the little things…

some small things that made me happy today:

  • i entered 2 designs into this contest and they are on the site today.  GO VOTE!!!  i really want to win and i feel like i have a chance…the designs with the most votes right now are a huge deer and michael jackson.  the prize is $150…help harper go to preschool!!  please vote for either of the last two designs…they’re both mine:  “branches” and “peony sketch”.
  • chick-fil-a peach milkshake.  so good it is just WRONG.  why why why must their time be limited?!
  • after i cleaned up the mess at our table, i walked into the playground at chick-fil-a and couldn’t see layne anywhere.  i couldn’t see her because i was only looking on the ground.  guess those nuggets were little bits of battered courage, because she decided today was the day she could climb up all the stairs to get to the little “rooms” at the top.  she was SO proud (almost as proud of herself and i was of her).
  • talked to a client in tallahassee today.  we did a session like 2+ years ago and she decided out of the blue that they need another.  i’ve also had another girlfriend from the TLH want to schedule something, so i guess i’ll be heading that way sometime in the next few months.  thank goodness….hopefully this is the drought coming to a close.
  • took the girls to dubois lagoon after naptime since ryan was working late.  it was great….a little more crowded than i’d prefer, but not too bad.  love the beach that time of day, and then we got home just in time for baths and bed.  also, i got my favorite parking spot right in front of the shower.
  • dating in the dark: have y’all seen this show?  it is awesome.  ryan came into the room while i was watching and laughed at me.  he said i had a huge grin on my face.  ha!
  • sent in harper’s preschool registration!!  yay!  so excited (for her and for me).

3 Comments to “the little things…”

  1. I voted twice! (is that legal?). To plug my opinion on your “drought” situation…please think about doing weddings. I mean, seriously-who else can make that much money in such a short amount of time. And you are good at it. Don’t write it off just because it’s not your favorite thing. I would do a lot of things that may be out of my comfort zone if someone paid me that much. Just my thoughts on it…

  2. The previous comment was from me–I forgot to leave my name. Thought you might think that was creepy coming from “anonymous”!

  3. When do you find out who wins?

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