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May 29, 2008

talk about versatile

last night when we were watching the special features of “Gone Baby Gone”, we realized that the actress who played helene mccready (the abducted girl’s mother) looked really familiar…  she looked completely different, but amy ryan is the same girl who played holly on the season finale of the office (toby’s replacement/michael’s “love”)!!  in the movie she plays an inner-city crack ho and looks the part for sure…that’s why we didn’t recognize her until the interviews in the special features.  it is unreal to me how different those roles are, but she played both of them really really well.

after reading a little more about her, i just discovered she was also in “Dan in Real Life”, another movie i loved.

May 29, 2008

As Martha would say….

some “GOOD THINGS” going on in my life right now:


Just finished watching “Gone Baby Gone“.  i really really liked it for several reasons:  not what you’d expect from a so-called kidnapping movie, really good acting, makes you think (serious moral dilemma).  good job, ben affleck (you’re a much better director than you are an actor).  has anyone else seen this and care to comment on it?


went to Chick-Fil-A in the mall for lunch today and discovered two more amazing things to love about them.  they are seriously THE BEST “fast food” company…by far.  1) if you want to, you can trade a kids’ meal toy in for an ice cream cone or cup  2) free sandwich coupons (which we happen to have a bunch of right now) can be exchanged for anything of equal or lesser value OR can be used as a credit towards purchase of another menu item   WHAT?!  seriously, if there is anyone who’s ever been unsatisfied after giving their money to a chick-fil-a, they deserve a slap across the face.


last night a small group of girls got together at my house to start a beth moore Bible study, “Believing God“.  i’ve done a few of her studies, but it’s been a few years…man, she sucks you in right from the first time she opens her mouth.  it is so awesome to learn from someone who has so obviously been given a great gift and who also obviously LOVES using that gift.  the study is based on discovering and taking part in our own personal “promised land”, which is the place where our theology and reality meet.  the study will go 9 weeks and i only have like 7 1/2 weeks left until my due date, so hopefully the baby doesn’t take anything away from what i’m sure will be a great time of spiritual learning and fellowship.  i’m starting my first day of “homework” tomorrow and i’m really excited.  i know somebody wants to say “amen!” right now.


i sold a stroller on Craig’s List today for $50.  i’m excited about that for 2 reasons: 1) i like money.  2) it is taking up alot of space that we DON’T have.  anyone want to buy a dining set for $850…


several days ago, i did a post on Bob & Dawn, some friends of mine who let me take their engagement pictures.  well, they also let me design their wedding invitations (with their input, of course).  the printed invites came in the mail today, and – WHEW! – they look good.  this was my first experience printing wedding invites online and i was a little nervous.  here’s the invite: 


May 22, 2008

“Don’t make me count to three…”

i just started this book by ginger plowman.  it’s actually my second time starting it…the first time i read a few chapters and then the book got shoved under my bed and i forgot about it.  my sweet sister-in-law julie gave it to me last year.  i am usually REALLY bad at reading books with no plot or “story”…in other words, i very rarely can read books containing instruction or inspiration for our daily lives (except for the Bible…all the others seem super boring for some reason).  so far i’m really enjoying it.  plowman is obviously someone with a great sense of humor and doesn’t at all come across as “holier than thou”.  the basic idea of the book is that we should train the hearts of our children through biblical teaching, instead of just correcting them when they do wrong.  in other words, we should explain to them why what they did was a mistake, draw out the issues of a sinful heart, and explain to them how the matter could’ve been handled differently.  so far i’ve been really challenged to memorize scripture, because it obviously can be a great tool when trying to “instruct”.  i’m just about halfway through, so i’ll try to remember to do a full review when i finish, but so far i highly recommend it.  she has referenced several other Godly authors and this is an excerpt that i thought was really smart (written by tedd tripp, it has to do with what to do when two children are fighting over the same toy):

” ‘Who had it first?’ is an issue of justice.  Justice operates in the favor of the child who has the quicker draw in getting the toy to begin with.   If we look at this situation in terms of the heart, the issues change.  Both children are displaying hardness of heart.  Both are being selfish.  Both chilren are saying, ‘ I don’t care about your happiness.  I am only concerned about myself.  I want this toy.  I will have it and be happy regardless of what that means to you.’   In terms of issues of the heart, you have two sinning children.  Two children preferring themselves to the other.  Two children who are breaking God’s law.”


May 20, 2008

bob & dawn

about 10 days ago i had the fun opportunity to do an engagement session with my friends bob and dawn.  i had been dying to do some photos on worth avenue on palm beach and they didn’t have any specific location in mind, so i got my wish.  they are a fun, great looking, Godly couple and i wish them all the happiness in the world.  they are very well-matched and it was really fun to watch them together. 

(their wedding is august 3rd.)




a few months ago i started experimenting with a black background…in the right light, it looks great.  since using the black background i’d had the idea to do a “photobooth” during a session, but hadn’t yet had a chance to try it.  bob and dawn were gracious enough to oblige me and i think they came out cute.  we just sat them in front of the background, i tried not to change the placement of the camera, and i counted to three about 6 times.  every time i got to “3”, they would pose like they were in a photobooth.

May 16, 2008


The Office<br /> <br /> "Goodbye Toby" Season Finale

finally a season finale i can applaud!  i loved it.  i’ve written 3 posts already today, but i couldn’t resist commenting…  i loved the beginning, the middle, the end…all of it!  i’m pretty sure the point of a season finale is to wrap up one season and already get you hooked for the next, and this episode definitely accomplished that.  when it was over my belly hurt from laughing.  seriously, the whole thing with holly thinking kevin is “slow” was SO stinkin’ funny.  i would love to know whose idea that was…  whoever those writers are, they are so great.  i love how they make it hysterical, but at the same time heartwarming…like who can’t wait for next season to see michael and holly get together (yoga/yoda)?!  also, i loved the ending with angela and dwight…i’d said to my husband not 30 seconds before that they there was no way andy and angela would get married and that she and dwight would definitely get back together.  🙂  also, how perfect would it be if jim got ryan’s job in new york?!

May 15, 2008

one happy dork

so, today is a good day.  my daughter fell asleep successfully for the second time without her binky…she had a hard time, but she did it.  also, i hit the JACKPOT in the maternity section at Goodwill today.  i’ve had some requests for a belly shot, so i thought while i was at it, i’d post pictures of the great clothes i bought today.  🙂  i felt so stupid taking pictures of myself…even more stupid when i had to call my sweet husband to ask him how to use the remote for the camera.  🙂  (disclaimer: i am very aware of how bad the lighting is in these pictures)

so, here’s the belly shot:

and here is a better view of items #1 & #2: some liz lange jean shorts and a cute shirt from forever 21

item #3: a pair of old navy light colored maternity jeans (a rarity)

[they have a cute pattern on the elastic part…that’s why i lifted up my shirt a little bit]

item #4: an adorable pair of liz lange green gauchos (khaki material).  i actually found these on the rack next to the dressing rooms…who would put those back?!

lastly, item #5: a great fitting pair of jeans from motherhood.  obviously from the picture, you can tell i think they make my butt look good.  🙂

i scored ALL of these 5 items for just $17.20!!!  That is the price of what one pair of maternity shorts would be had i bought them somewhere for full price.  woo-hoo!  (and since harper took awhile falling asleep, i still had the time to take the pictures, try on the clothes, upload the pictures, and post this blog!)

i am one happy pregnant dork.

May 15, 2008


okay i just have to vent (isn’t that what a blog is for?) about how much i miss running!!  i am 30 weeks pregnant and all i can think about is that 6 week mark after the baby is born so i can go jog a mile.  it’s not because i feel fat (although i’m not loving this “soft” feeling), it’s because i’m addicted to the sweat, the pain, the hard breathing of running.  to quote myself for a previous post: “i love the taste of lactic acid in my mouth, the sound of my breathing, and the feeling of getting that second wind.  i pray the Lord keeps my body healthy so i can run for a long, long time.”

everytime i’m driving and see someone running on the side of the road i am super jealous.  the only “cardio” i’ve been able to do has been swimming, but i don’t really like it because you don’t sweat…plus i need alot of practice on getting my head out of the water to breathe. 

May 15, 2008

what is the point…

…of knowing stuff like this.  people actually get paid and spend their lives trying to figure stuff like this out.  how, someone please explain, does this contribute anything to society/science?

May 13, 2008

sometimes it’s embarrassing…

to be this spoiled/American.  although we’re not the only country who consistentely comes up with absolutely ridiculous products, i’m sure we’re on the top of the list.  i saw an ad for these things in a martha stewart magazine the other day and couldn’t help picturing it as a joke…an SNL skit or something.  these are cat treats with a hollow inside so that you have a place to put their pills.  what the heck happened to wrapping it in a piece of cheese, or even – imagine this – shoving it down the animals’ throat?

i often wrestle with my living in such a privileged culture when i’m trying to buy toothpaste and can’t decide between the 100 different kinds, but toothpaste is something we NEED.  seriously, if you’re out there and you’re actually spending $5 on these things…go buy some velveeta instead. 

[and, if you’re wondering, NO – i do not subscribe to martha stewart.  i was waiting on some things to be printed at office depot and it was the only non-business magazine they had.]

May 9, 2008

sentiment, not profit

i am a person who hates being forced to do something for no reason.  i am also a person who, when asked to do something i didn’t want to do, has been known to research the reasons for the request. 

i hate mother’s day.  there, i said it.  don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate the concept of mother’s day at all.  i love my mothers and i definitely feel that they should be honored.  as a mother, i definitely feel like there should be some credit due at some point during the year (or week!).  i hate mother’s day because in our culture we are so enveloped by slogans and ads that we feel quilty if we don’t oblige.  wouldn’t all the mothers in america rather be randomly and thoughtfully appreciated instead of receiving forced praise and mass-produced flower arrangements on the same day as every other mother?  as a mother, i know i would prefer the former. 

the fact is, as mothers, we should not expect appreciation or gratitude.  we should strive to be the best mother we can be because that is what’s best for our children and that is what the lord expects after bestowing such incredible gifts upon us (our children).  my two year old doesn’t know to tell me thank you for being such a good mom…she does it without trying when she randomly uses manners or gives me a spontaneous hug. 

granted, i’ve only been a mom for two years.  maybe i’ll feel differently when my kids are bratty teenagers who barely speak to me.  sorry if i offended anyone.  i’m NOT saying not to buy your mother a mother’s day gift or send her flowers, just do it when she doesn’t expect it…she’ll feel EXTRA special and appreciated.

i did some reading about mother’s day and thought this was funny:  first of all, mother’s day started as just a church service that was honoring to mothers.  secondly, the gal who lobbied to have mother’s day be made into an official holiday (Anna Jarvis) has been quoted as saying, “I wanted it to be a day of sentiment, not profit.”

[incidentally, i feel the same way about valentine’s day.  i think that’s why my husband proposed to me on that day.  ha!]