on the couch and watch TV, which i never ever do during the day. 

the girls are watching a new show and they are seriously SO out of it.  harper could’ve easily taken a nap, but didn’t, and layne just woke up…they’re both super tired.  i think there are invisible strings tying those eyeballs to the TV.  sheesh.

i hear maitland waking up and i need to get off my butt and do something productive.

i’ll leave you with this:  the bubble guppies


January 19, 2011

i woke up from a nap about 45 minutes ago.  it’s 9:45 PM.

i put Layne to bed (Harper was already zonked out) and thought, “I’ll just lay down and sleep until Ryan comes home.”  (he was at the library.)  this was all because i could hardly hold my eyes open while i was reading to Layne.  ryan came home and sat down on the couch.  i sat up only long enough to move the pillow and lay back down on his leg.  slept for another hour.  got up and ate some cereal (random).

and now i’m getting things done.  finishing a painting, folding laundry, and hopefully i will have NO problems going back to bed in an hour.

pretty sure maitland has pink eye.  his poor little eye is goopy and swollen and red.  he had some sort of bacterial infection in his eye when he was like 2 months old and the dr gave me drops, but told me to try breast milk first (“you mean like, squirt it in his eye?”).  i did for half a day.  the mixture of the milk and the yellow crap in his eye was more than i could take…SO gross.  so i used the drops and it cleared up.  this time, i’m thinking we’ll have to have an antibiotic.  i tried milk once today before his nap and when he woke up, it was 3 times worse.  i used the drops twice already and it was definitely still in full force.  anyway.  enough about the dumb eye infection.  (but he is really pathetic-looking.)

my good pal amy stopped by today.  she is such an amazing friend to everyone she calls friend.  this was her who-knows-what-number trip in the last several months from her home of orlando.  she comes down here as soon as she can anytime anyone has a baby.  that was her reason for this one.  and i think the trip before last, too.  AP, it was great to see you.  i always love hanging out with you, however, i hope i don’t see you for awhile, or if i do, i hope it’s in your town and not in mine.  for your poor car’s sake.  (love you!)

ryan is in bed reading some book and keeps laughing out loud. making me smile.

i had a teeth cleaning today. has anyone else ever thought about asking for something to hold your mouth open so you could go to sleep? even though i don’t floss and my gums are crying out for mercy the entire cleaning, i seriously think i could go to sleep in that chair. i just love the aspect of being obligated to LAY somewhere for 30 minutes straight without being able to do even one thing else.
(by the way, thank you Alyssa for watching kiddos for me!!)

i cannot believe tomorrow is thursday.

please continue to pray for joanne and her family.  if you read toben’s post today, he said something about TIGER WOODS sending his well-wishes!  what in the blazes?!

just found this picture from almost exactly 2 years ag0.  cuh-razy.

January 18, 2011


full day.

any day that starts with the kids not climbing into bed with me until 7:30 and pre-made cinnamon rolls soon after that, can’t go badly, right?
the girls played “happily” together for a few hours this morning (the only unfortunate part of that is that their new favorite place in the house is our closet…it really didn’t need a good trashing). then we packed up and went to meet some friends (jenny!) at the beach. i was apparently clueless that it was GORGEOUS outside and didn’t even bring sunscreen! we were only there for around an hour, so any “color” my kids got will be gone tomorrow. got home late so layne didn’t get a nap, but she actually did great…contrary to what i’d prepared myself for.

my friend rachel and her girls came over for awhile while i was making chicken pot pie.  we hadn’t seen them since before christmas, so the girls and i both had fun seeing them.  rachel and i have decided that we’re going to start trading babysitting.  she and her husband have no family in town and have only lived in jupiter for about a year.  most of their friends live about 25 minutes south, so babysitting options have dwindled a little.  they never get to go out, and i really need to have a day every now and then where i can catch up on things for my business.  so, we’re thinking that she’ll watch my youngest 2 kids (while harper’s in school) for a few hours some Fridays and then that same night, we’ll keep her girls while she and her hubby go out for a dinner date.  hopefully we’ll start making this happen like once a month.

[don’t hate me for saying this, but david crowder is seriously overated. i know he’s probably caused alot of people to come to know Jesus, but he CAN’T SING. anytime he comes on my kick-butt pandora worship station, i thumbs-down him.]

after rachel left, we ate and did the bedtime thing and then i headed to Bible study.  so grateful for time with so many beautiful, sweet, FUN, Godly women.  there are so many tuesdays where i think about not going because i’m just drained and tired and don’t feel like small-talking to anyone, but i always feel so encouraged and renewed when i get home.  (holla, tina & sarah! they’re the only 2 with blogs…other than jenny who i’m sure i already embarrassed once.)

i just spent about an hour working on transfering scripture onto a painting.  it’s my least-favorite part, but i figured out that if i listen to worship music while i’m doing it, i really get alot out of it.  like, i really feel like i’m worshipping while i’m tracing.  sounds dumb, but the work is really mindless, so i can focus on the words i’m hearing.  i tear up every now and then when something hits me hard.  i appreciate that because it could be a song i’ve heard several times before, but i had never really thought about it.

if you hadn’t noticed, i put a button on my sidebar (“praying for joanne”).  if you’re interested in getting updates on joanne, you can click on it.  at this point she’s still in a medical-induced coma, but they are saying she’ll be hopefully coming out of that sometime in the next several days.  a small step in what will be a long, long walk.  i am still so struck by this situation and have been really thankful for the reminder that we can make all the plans we want, but God will laugh at us.  chuckle…lovingly.

it’s almost midnight. i need to go to bed. i need to go to bed and “accidentally” wake up ryan and then try to fall asleep before he falls back to sleep (virtually impossible).

January 17, 2011

hang in there.

i’m coming.
i swear.
after i sleep for 7 hours or so. and then unload the dishwasher and do some laundry and clean the bathtub and go to a playdate and finish a painting and read for Bible study.
yeah. i’ll be here.
(i just spent the past 37 minutes trying to figure out how to make this blog look better. you’ll notice it’s exactly the same except for a retarded 1/3 of a photo in the sidebar with my logo on it. i’m too tired to even delete that thing right now. i thought i’d be good until midnight, but it’s 11:34 and i can’t type another word.)

January 14, 2011

i’m tired.

fo’ real.

it’s after 11.  my feet hurt.  my eyes hurt.  and my head hurts when i think about tomorrow.

i’m assisting for my fabulous friend Kat starting at noon tomorrow and the wedding is about an hour and a half away (south beach, baby!!).  sure i won’t get home until at least 1 AM.  i will be drinking quite a bit of coke.  or coffee.  something with caffeine.

i just spent 2 hours working on a painting and taking a break to fold laundry when it came out of the dryer45 mintues every .  doing it all while listening to my bebo norman pandora station.  pandora seriously makes everything a pleasure.  and i hardly ever have to skip a song on that station (i think it’s a mix of bebo norman, watermark, and audrey assad).

one reason i’m tired:

doesn’t she look like a sulking 14 year old?  this girl is giving me a run for my money lately with her attitude.  it is DRAINING.  she’s started being sneaky and lying and cocking an attitude every 4 seconds.  sometimes when she speaks i swear if i closed my eyes i could easily picture her as a bratty teenager.  i love her fiercely, but man can she rub me the wrong way when she wants to.  (by the way, she WAS sulking in that picture.  she was pouting while we were in the FSU stadium.  a super fun and different place for anyone of any age.  i still don’t know what she was pouting about.)  however, she finished her first week back at school and in a different location (same teacher, most of the same kids) with a huge smile on her face.  girl is definitely a social butterfly.  don’t know where she gets it becuase both ryan and i were extremely shy as small children.

[side note: ryan lies in bed and reads all his RSS feeds (articles and blogs) before he goes to sleep.  he just read me an article that said on this day in 1794, the first Cesearean section was performed in the US where both baby and mother survived.  it was performed by the woman’s HUSBAND on a “table” made out of planks on 2 barrels.  wow.]

been working with layne all week on potty training.  it’s a total roller coaster.  she’s doing okay, i guess.  she’s actually had more pee accidents than poop, which is good.  i’m just glad i don’t have to buy diapers anymore (however she’s still in pull-ups at night)…especially now that Maitland is big into babyfood ($$$…i do make my own every now and then, but it’s alot easier just to take the top off of something).  she redeems herself from the accidents by being HILARIOUS and adorable.

funny story: i was doing dishes for awhile in the kitchen this morning.  maitland was in the playroom playing with a bin that had play dishes and food in it.  layne came into the kitchen carrying a basket with a piece of plastic corn in it.  L: “i got some corn.”  Me: “cool.  where’d you get that?  maitland’s store?”  L: “yeah, maitland’s store.  there were lots of babies there.”  Me: “really?  lots of babies?”  L: “yeah.  and it was really messy.”

ryan took a video yesterday of layne holding a bead from a broken necklace and voluntarily calling it a choking hazard.  it will probably be one of my favorite videos from her at this age.  i should figure out how to post it on here…

i’m done.  if i look at this screen any longer i’ll have to tape my eyelids open.

if anyone’s reading this who hasn’t taken a look at the photo blog this week, do it now!  (please?)

January 12, 2011

enter title here.

so, i’m back.

it’s been 2 months.
not alot has changed.
i’ve read my Bible twice. one of the main reasons i took a blog break was because i thought that posting on my blog was taking up time that i should be using to spend with God. i’ve realized during my break that if time with Him wasn’t a priority before, i can easily find something else to fill my blog time with. so, i’m still working on making that time with Him a priority. i guess it’s one of those things (like so many others in my life…i.e. my hair) that i feel like i can’t do at all if i don’t do it well.
i thought for a long time about whether or not to come back to my blog. it’s not something i want to do halfway…like i don’t want to post once a week or a week straight and then not again for a month. my main purpose in keeping this blog is to keep a record of my life, and to do that, i need to write regularly.
i also thought about starting a whole new blog. i’d like something that combines my photography and art and things with my daily life posts, but i knew that if i started a new blog that my old one would be sad and alone and untouched and it sounds stupid, but there’s just too much of my history here. i couldn’t leave. maybe later…i’ve heard there are blog-builders that can move your old posts to your new blog. we’ll see.
as of this morning, i still hadn’t decided if i was going to come back, but something convinced me i should. an author/blog “friend” of mine (i wish. actually she’s more of a mentor who has no idea she’s mentoring), joanne, apparently suffered a very serious stroke in her home yesterday. she is in a fight for her life and very well may be for a long time to come. she is 38 (THIRTY-EIGHT) years old and has two tween-aged daughters and a loving husband. i cried today when i read what her sweet husband had posted on her blog because 12 hours before i’d just read a totally normal post from her about building a fire and homeschool and coffee. life here is so unbelievably fragile and we are truly not guaranteed 5 more minutes.
anyway, i decided to come back because of the thing with joanne. i was thinking that if anything were to ever happen to me, i would want there to be something that my kids could read to give them some sort of idea as to what kind of person i was. i’d want them to have a clue to just how much i love them and laugh at them and how much i hate to clean the highchair.
in trying to decide whether or not to come back, i figured out that i haven’t missed the writing part of the blog. i’ve missed the knowing people are reading it and the comments and the attention i get from it. i know that there are alot of people who’ve still been checking it every day after 2 months! and that means ALOT to me (thank you guys so much!), but i’m going to try really hard not to look at how many visitors i have. i’m going to vent and tell stories about my kids and sometimes post crappy pictures and not care about being a blog celebrity. so there, selfish self.
it’s 11 pm. Maitland slept all the way through the night last night for the first time in his life and i’m really hoping tonight will be a repeat, so i want to get to bed….rephrase: i can’t wait to get to bed when i know i won’t be woken up at 3 AM. at least not by him. 4 year olds get thirsty in the middle of the night too. at least mine does. and tonight i will be glad to get her a drink if she asks for it…i’ll just be thankful that i’m capable of doing so.

thank you Lord for reminding us over and over how YOU are in control of our lives and how nothing is promised but YOU.  i love you for reminding us how precious each day is on this earth.  AMEN.