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January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!!

February 9, 2011


why are there still people checking this blog? I MOVED!!

January 26, 2011

wednesday, already?!

time passes so quickly, doesn’t it?

i can’t believe it’s been over a week since my last post.  i did post on my other blog once, but man i am slacking off.

all the kids have been sick.  harper’s at the tail end of it and layne is just easing in…some sort of virus with disgusting huge boogers and a slight fever.  and attitude.  lots of attitude.  haha.  maitland on the other hand was a very sick little baby.  he was running a fever for 3 days with no other symptoms (just sleeping ALOT) and then he started with the congestion, too.  he wasn’t sleeping well at night and i started to suspect an ear infection.  saturday morning i called the ped’s office and they were booked solid so i ended up taking him to the urgent care.  WASTE. OF. MONEY.  luckily it was only $30.  the doctor was nice, but…to put i nicely, clearly clueless.  took him to the pediatrician on monday morning (2 days later) and she took one look in his ear and made a really sad face.  than she looked in the other ear, and, same face.  he and harper both had “overflow” in their eyes.  so gross…basically there’s so much mucous in the nasal passages and it’s not coming out of the nose so it comes out of the eyes.  so disgusting.  especially maitland because he can’t really wipe his eyes.  after 2 days on an antibiotic, he’s doing MUCH better, thank goodness.

i’m not feeling the best…pretty sure i’m getting whatever the kids have.  luckily i’ve been working on our new year’s cards (no comments on my tardiness, please) all morning so it was a good excuse to sit on the couch and watch TV, which i never ever do during the day. 

the girls are watching a new show and they are seriously SO out of it.  harper could’ve easily taken a nap, but didn’t, and layne just woke up…they’re both super tired.  i think there are invisible strings tying those eyeballs to the TV.  sheesh.

i hear maitland waking up and i need to get off my butt and do something productive.

i’ll leave you with this:  the bubble guppies


January 19, 2011

i woke up from a nap about 45 minutes ago.  it’s 9:45 PM.

i put Layne to bed (Harper was already zonked out) and thought, “I’ll just lay down and sleep until Ryan comes home.”  (he was at the library.)  this was all because i could hardly hold my eyes open while i was reading to Layne.  ryan came home and sat down on the couch.  i sat up only long enough to move the pillow and lay back down on his leg.  slept for another hour.  got up and ate some cereal (random).

and now i’m getting things done.  finishing a painting, folding laundry, and hopefully i will have NO problems going back to bed in an hour.

pretty sure maitland has pink eye.  his poor little eye is goopy and swollen and red.  he had some sort of bacterial infection in his eye when he was like 2 months old and the dr gave me drops, but told me to try breast milk first (“you mean like, squirt it in his eye?”).  i did for half a day.  the mixture of the milk and the yellow crap in his eye was more than i could take…SO gross.  so i used the drops and it cleared up.  this time, i’m thinking we’ll have to have an antibiotic.  i tried milk once today before his nap and when he woke up, it was 3 times worse.  i used the drops twice already and it was definitely still in full force.  anyway.  enough about the dumb eye infection.  (but he is really pathetic-looking.)

my good pal amy stopped by today.  she is such an amazing friend to everyone she calls friend.  this was her who-knows-what-number trip in the last several months from her home of orlando.  she comes down here as soon as she can anytime anyone has a baby.  that was her reason for this one.  and i think the trip before last, too.  AP, it was great to see you.  i always love hanging out with you, however, i hope i don’t see you for awhile, or if i do, i hope it’s in your town and not in mine.  for your poor car’s sake.  (love you!)

ryan is in bed reading some book and keeps laughing out loud. making me smile.

i had a teeth cleaning today. has anyone else ever thought about asking for something to hold your mouth open so you could go to sleep? even though i don’t floss and my gums are crying out for mercy the entire cleaning, i seriously think i could go to sleep in that chair. i just love the aspect of being obligated to LAY somewhere for 30 minutes straight without being able to do even one thing else.
(by the way, thank you Alyssa for watching kiddos for me!!)

i cannot believe tomorrow is thursday.

please continue to pray for joanne and her family.  if you read toben’s post today, he said something about TIGER WOODS sending his well-wishes!  what in the blazes?!

just found this picture from almost exactly 2 years ag0.  cuh-razy.

January 17, 2011

hang in there.

i’m coming.
i swear.
after i sleep for 7 hours or so. and then unload the dishwasher and do some laundry and clean the bathtub and go to a playdate and finish a painting and read for Bible study.
yeah. i’ll be here.
(i just spent the past 37 minutes trying to figure out how to make this blog look better. you’ll notice it’s exactly the same except for a retarded 1/3 of a photo in the sidebar with my logo on it. i’m too tired to even delete that thing right now. i thought i’d be good until midnight, but it’s 11:34 and i can’t type another word.)

October 27, 2010

unfinished business

sooo…the four posts below this one are drafts that i’ve had sitting in my “posts” box for a long time (one from over a year ago).  i just felt for some reason like putting them out there today.  getting them off my chest, i guess.  i get so tired of the way i start things and don’t finish them and the way i hold onto some things thinking i’ll get to it later or i’ll use it later or something…most of the time i have the best of intentions.  for example, i was going to do this yesterday and call it “transparency tuesday”.

(there’s more where those came from.)

October 27, 2010

TV diet

new rule:  no TV after 8:00 for the month of July.  i’m not getting rid of it totally, just trying to watch less, and honestly, to see just how addicted i am.  i will definitely still be watching movies and a few other things with ryan (world cup finals), but i am anxious to see what i can get done/learn and how much extra sleep i can get (if any).  here’s how it’s gone so far…

Day 1: cleaned off the computer desk (something that’s been on my list for like 2 months).  put away laundry.  caught up on a few blogs.

Day 2: watched Alice in Wonderland.  it was…decent.  i don’t like watching movies where everything is computer-generated.

Day 3: i left the house around 8:15 PM to run some errands (bank, groceries).  ended up randomly going bathing suit shopping before i even got to the grocery store.  didn’t get home with the groceries until 10:45, but i sort-of enjoyed the trip.  definitely more productive (and somewhat more entertaining) than TV.

Day 4: BBQ at a friend’s house.  we didn’t get home and get the kids in bed until almost 10:00.  i was in bed at 10:15.

Day 5: we watched the last half of Office Space, but i was on the computer most of the time.  trying to get pictures organized for a slideshow for Layne’s birthday.

Day 6: put away clothes.  cleaned the kitchen.  caught up on some computer file “housekeeping”.  ryan called me into the other room to see some hilarious stuff on wipeout, but i was good and came right back to my work.


October 27, 2010


so, since i posted last night about the guilt vs. grace thing, i’ve been thinking more about it.  i feel like as a mother, i am constantly trying to find a balance.  i’ve realized in the past few years that i have alot of pride.  secret pride.  like, when i’m in the store with the baby and someone says, “oh what a beautiful baby!”, why is my first reaction to want to say “yes, and i have two more at home.” ?  why can’t i just find joy in the compliment instead of searching for more praise (or sympathy, ha!)?  it’s hard to figure out where the line is drawn between sinful pride and just feeling good about something you’ve accomplished.  i feel like all women are constantly faced with not knowing what to do with our bodies.  we work hard to get them to look their best, but then we’re supposed

JULY 2010

October 27, 2010


i’m realizing all over again why i love photography.

the screensaver on my laptop is a slideshow of pictures pulled from whatever folder(s) i specify. it’s a very simple, very old function and i’m sure many other people use the same one.  i have to say, though, that it is yet another reason i’m loving my laptop.  i feel like i have one of those digital frames that moves to various places in my house. 

anyway, back to the photography love.  i SO enjoy watching the slideshow because it is totally randomly picked.  i’m constantly saying to myself, “oh i remember that” or “aww…i forgot about that!” or “wow look how young harper is there.”  most of the images that pop up bring memories flooding back.

JUNE ’10

October 27, 2010

if you don’t ask, you’ll never know…

here is a stream of questions harper asked me as she was eating lunch (listed in the order she asked them):

  • mommy, have i ever been to the jungle?
  • if we went to the jungle, would we ride in the car for a loooong time?
  • mommy

AUG 09