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January 14, 2011

i’m tired.

fo’ real.

it’s after 11.  my feet hurt.  my eyes hurt.  and my head hurts when i think about tomorrow.

i’m assisting for my fabulous friend Kat starting at noon tomorrow and the wedding is about an hour and a half away (south beach, baby!!).  sure i won’t get home until at least 1 AM.  i will be drinking quite a bit of coke.  or coffee.  something with caffeine.

i just spent 2 hours working on a painting and taking a break to fold laundry when it came out of the dryer45 mintues every .  doing it all while listening to my bebo norman pandora station.  pandora seriously makes everything a pleasure.  and i hardly ever have to skip a song on that station (i think it’s a mix of bebo norman, watermark, and audrey assad).

one reason i’m tired:

doesn’t she look like a sulking 14 year old?  this girl is giving me a run for my money lately with her attitude.  it is DRAINING.  she’s started being sneaky and lying and cocking an attitude every 4 seconds.  sometimes when she speaks i swear if i closed my eyes i could easily picture her as a bratty teenager.  i love her fiercely, but man can she rub me the wrong way when she wants to.  (by the way, she WAS sulking in that picture.  she was pouting while we were in the FSU stadium.  a super fun and different place for anyone of any age.  i still don’t know what she was pouting about.)  however, she finished her first week back at school and in a different location (same teacher, most of the same kids) with a huge smile on her face.  girl is definitely a social butterfly.  don’t know where she gets it becuase both ryan and i were extremely shy as small children.

[side note: ryan lies in bed and reads all his RSS feeds (articles and blogs) before he goes to sleep.  he just read me an article that said on this day in 1794, the first Cesearean section was performed in the US where both baby and mother survived.  it was performed by the woman’s HUSBAND on a “table” made out of planks on 2 barrels.  wow.]

been working with layne all week on potty training.  it’s a total roller coaster.  she’s doing okay, i guess.  she’s actually had more pee accidents than poop, which is good.  i’m just glad i don’t have to buy diapers anymore (however she’s still in pull-ups at night)…especially now that Maitland is big into babyfood ($$$…i do make my own every now and then, but it’s alot easier just to take the top off of something).  she redeems herself from the accidents by being HILARIOUS and adorable.

funny story: i was doing dishes for awhile in the kitchen this morning.  maitland was in the playroom playing with a bin that had play dishes and food in it.  layne came into the kitchen carrying a basket with a piece of plastic corn in it.  L: “i got some corn.”  Me: “cool.  where’d you get that?  maitland’s store?”  L: “yeah, maitland’s store.  there were lots of babies there.”  Me: “really?  lots of babies?”  L: “yeah.  and it was really messy.”

ryan took a video yesterday of layne holding a bead from a broken necklace and voluntarily calling it a choking hazard.  it will probably be one of my favorite videos from her at this age.  i should figure out how to post it on here…

i’m done.  if i look at this screen any longer i’ll have to tape my eyelids open.

if anyone’s reading this who hasn’t taken a look at the photo blog this week, do it now!  (please?)

August 25, 2010


this little man is 4 months old tomorrow.  so surreal.  it feels like he’s always been here, and yet when i think back to gazing down at him in the hospital….  crazy.  i was looking at someone’s baby photos on facebook yesterday and i almost started crying knowing that i will never again call a newborn mine (unless God’s got a good laugh up his sleeve). 

i’m not stressed, but i feel like i am hanging onto a sane life by a thread right now.  i hate that i’m so behind in my blog…i never know where to pick up…  i think in my last post i said that i had just found out i had shingles.  it was definitely not fun, but i wouldn’t say i was miserable.  i was totally capable of maintaining my daily routine with the kids and everything, i just felt like someone was dripping acid on my leg the whole time i was doing it.  in the midst of the shingles, my little sister courtney came to visit, harper started school, my mom came to visit, and we found out that our buyer’s offer was approved by the bank.

token first day shot:

had to post this next one because i cannot believe how much these two look alike:

and, just to keep it even, here’s a picture of my layne (it was raining one day at the beach, so everyone piled into the hot tub.  i think at this point she was pretty annoyed that there was no room in the warm water to swim.):

August 5, 2010

what’s up

this is, photographically speaking, a sad post.  however, i maintain that even though i’m a photographer, i’m a busy mom and i have the right to use a point and shoot when i feel like it.  i also have the right to leave pictures sideways when wordpress is being retarded instead of using up more time by opening other programs, blah blah blah.  it won’t hurt your neck, i promise.

harper is at my parents’ grandkids camp and we’re headed to the sebastian beach house on saturday.  lots to do, but it’s been a pretty productive week so far (did i mention harper was gone?).  still have some cleaning to do…i always leave that until the last day because i hate it love to come home to a clean house.

this is a little “teaser” of something i’ve been working on…i’ll do a post when i’m totally done (which probably won’t be for a few weeks due to our vacation/company schedule).

layne totally agrees about it being a busy week.  i kept her in wal-mart way too long today (i swear i’ll never go back.  that place makes me feel like a complete idiot.) and she ended up falling asleep on the way home while eating her lunch of doritos that i grabbed at the check-out.  i’ll give her a sandwich when she wakes up.  and some brussel sprouts to make up for the doritos.

SO excited about the beach house!!  i’ll try to post at least once while we’re there, but i’m not giving any guarantees.

July 30, 2010

week in review.

this week was…well, quite a week.  maitland is getting a tooth (already!) and i think i’ve also figured out that he has some type of dairy sensitivity (there’s only one way to figure that out and it’s not fun). monday and wednesday were full of activity, but the rest of the week we really just hung out here…which is really rare for us…i get claustraphobic.  all of my favorite bloggers post alot of pictures and i am lazy terrible about it, so i decided to do a mother of a photo post.  here goes:

monday: we got up and got out by 8:45…followed my sweet friend courtney out to loxahatchee where she keeps her horse, hank.  harper and i had been once before, but i don’t think layne had ever even seen a horse in real life.  she was good with it until i set her up on top of him…not crazy about that.  court was SO patient and kind and helpful to the girls while she let them help with grooming hank and even giving him a treat.  they absolutely loved everything about every minute we were there (except for layne ON the horse).  after the barn, we went to chick-fil-a to kill some time before we drove up to tequesta to pick up my friend kat‘s son, tookie.  he was at our house the whole afternoon until after dinner.  tookie is SUCH a sweet precious little guy.  they all had a great time…even layne, whose only nap that day was like 20 minutes in the van.  

tuesday:  kind of a blur actually.  🙂  we were home ALL day.  maitland was super fussy and i had no obligations, so we just hung out.  made pancakes and ended up in my pajamas until about 4:00.  i haven’t had a day like that in forever and it was actually really nice.  at 4:00, instead of heading to the gym like normal, i decided we needed some outside air so we walked to the playground.  it’s about half a mile and i was stoked that i figured out a way that all 3 kids could ride in the double stroller (harper stands sort-of in-between the seats).  it was hot out, but it was a nice change of pace for all of us, and just nice to get outside for a bit after being shut-in all day.

wednesday:  my friend alyssa texted me telling me there was a free veggie tales movie that day.  i knew we’d be late, but decided to go anyway.  we got there about 10 minutes after it started.  it was layne’s first movie and she did great…SO cute sitting in the big seat.  maitland slept through much of the movie, so that was nice.  after the movie we went to super target and got some groceries for a picnic lunch and then went to the fountains in royal palm.  the kids had a blast and a half.  we were only home long enough for layne to sleep for about an hour and then we went over to visit my sis-in-law and the kids she babysits for.  the girls swam with them and maitland and i just hung out poolside.  we got home just in time for me to nurse the baby and toss him at ryan while i ran out the door to the gym (first zumba class!).

thursday:  we didn’t do much….i can’t remember much.  layne randomly woke up with a gross snotty nose, so i was trying to keep her pretty quiet.  we went to publix and that’s about it.

friday: we had big plans for a lemonade stand this week (one reason we went to publix on thursday).  so, right after breakfast we spent about 45 minutes working on signs for the “stand”.  maitland was again very fussy so i was hesitant to go to the gym, but we did anyway.  i was only on the bike for 10 minutes when they called me back to the kidzone to get him.  the girls played on the porch for awhile after that, which is sometimes really nice (even when they put more sidewalk chalk on thier bodies than on the concrete).  harper and i made the lemonade during layne’s nap (it turned out DELICIOUS) and then when loo woke up we all headed downstairs.  we were only down there for like 15 minutes before we ran out of lemonade, but i could tell harper really loved it.  may have to do it again before we move.  after we ran out of lemonade, one of our sweet neighbors (an older lady named mercedes) invited the girls up to her house and told me to enjoy my shower.  wow!  such a nice blessing…not to mention that baby boy feel asleep 20 seconds into said shower.  we had dinner in west palm with ryan’s sister and cousin-in-law and her brother.  it rained cats and dogs the whole time we were in the restaurant, but it’s an open-air place, so it was actually pretty cool.

now, ryan’s over at a buddy’s house and i’m avoiding any type of housework…thus this ridiculously long post.

just posted on my photography blog, too.

this was one of the signs for the lemonade stand.  harper has recently learned to write her name (good thing she goes to school because i’d had no idea she was capable) and i think she’s getting really good at it.  she writes “harper h” because there was another harper in her class at school who was “harper g”.  at the very top of the photo you can see where i wrote “lemonade” on a piece of paper…she copied it and i think she did a great job!  the “E” is my favorite.

i still have no idea why harper didn’t want to be in this picture.

poor guy did alot of this this week.  (don’t judge me for photographing him while he is ticked off.)

one of the only ways i could get him calm.  today he hung out in here for about 15 minutes.  just laid there while i had my laptop on the counter.

he did have a few smiles for us.  cutie.

July 15, 2010

happy birthday, laynie loo!

 i ran some errands tonight and on my way i got stopped at a train.  as i was sitting there counting the cars (haven’t done that in forever), it hit me that this was a metaphor of life as a parent.  each car represents a day.  some are empty flatbeds, some contain one trailer, some are burdened with two stacked on top of one another (at least for me, i know there are some days with my kids that are very forgettable and then others are filled with hours of things i hope i never forget) and they are speeding by, practically unstoppable. it made me sad how difficult it was when i tried really hard to study each car carefully, see how it distinguished itself from the rest.  made me sad because i hate that there are so so many days with my kids that i will have no memory of. 

i am feeling inspired to be more proactive about recording the in’s and out’s of these days as a “young family”.  here’s our sweet birthday girl in her carseat on the way to dinner tonight.

it is killing me that she won’t be this cute forever…she’s eventually going to be…gulp…beautiful.  i’m already having a very hard time remembering harper when she was this age, and that was only 2 years ago!  God bless the man who invented the video camera.  i would be so sad if i knew i’d never be able to hear that little voice or watch her little naked dances again when she grew up.

our sweet layne is TWO YEARS OLD today!  i feel like i’ve grown as much inside as she has on the outside over the course of the past two years.  transition is definitely a word that comes to mind as i think back.  loo has gone from a restless, fussy infant (which i think now was probably due to something in my diet that i never tried to change) to an incredibly sweet, shy, JOYFUL little person.  she is so special!  i feel so privileged to call her mine and so blessed to be the one who teaches her (or tries to).  i know that sounds cliche’, but i can’t think of any other way to say it.  SHE IS A GIFT FROM GOD!

here are some things i hope i never forget about my second-born on her second birthday:

  • she copies EVERYthing her big sister says and does.  because of this, she has a very extensive vocabulary (although alot of it is indistinguishable sometimes), she can identify every disney princess, and she knows how to pretend she’s playing a part in “the nutcracker” or “little house on the prairie”.  she can also identify a great deal of songs after the first few notes thanks to our disney station on pandora.
  • she is shy…sometimes seems rude because she looks at the ground or in the other direction when people are talking to her.
  • she is extremely loving and affectionate…has been as long as she’s been able.
  • she likes things that “go” more than any other little girl i’ve ever been around.  she really enjoys playing with trucks and things…she and maitland will hopefully have fun doing this together when he’s older.
  • she is a hilarious dancer.  i really need to post a video.
  • i said before that she has a super vocabulary…it’s true, and sometimes it’s awkward.  i hate knowing that she knows i can’t understand what she’s saying.  she figured out just this week that she can say, “i’ll show ya.” when i don’t know what she’s talking about.  poor kid.
  • i cut a hole in her pacifier about a week ago, hoping that she wouldn’t want it anymore.  she still does.  every day i’ve been stretching the hole and making it a little bigger.  she points to it all the time and says, “hole.  broken.”  i say, “yeah, it’s broken…let’s throw it in the trash.”  she gets ticked and says “NO!”  i’m giving her another week and then it’s going to the dump.
  • she can swim!!  a few weeks ago she practically taught herself and she can’t get enough.  now she dives in!  i’ve never been more proud.  (if you’re on Facebook and haven’t seen the video, you need to watch it!)

there are so many other things i could write, but i could never do justice to just how cool and sweet and adorable she is.  so, i’m done.

happy birthday, sweet girl!  i thank God for you every day!

July 2, 2010


thought i’d post a play-by-play of today’s beach…ahem…”adventure”.  i want to record things like this so i can remember what it was like when the kids are older and i can just play with them without stress lay on a towel and read.

10:00 – feeding maitland on the couch at home.  stroller is packed and we are ready to walk out the door.

10:30 (not even going to attempt to speak of the things that happened from 10:00 to 10:30…the process of getting from our door to actually driving in the car is a post in itself.) – supposed to be meeting kathleen and carla, but stuck on the bridge.  maitland is screaming.  i opened the windows and he stopped.

10:40 – applying sunscreen in the parking lot.  layne is naked and screaming because i won’t let her put the sunscreen on her face by herself (“i do it!  i do it!”).  maitland is in his carseat on the ground still screaming.  however, i was thinking “this is going well so far”.  must’ve been feeling pretty optimistic because i decided not to put a swim diaper on layne (you can see where this is going, right?).

10:45 – walk from the car to the beach.  miraculously uneventful (thanks to kathleen helping me lug the stroller/cart down the stairs).

10:50 to 11:45 – maitland is asleep (thank you to the angels who were kissing him and singing to him or whatever you did to keep him asleep on the beach for that long).  girls are playing and eating.  harper is swimming about 30 yards away in her floatie (we were under the pier, which is a no swim zone, so she had to go down the beach a little ways.  i chose to stay with the other two kids because layne wanted NO part of the water and had very zealously let me know it.)

11:45 – maitland wakes up.  he’s not supposed to eat until 1:00.  i wasn’t worried.

11:48 – he’s a little fussy.  everytime i pick him up, he gets more sand on him and feels a little sweatier than the last time.  oh man.

12:00 – explain to harper that maitland is fussing and we have to go.  she doesn NOT like this.  tantrum follows.  i hand maitland to kathleen and start to gather up my things.  he stops fussing and looks like he might fall asleep.  i change my mind and decide i might as well stay a little longer (seems to make the trek a little more worthwhile).

12:08 – harper is swimming down the beach again…looks like she’s having fun.  layne is finally sitting in the water playing with some other kids and…wait…is that a SMILE i just saw?  maitland starts to fuss again so i decide i’ll try to nurse him.  i do so very discreetly (if you’ve ever breastfed in public, you understand why this made me happy) and he’s liking it for a few minutes. 

12:10 – carla informs me that LAYNE’S BATHING SUIT IS FULL OF POOP.  oh man.  [you’re right if you’re thinking it’s all downhill from here.]  layne is crying again.

12:10:30 – i pretty much run up to my stuff and start throwing things in the stroller/cart (including poor maitland…he was laid on top of all the towels).  i ask kathleen to run and get harper and tell her we have to go.  thankfully, harper comes pretty quickly.

12:12 – we head up the hill to the stairs. i was carrying a ridiculous load thinking, “this is exactly why i go to the gym.”  i hadn’t put shoes on either girl yet and poor layne’s feet were burning.  i pull her over to the bushes and empty out her bathing suit as best i can (i really didn’t want poop flying everywhere while i was rinsing her in the shower).  i put layne down and tell her “the sand is hot.  run to the stairs.”  she does the opposite.  took 4 steps and froze.  luckily kathleen was right there, so she grabbed her (i had just filled my hands up with the ridiculous load again.)  amazingly enough, during this part of the process, maitland was quiet as a mouse…just looking around from his bed in the bottom of the stroller. 

12:15 – make it to the showers.  i laid maitland on a towel in the shade.  harper put on her halo and started rinsing herself off without me saying a word to her.  i slap myself out of my proud stupor and get to work on the other little gal.  i grab her and the torture ensues.  she was screaming as i was trying my best to act totally normal while rinsing the poop out of her bathing suit and get the sand off of her.  finally it’s done and i sat her down on the towel next to her brother.  put her shoes on and i can tell she’s feeling much better.  she gets up and it’s obvious to me that there is still work to be done on her rear-end.  wow.

12:18 – we get to the car, i get everything unloaded and get maitland in his carseat.  he’s spit up everywhere, but he’s happy.  good.  put a towel on the grass and put layne on it.  i take off her bathing suit and she’s covered with sand.  wipe her bottom and put on a clean diaper.  the sand will have to wait. 

12:24 – off we go.

just realized that my times are all wrong on this because when i put maitland in his seat it was 12:40-something.  oh well.  you get the picture.  speaking of pictures, i hope this one stays in my mind forever.  i’m already laughing about it.  and, let me just say, i am not complaining.  i’m glad my life is challenging in this respect.  i know it sounded like i was complaining about layne, but i’m just stating facts.  she’s almost 2 and she’s acting it.  that’s that.  right now she’s sitting next to me being very sweet…she just has her moments.

June 22, 2010

we’re leaving tomorrow morning to head up to a condo in new smyrna beach with ryan’s family.  i’m super excited, but have lots to do before we go, so here’s just a few little quickies before i get up to face the mess at my dining table (let’s just say layne thought lunch today was new year’s eve and her macaroni was the confetti):

  • we watched The Book of Eli on sunday night.  i loved it.  it exceeded my expectations, and i don’t really feel like very many movies do that anymore.  i don’t want to say too much in case one of my 4 readers is going to watch it, but speaking as a christian, i can say that i was pleasantly surprised.
  •  layne is asleep in my bed right now.  i am shocked.  the pack ‘n play that she normally naps in is folded up and already packed in my car for our trip, so i had no choice but to put her on my bed (harper is having her quiet/rest time in the girls’ room, so layne couldn’t nap there).  i am SO proud of her because she didn’t try to get out of bed even once.  i think a big-girl bed is close on the horizon…most likely some kind of bunk beds…  when maitland starts sleeping through the night, we may end up just putting all 3 kids in there together…something i said i’d never do.  we’ll see.
  • going to pick-up soccer tonight.  i am so so excited!  i’m obviously super out of shape, and most likely won’t be able to walk tomorrow, but nonetheless i can’t wait to get back out there and kick the ball around a little bit.  the kids and i went to ryan’s game last night (which went surprisingly well) and it got me so stoked to play again.
  • my friend holly talked about me in her blog the other day.  i was so flattered.  we haven’t seen each other in forever…she’s a few years younger than me, but we ran track and did cheerleading together in high school.  like many other people i’ve been delighted to reconnect with, i got back in touch with her via Facebook.  she has an incredibly successful shop on etsy and her art is also now being produced by Demdaco (the big company that makes the Willow Tree figurines and other cool stuff that you can find like at Hallmark or christian book stores).  she’s cool and beautiful enough to wear her hair super short and i love that about her…not many girls have the guts.  holly, i love that we are in touch and i love watching your creativity and ideas and business grow!
June 7, 2010

today felt like a monday

usually mondays aren’t that bad for me.  i try to take it easy on the weekends as far as laundry and cleaning and what-not…usually just do what is absolutely necessary.  most times when the work week starts, i’m feeling renewed from the “break” i got over the weekend and am ready to jump back into the normal routine.  to start the week off right, i make pancakes.  every monday.  sometimes they’re plain, sometimes blueberry, usually chocolate chip.  i usually remember this tradition while i’m still lying in bed and it really is a motivation for me to get up and get going.

anyway, today was a bit of a challenge.  i’ll start now and back up.  at this moment, i just wiped tears from my eyes.  harper is lying on her mattress in the bathroom.  i just moved it there because she refused to shut her mouth and stay in bed.  she’s had 3 spankings, lost her bedtime music, and i confiscated her favorite book until i feel like giving it back.  about an hour ago (7:30), harper came out of her room and said, “mom!  layne climbed out of her crib!!”  my stomach dropped.  layne is pretty good at physical stuff and is pretty gutsy, so i have really been surprised that she hadn’t done it up til now.  ryan and i have been talking every now and then about what we would do when the time came.  i was just hoping we would be moved by the time it happened.  so, layne had a few spankings too (although i almost felt guilty spanking her because she was so happy and proud of herself).  {TIME OUT: HARPER JUST GOT OUT OF BED AGAAAAIIIIN!!!!}  when harper came out to tell me layne had climbed out, i was curled up in a blanket on the couch trying to take a nap.  at 7:15 PM. 

today was probably my first frustrating day with maitland.  he seemed just fussy for no reason and i was more tired than normal (i went for my first post-partum run last night and it DRAINED me…even into today).  still, i can’t complain about the boy just because he cried a little at the library while i was trying to wrangle his sisters and check out the ridiculous amount of media we had in stuffed in the bottom of the stroller.  turns out it was his lunchtime, too…i felt so guilty when i figured that out because i was annoyed with him at the time.

speaking of the library, i thought layne was going to get us booted out of the place.  her hobby these days is running away and thinking it’s hilarious when i chase after her.  her behaviour in there today ruined all chances of her feet touching the ground in the children’s section again anytime soon.  next time we go, she’ll be strapped into the front of the double-stroller that i so foolishly left in the car today when we were there (remember what i said about being drained from that run?  my body felt like a lead pipe until…well, it still kinda does).  

there were bright spots in the day.  the aforementioned pancakes were blueberry today.  and i tried new yummy syrup.  i’m wearing (and loving) a new shirt i got yesterday at goodwill (thanks, sherry!).  i got to watch an entire episode of Friday Night Lights on dvr without interruption with only one interruption while the kids were napping/dancing around a dark room.  it did 3 loads of laundry and put them all away.  to do both in the same day is a huge accomplishment for me.  mom’s frozen spaghetti sauce made dinner easy and delicious.  my laptop always cheers me up.

i’ve said it before after a complaining post and i’ll say it again:  i love my kids and i love my job.  i am so blessed to be able to stay at home with my kids and watch them grow every day.  however, anyone who does it (stays home) knows that it can feel very thankless sometimes.         

man i wish we had some ice cream.

January 27, 2010

some disney pics…

i uploaded most of these to Facebook, so that makes me lazy to put them on my blog, but i know there could be someone out there (Dad) who wants to see them but isn’t on FB.  here goes:

November 11, 2009

photo phun

my birthday cake (on sunday night)


spontaneously decided to go to the beach today during the time frame we’re usually at the gym.  layne’s had a fever and a runny nose so i didn’t feel right putting her in the kidzone.  it had just poured down rain so i knew all the playgrounds would be super wet.  decided that we should get to the beach before it gets too “cold” tomorrow.  we were only there for about a half hour, but it was alot of fun…really just us, the lifeguards, and like 20 long-boarders.


this girl LOVES her some beach…IMG_1452 BLOG


post-diaper, pre-shower…IMG_1456 BLOG