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November 5, 2010

friday favorites: FALL!

our cooler weather has FINALLY arrived!  today was absolutely gorgeous…clear and cool.  i know we’ll have days before christmas where i walk outside and feel immediately sweaty, but i don’t care.  right now my toes are cold without the help of the AC and i love it. 

the weather is always a hindrance to my getting into the spirit of Fall, but this year i spent the month of october unpacking and settling into this house so i never  bothered to get out any of my Fall “decor”, which is the only other thing that gets me in the spirit.  (man am i glad i just typed that sentence instead of trying to say it out loud all in one breath.)  anyway, i’m in the spirit now, thanks to a fun Halloween and some cool weather…thinking i’ll break out said decor tomorrow.

and now, 5 of my favorite Fall photos…not ever, just the ones on my hard drive (’08 til now).