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November 25, 2008


this post is two-fold.  first, here are 10 of the most meaningful things i am thankful for in my life. 
  • my husband – he is my best friend.  after 10 years, i still get a certain sensation anytime i hear him say my name (even if he’s mad at me while saying it).  i have no idea where i would be or WHO i would be if he wasn’t a part of my life.  he truly is my other half and i don’t know what i’d do without him around…i know i wouldn’t laugh as much, that’s for sure.  i hate that all of that really doesn’t mean much to someone reading it because that’s what anyone who has a good marriage would say, but it’s SO true.
  • my children – can’t really put into words how thankful i am that the Lord has blessed me with two little girls to care for.  yeah…i’m not even going to try.
  • my home – although i complalin about where i live and i definitely dream about having a house one day, i’m still very thankful for our condo.  it’s nice that we own it and can do pretty much whatever we want to it (short of knocking down walls).  i’ve blogged about this before.  (also, i haven’t forgotten that i’m supposed to post picures of our new floor…it’s coming soon, i promise…i’m waiting until we get a new table.)
  • my country – these days i’m sure everyone has a long list of things they’d change about the government and the economy, etc, etc; but i think when we compare our country/freedoms to others in the world, we’d all say that we’re glad we’re american.  i am proud to be an amercian and i’m very thankful that this is where i was born.  america is a beautiful wonderful place, for sure.
  • my health – i have always been a healthy person.  i get sick like once a year and that’s it.  i’ve only had two real injuries (broken arm in second grade and a severe sprained ankle in college) in my life.  i’ve had two amazing pregnancies (knock on wood) and two successful c-sections (definitely not by my choice, but they were both textbook, so that’s good).  i cannot imagine what it would be like to live with a disability or a disease.  i have GREAT respect for people who don’t have good health but are still in good spirits.
  • my extended family – i’ve been blessed with a LARGE group of very cool, very caring people that i get to call family (in-laws included, of course).  i hope i never take them for granted. 
  • my God – it would be foolish for me to try to put into words how thankful i am to be a child of our God.  He has blessed me far beyond what i deserve or imagined.  i fall short daily (hourly).
  • my abilities – i’ve been given many gifts and i’m very thankful for that.  i love finding new ways to use the talents God has given me.  it makes me happy.  (i know that sounds cocky, but i don’t mean it to.)
  • my friends – i can honestly say that i’ve never been in a stage in life when i haven’t had a least one really good friend.  i know that that is not a common thing and i hope i never take it for granted.  if i had only my husband to talk to, i could manage (and wouldn’t mind), but talking to a man is never the same as venting to a good girlfriend.  plus, ryan makes fun
  • my experiences – of course, not all of my life experiences have been positive.  a few weeks ago i was thinking about regrets that i’ve had, and i honestly could only think of one thing that i would’ve changed, and it was a measly 2 month dating relationship after high school.  i feel like everything that’s happened to me has either blessed me or truly taught me something about God or life in general.

second, here are 10 things that i could live without, but am very thankful i don’t have to:

  • shower puff – a shower isn’t the same without it (and some super hot water)
  • the internet – do i even need to elaborate on this?
  • baby monitor – this is a key factor to my girls’ sharing a room
  • noggin – 24 hour “preschool on tv” with NO commercials…my pinch hitter never fails
  • dvr – one of my favorite technological luxuries…if you have it, YOU KNOW
  • flip-flops – so glad i live in south florida because i’d look pretty stupid tramping around in the snow in my leather quiksilvers
  • lotion – i cannot stand even a hint of dryness in my skin (thanks to a few months of accutane in high school…again, if you used it, YOU KNOW)
  • junk food – be it some type of little debbie snack cake or a bacon cheeseburger from sonic, junk food is one of life’s simple pleasures
  • music – i think music adds a layer to life that we don’t comprehend.  if there was no such thing as music we would all be very sad people (and it would really limit the ways we could praise the Lord)
  • body pillow – yes, i can sleep without it, but i’d rather not.  makes all the difference in the world.
November 24, 2008

Katie Buerke Hobbie is annoyed that, in America, gratitude is now sandwiched by greed

(my current facebook status)

November 21, 2008

call me a tealight.

i am very burdened for the unsaved of the world.  i know that sounds weird to just say it right out like that, but that’s how i’ve been feeling lately.  i am sad for people who don’t know Jesus and sad for people who don’t understand that it is possible to have true JOY.  it is possible to have real HOPE.  my problem is that i don’t know how to go about telling people about my hope and joy…about my relationship with the One who gives us those things….the One who created those things.  i don’t believe that split-second evangelism does the trick.  i don’t think it does any harm to hand out tracks or say bold things like, “do you know jesus?”.  of course there are people out there who can be reached that way.  but, for me, the whole point of the Christian life is to glorify God through the way we live our lives.  if we are striving to be holy, we will stand out in the world.  even if we’re a tiny candle in a dark room, we’ll be noticed.  to me, THAT is what really witnesses to the sad unbelievers of the world.  asking someone where they’d go if they died today doesn’t help them in this life and that’s where people’s minds are.  my problem is this:  how can you show a stranger the differences in your lives if you’re only around them for, say, an hour a week?  or less?  there are simple things like not using profanity or you could always try to put God into your conversation, using cliche’ Christian phrases like “i’m very blessed”.  non-Christians never say things like that.  people are constantly saying to me, “wow, you’ve got your hands full.”  my sister told me once that a girl she knew would say “thank the Lord for that”.  so, that’s what i’ve started saying.  i’m very thankful for the blessings the Lord has given me and when i’m trying to get into my building holding a screaming baby and dragging a tantrum-throwing toddler, that’s what i want people to know.  i’ve been racking my brain trying to think of small ways i can demonstrate my faith without putting a fish on my car or wearing a steven curtis chapman t-shirt.  this thought-process started when my car was towed a few weeks ago (man, those people are heart-breakingly bitter and cold) and then continued during my monday night soccer game this past week.  i’ve led a VERY sheltered life (christian school, christian college, christian career, and now most of my friends are from church or the christian college) and i’m thankful for the unmistakeable blessing of community, but when i get out in “the real world” it feels very dark and i feel a weight on my chest for those who don’t know what true Happiness is.  this is going nowhere.

November 19, 2008


heh heh.  i crack myself up.

a few weeks ago i had a VERY short session with some dear friends of ours, matt & angela.  they’re getting married in the spring.  they live in colorado so we don’t see them much, and that made taking their pictures that much more fun.  the day was hectic (my car got towed), but we got a few keepers before we ran out of light.  i loved the red shoe/dress idea…apparently matt came up with it, which is pretty impressive.  (if you know matt, then you know why my subject line is so corny funny.)


(i know i copied like 3 photographers by using that shot, but i don’t care.  it was too cool to pass up.)

img_5668-sat1   img_5677-crop-hc-sat1

img_5691-crop-flip1   img_5692-bw-crop

img_5697-sat     img_5709-bw-hc 


put this one in just because matt hated it.  🙂

November 18, 2008

6 random things.

i’ve been tagged by two seperate people to do this, so here goes:

1) this morning harper bit layne on the back and left a wound.  it was the first time that’s ever happened and i’m hoping it will be the last.  quite the scene.

2) since the beginning of my second pregnancy i’ve slept with a body pillow.  i love it. 

3) i hate editing photos.  i need to take a photoshop class.

4) i have makeup in my cabinet that i’ve had since a clinique makeover i got when i was 16.

5) soccer on monday nights is the highlight of my week.  (and tonight we have a make-up game so i’m getting it two days in a row!)

6) i am terrible about maintaining my kids’ nails.  they’re always long and dirty.  disgusting, i know.  i’m working on it. 

okay, i’m supposed to tag some people, but i’m not going to because…well…basically because i’m too lazy right now.  🙂

November 17, 2008

list update.

my to-do list was thrown askew last thursday night when my husband informed me that we were leaving the next day for a surprise birthday camping trip.  we had a great time, but i came back to many things still needing to be done.

here’s my updated to-do list (for the week)…

blogs i would like to write:

  • top ten tuesday
  • 6 random things meme (i got tagged like 3 weeks ago…sorry heather!)
  • the semi-redecoration of my house (mostly pictures)
  • sumner family session
  • angela/matt engagement session
  • camping (mostly pictures)
  • kreativ blog award (actually, this is the same as #2) 

things i need to do on the computer:

  • send an e-mail to prospective tallahassee clients for thanksgiving session special
  • angela/matt editing, upload, and CD
  • new business cards (design and photography)
  • figure out why my kt photography e-mail address isn’t working
  • put receipts into quiken
  • sumner family christmas card
  • other christmas card designs (ours?) 

things to be done around the house: 

  • laundry, laundry
  • put clean clothes away (a completely different task than actually washing the clothes)
  • ironing (ryan’s on his last pair of khakis for work)
  • clean microwave (i think something exploded a few weeks ago)
  • finish layne announcements (i cleaned my desk the other day and found a stack of them that i never sent out…oops)
  • birthday thank you cards
  • return to homegoods
  • cook, clean, wash dishes, change diapers, bathe children, ETC, ETC, ETC  )
  • burn cd for court
  • mail cd’s to mom and julie
November 17, 2008

the great outdoors.

top ten reason why i love camping:

10) my husband looks hot in an old sweatshirt

9) i love sleeping in a tent

8 ) sleeping on the hard ground makes you appreciate your bed so much more when you get home (even if your bed happens to be VERY small)

7) i love seeing everyone “au naturale” (gotta save the shower for the very last thing before bed)

6) there’s not much to do

5) hobos cooked on the fire (hamburger meat, potatoes, veggies, and seasoning wrapped up in tin foil pockets)…well, pretty much any food cooked on the fire (s’mores, hot dogs, etc…)

4) seeing LOTS of stars at night while walking to/from the bathrooms

3) great conversations (like i said, there’s not much to do) while…

2) sitting around the fire at night…staring at it for hours

1) making memories (as corny as it sounds, it’s true)

here are some pictures from the trip we took this weekend up to lake louisa state park in clermont.  it was a birthday surprise trip, stealthily executed by my sweet husband and several other friends/family members. 

img_0263   img_0282

img_0297   img_0302


November 12, 2008

the big three-OH!

img_0218i had a nice birthday.  started out in the morning with an awesome breakfast made by my sweet husband and then a incredible hot-stone pedicure with my good pal amy.  i did some shopping for the house (post with pictures to come soon) and then around 4:30, we met up with some friends at a park for cake and…well, just cake.  🙂   i wanted ice cream cake and we didn’t take a cooler or anything, so i got the smallest one they had.  we literally had JUST enough pieces for everyone so i thought all was well…until i woke up the next morning and realized we had no leftovers!!  it was sad.  🙂  i love the picture with the cake, but i have no explanation for the expression on my face.

img_0226   img_0220

(isn’t that a cool card from amy?)

November 12, 2008

photo catch-up

here are a bunch of pictures that i’ve taken on my new camera that i wanted to share.  i love the camera and i’ve taken SO many more pictures than usual, thanks to its convenience and awesomeness.

first up, just a shot that ryan took that i love of the cutest 2 1/2 year old i know.


this is a picture i took of harper at the pumpkin patch 2 days before halloween.  she looks like a farm girl from nebraska or something.  i should’ve photoshopped a cowboy hat on her head…


the next day we went to the grocery store and i couldn’t figure out why the road was blocked off on my way there.  on the way home, ryan called and said there was an obama rally going on in the stadium across the street from our house.  as i unloaded the groceries from the car i could hear joe biden yelling about how “john mccain won’t get it done”.  when we rode the elevator to the second floor, this is what i saw.  i know it’s probably nerdy that i took a picture, but everyone know how important this election was and i just felt like i was semi-experiencing history in the making.


just after i unloaded my groceries (but before i took the picture above), harper was running around and managed to trip on the edge of the sidewalk and catch herself with her face.  she was bloody and pitiful.


my little sister ( one of them) came to visit 2 weeks ago and we had a great time.  she’s great with my girls and it’s fun to see them have fun together. 


halloween was alot of fun this year.  the first shot is the pumpkin carving, complete with spectators.  (sidenote: for some VERY odd reason, harper named our pumpkin “PBR”…we’re still trying to figure out what the heck that means.)  i never got a shot of the finished product, darnit.  he was pretty cute.  for halloween we went to a trunk or treat with some friends and then to a neighborhood party with some other friends.  harper was a mermaid princess (just because i couldn’t figure out how to make her hair look “mermaid-ish” and saw the crown lying on the floor), and layne was a flower child.  she had an eyeliner peace sign on her face, but it rubbed off pretty quick.

img_01671   img_0168


November 6, 2008

stress relief.

I AM…tired.

I WANT…to stay up all night and cross a bunch of things off my to-do list.

I HAVE…not enough time in the day.


I KEEP…alot of clothes that i never wear.

I WISH I COULD…push pause.

I HATE…when harper goes limp on the ground (even though i usually laugh).         


I FEAR…what the next few years will do to our country/my family.

I HEAR…my sweet husband snoring.

I DON’T THINK…my eyes are getting enough moisture right now.

I REGRET…putting on mascara today (becauase now i have to take it off).

I LOVE…my new wood floor.

I AM NOT…going to get more than 4 hours of sleep tonight. (thanks to laynie loo)

I DANCE…for harper.

I SING…silly songs in the car (and i like it).

I NEVER…thought i would turn 30.

I RARELY…feel my age.

I CRY WHEN I WATCH…harper with layne.  she’s such a sweet big sister.

I AM NOT ALWAYS…world’s greatest mom or wife.

I HATE THAT…my patience sometimes gets really thin.

I’M CONFUSED ABOUT…why it takes so darn long for me to get anything done (yes i know that it’s probably because i do things like this!)

I NEED…a day off.
I SHOULD…get paid.