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August 30, 2010

[insert scream here].

i am busy y’all.  i am not stressed out very easily, but right now I AM STRESSED.  i have so much fun posting on my blog and sharing my life via internet, so i hate it when i don’t have time to blog.

PRAISE OUR GREAT LORD that the reason i am stressed is because we are in the midst of a SALE on our condo!  i am spending most of my computer time searching for a place for us to move (rental home).  it’s been pretty discouraging, but i’m confident that God has something great in store.  we are hoping to close in the next few weeks and be moved out by the end of the month (holy cow i have alot to do!).

in the meantime, i’m trying to do some design work, some photography, and obviously keep the laundry from taking over the house.

i’ll be back soon.  i promise!

August 25, 2010


this little man is 4 months old tomorrow.  so surreal.  it feels like he’s always been here, and yet when i think back to gazing down at him in the hospital….  crazy.  i was looking at someone’s baby photos on facebook yesterday and i almost started crying knowing that i will never again call a newborn mine (unless God’s got a good laugh up his sleeve). 

i’m not stressed, but i feel like i am hanging onto a sane life by a thread right now.  i hate that i’m so behind in my blog…i never know where to pick up…  i think in my last post i said that i had just found out i had shingles.  it was definitely not fun, but i wouldn’t say i was miserable.  i was totally capable of maintaining my daily routine with the kids and everything, i just felt like someone was dripping acid on my leg the whole time i was doing it.  in the midst of the shingles, my little sister courtney came to visit, harper started school, my mom came to visit, and we found out that our buyer’s offer was approved by the bank.

token first day shot:

had to post this next one because i cannot believe how much these two look alike:

and, just to keep it even, here’s a picture of my layne (it was raining one day at the beach, so everyone piled into the hot tub.  i think at this point she was pretty annoyed that there was no room in the warm water to swim.):

August 19, 2010


tuesday was my 8 year wedding anniversary.  we dated for 4 years before we married, so that means ryan and i have been “an item” for 12 years.  cool.  we’ve done nothing to celebrate so far, mostly thanks to these shingles, but we have a date with an amazing restaurant sometime next week.

anyway, my sweet husband has really been an inspiration to me lately. since maitland was born, he has really stepped up to the plate and helped out literally in every area of our lives.  not that he wasn’t a help before, now it’s just really obvious and obviously INTENTIONAL.  he takes initiative and just helps instead of asking me what needs to be done.  i’m convinced that this kind of thing (everyday caring for the kids) does not come naturally to men and because of that conviction, it makes me respect this change in him even more.

he’s gotten me thinking. 

this may seem like a very simple statement, but i’ve come to realize:  parenthood happens pretty naturally.  good parenthood takes initiative.

if we want fun things to happen, alot of times we will have to plan those fun things, or jump in and “teach” the kids how to play certain games.  if we are at a loss for new discipline or reward ideas, they’re not going to fall in our laps.  when christmas rolls around, we can’t just expect a traditional breakfast treat to make itself.  you get the idea.

reading back through this, i’m almost embarrassed to post it because it’s so simple.  i just kind of wanted to share my “lightbulb” going on.  but i say all that to say this:  i’m starting a new category of posts called “intentional living”.  these posts will discuss things that i’ve done or plan to do that are out of my comfort zone or that took alot of extra effort to acheive. 

(thank you for everything, ryan!!!  you are an incredible father and such a sweet giving husband.  i am so proud of the life we’ve built together.  thank you for encouraging me and challenging me with your words and actions.)

August 16, 2010

day in numbers

1 tube of $45 ointment from CVS (apparently, i have SHINGLES.)

2 bathrooms that are still not clean

3 kids with me in the dr’s office (but they were actually all REALLY good)

4 times up and down the aisles at Publix until i finally had everything on my list (i’m so bad about that)

5 hours of shows i have saved on DVR or OnDemand that i am dying to watch 

6: number of chicken nuggets harper ate along with fries and she was still hungry when we got home (grow much?)

7 diapers changed today

8 reasons i really need to stay up until probably midnight, but i am exhausted.  think i’ll just go brush my teeth and hit the sack.

9 minutes to get the kids from the house, down the hall, down the elevator, across the street, and into their carseats (on a good day)

10 dry lima beans in the kids’ new “bean jar” (explanation to follow at a later post)

[i have great plans to do a post about last week’s beach house stay, but not sure if it’ll happen this week.  my baby sister gets here tomorrow!]

August 6, 2010

mystery solved.

many thanks to you who cared to wonder what was in the photos in this post.  i appreciated your comments and guesses, but you were ALL WRONG.  i think.  i can’t exactly remember what you guessed and i’m too lazy to look right now.  xoxoxo anyway.

here are the answers:

1) last week i noticed that the rubber plant on our back porch was COVERED in white caterpillars.  they weren’t doing anything, just hanging on.  harper and i counted 12!  went outside the other day and i guess i was there at just the right time because every single caterpillar was chowing down like it was their job.  i must’ve stayed outside at least 5 full minutes watching them eat.  if you’ve never seen them eat, it’s almost like a human eating an ear of corn really fast…side to side.  i felt like a little kid because i couldn’t stop watching them.  i was really disappointed with the pictures i got…first time i’ve ever really wished i had a micro lens.  [unfortunately, i just looked them up and i think they will be moths when they come out of their cocoons…too bad.  would’ve been cool to see some pretty butterflies out there.]

2) sort-of a long story, but there are two old ladies in our building that the girls and i have become friends with because we see them all the time.  last week each of them came to our door on different days bringing 3 macy’s boxes.  they had bought clothes for all the kids.  the oldest woman, carmen, is adorable.  she’s spanish and unkempt most of the time and has a dog (juliet) that is like 400 years old.  anyway, the boxes that she brought not only had clothes in them, they had little…goodies.  random candies and even that 50 cent piece.  so adorable.

3) lastly, was a picture of ripped shorts.  the kids and i were heading out to run errands…can’t remember where or why, i just remember we had somewhere to go.  anyway, i got all the kids strapped in the car and went to get in my seat and i still have NO idea how, but my shorts got caught on the lever that lowers the seat back.  they got caught and i pulled away, and they RIPPED up to my…um…backside.  i considered posting a picture of me wearing the ripped shorts, but i was too self-conscious…that’s how high the rip went.  haha.  as soon as they ripped, i started laughing really hard and harper asked me why i was laughing.  i said “i’m sorry girls, but we have to go back inside so i can change my shorts.  they just ripped.”  in true kid-selfish fashion, harper kept protesting saying she didn’t want to go upstairs and i didn’t need new shorts.  i just kept laughing and got them out of the car and upstairs (all with one hand because the other one was busy holding the ripped material together).  ryan called me as i was getting them out of the car and i didn’t even say hello, i just said, “i’m SO glad you called me right now because i needed someone to laugh with!”

August 5, 2010

what’s up

this is, photographically speaking, a sad post.  however, i maintain that even though i’m a photographer, i’m a busy mom and i have the right to use a point and shoot when i feel like it.  i also have the right to leave pictures sideways when wordpress is being retarded instead of using up more time by opening other programs, blah blah blah.  it won’t hurt your neck, i promise.

harper is at my parents’ grandkids camp and we’re headed to the sebastian beach house on saturday.  lots to do, but it’s been a pretty productive week so far (did i mention harper was gone?).  still have some cleaning to do…i always leave that until the last day because i hate it love to come home to a clean house.

this is a little “teaser” of something i’ve been working on…i’ll do a post when i’m totally done (which probably won’t be for a few weeks due to our vacation/company schedule).

layne totally agrees about it being a busy week.  i kept her in wal-mart way too long today (i swear i’ll never go back.  that place makes me feel like a complete idiot.) and she ended up falling asleep on the way home while eating her lunch of doritos that i grabbed at the check-out.  i’ll give her a sandwich when she wakes up.  and some brussel sprouts to make up for the doritos.

SO excited about the beach house!!  i’ll try to post at least once while we’re there, but i’m not giving any guarantees.

August 5, 2010

10 random things i’m good at

  • bathing an infant
  • making an omelet
  • changing a diaper in the dark
  • remembering song lyrics, people’s birthdays, and names of people i’ve only met once
  • pushing a heavy shopping cart with one hand (while holding a baby in the other)
  • forgetting my phone
  • estimating what size tupperware container i need just by looking at the amount of leftover food
  • wearing a hat (i don’t think i take advantage of this nearly enough)
  • putting my foot in my mouth
  • procrastinating (hmmm…could possibly be doing that now….)
August 4, 2010

can you guess…

the stories behind these photos?  if you want to guess at one, leave a comment (obviously they’d just be numbered 1,2,3…top to bottom).

i’m trying to think of a prize for someone who guesses right…maybe i’ll just speak very highly of you in the post where i tell the story behind each picture…probably friday sometime.

August 3, 2010


so in yesterday’s post i asked for questions.  i recieved a measley THREE.  better than nothing, i just feel alot of pressure to make the answers really good.

kristen asked: If you could choose any job in the world (and it never interfered with being a mom), what would it be?

i would only want to have a job that i was successful at (meaning i had alot of fun doing it and made enough money to live off of).  hard to pick, but it would be either an artist (painter) or a professional surfer (girl #2 is named after one…layne beachley).

emily asked: How did you meet your husband?

cliche’.  met him my freshman year in college.  he was in my little orientation group, but was hardly ever there because he had soccer practice like 4 times a day.  we also had a class together first semester and i can still remember him borrowing a pencil from me one time.  funny story, though: one of my brother’s childhood friends, matt, went to the same school we did (PBA…go fish!!).  i didn’t hang out with him, but we would speak to each other when we saw each other…usually in the cafeteria.  there were a few times when i said hi to him walking through the cafeteria and he just looked at me weird and didn’t say anything back.  i always thought it was wierd, but i wasn’t good enough friends with him to say anything.  when i finally was introduced to ryan, i realized that he looked alot like matt.  then i realized that it was ryan that i’d said hello to several times.  i mentioned this to him when i got to know him a little better and he said that he remembered and that he’d always thought i was so weird for randomly speaking to him.  we dated from the summer after freshman year (1998) until we got married in august of 2002.  no one else i’d rather spend my life with.  (oh, and it turns out that right around the time i started saying hey to ryan in the caf, matt had been kicked out of school for having a girl in his room or doing drugs or something.)

kati asked: If you could have any ability that you don’t already have, what would it be?  (Be good at a different sport, have super hero powers, anything!)

honestly, i think i would want that snapping thing that mary poppins had.  i would love to be able to get cleaning done literally in a snap so that i could spend more time doing more fun things like crafty stuff with my kids or painting or reading blogs books.

these were added after my original posting:
Amy asked: What’s your favorite physical characteristic about each of your kids so far?

this is a seriously hard question.  for harper (4 yrs), i think it has to be either her eyes or her hair (even though right now i wish it was a little shorter).  layne (2 yrs)’s is probably her little smile or just the way her body moves…i know that sounds wierd, but she just has a very distinctive way of dancing and walking that makes me smile.  maitland (3 mos) has just started really smiling and responding alot lately, so that has to be my favorite thing about him right now.  and also i am crazy about his little hot dog toes.

and: What’s your favorite thing about each of their personalities?

funnily enough, i immediately thought of things i don’t like.  yikes.  anyway, here goes:  i love that harper is creative and dramatic (that one bites me in the butt all the time, though).  layne…super duper sweet and loving.  maitland obviously hasn’t shown us too much as far as personality goes, but he seems to be fairly laid-back which is a good fit for our family.

alyssa says:  How did you meet Ryan and how did you come up with your kids names?

obviously already answered the first one.  as far as the kids go: 

harper ann – we had a list narrowed down to three.  i came up with harper because i love to kill a mockingbird by harper lee and because we had a ben harper song in our wedding.  on the drive to the hospital at 2 in the morning, we both admitted that harper was our favorite.  the “ann” comes from both of my moms’ middle names (one is with an E, one without.  we just liked the way it looked without an E, so we stuck with that).  i still love her name, even though it is becoming more and more common (annoying!).

layne katharine – second on the list that we’d had for harper.  already told you who she’s named after.  katharine is my name and i liked how it sounded next to layne.  she didn’t have a name until her 3rd day of life…it was driving everyone crazy.  we almost named her “july”.  yeah.  i know.  i’m super glad we didn’t.

maitland buerke – his name is the only one that ryan and i had ever mentioned to each other before we got pregnant.  actually, it was mentioned when we first started dating.  ryan told me he was from maitland, fl (in orlando).  i said, “oh that’s cool…i had a summer camper named maitland and i always thought it was such a cool name.”  he said, “wow, i had a fishing guide in the bahamas named maitland and he was a super cool dude and i’ve always thought i’d like to name my son that.”  when we knew we were pregnant with a boy, i still liked maitland, but the novelty of it had worn off quite a bit, so i decided to do the list thing again.  ryan pretty much hated all the boy names that i liked, so i just told him he could pick the name and i’d approve it.  i honestly don’t think he ever considered anything else.  buerke is my maiden name, so that one was easy.  we may have used it for his first name if there was no E in the middle…too many opportunities for mis-pronunciation.

August 2, 2010


so i read meg duerkson’s blog every day.  we are not friends.  we’ve never met and most likely never will.  i just like her and i like reading her blog.  simple.  she is funny.  she is creative.  she is a Christian.  she has five kids.  and best of all, she is NORMAL. 

today’s post made me like her even more.  she had her readers ask her questions (she has like 3,000 subscriptions on google reader) and then she answered them. 

i have 15 subscriptions and probably about that many readers.  but i can still answer your questions, right?

so, is there anything you would like to ask me?  if you know me, you know that i am not afraid of honesty.  let me have it…could be anything from “what do you order at taco bell?” to “do you believe in pre-destination?”

(i feel like i should start a new category called “post ideas that i’ve stolen from other bloggers”.)