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December 31, 2008

closing time.

one day left of 2008.  i still do a double-take when i look at the expiration date on a milk carton and it says 08.  i’m not ready for 09 yet…  guess there’s no stopping it.  in that case, here are ten things i’d like to improve upon in the coming year:

  • reading the Bible/spending quiet time alone with the Lord
  • more organization in my home/daily schedule
  • cooking new and different recipes
  • learn more about photography/photoshop
  • get back into solid running shape
  • less mindless time on the internet…facebook is dangerous.
  • potty-train my eldest daughter (DREADING this one)
  • put on a little makeup and straighten my hair more than one day a week
  • start teaching harper some preschool-ish stuff (letter sounds, etc…)
  • make more of a point to tell those i love how i care about them (and i’d like to send more snail mail to them…hopefully the organization/scheduling/less mindless time on the interet items in this list will help free up some time for that)

we’re in tallahassee until friday and then will be home saturday afternoon.  happy new year to everyone…  see you in 2009!

December 16, 2008

forget editing…

this is more fun.

[this post is for all of my fellow nosy people…i LOVE seeing pictures of other people’s houses.] my ten favorite Christmas-y things in my house:

first, the little tree in Harper’s room.  i’m not sure who was more excited about the fact that she is old enough to “decorate” it (her or me).  [i hope you don’t have to ask why decorate is in quotes.]


next, my santa countdown calendar.  i really really want a real advent calendar, but i like this guy too.  got it like 4 years ago on clearance at joann’s.


this picture contains two of my favorites: first, the black tin tree cutout/candle holder.  i got it at an antique store in thomasville, GA.  one of the candle thingys fell off, but i still love it.  i think it’s one of the most unique christmas decorations i’ve ever seen.  the second favorite item in this picture are the nesting santa dolls.  i found these brand new in the box in my grandma’s attic and i absolutely love them.  they’re harper’s favorties too…she’s spent a great deal of time playing with them (and losing the pieces).  [also, i have to apologize to amy…i do LOVE my snowman, i just love 10 things more than him.  sorry!  :)]


i got this sign a few months ago at homegoods.  i never realized that i tend to be drawn to “country” style decorations, but i did after i bought this.  i like it anyway.


of course, the tree.  we always had a real tree growing up (i think i was like 12 before i realized they even made fake ones) and i hope we always will.  i love the smell, i love the look, heck, i even love the needles on the floor.  last year we didn’t put one up…can’t remember why (oh wait – because we had an 18-month old), but that has made this year’s all the more fun.  i got the star on clearance after christmas two years ago and it killed me not to be able to use it last year.  also in this picture is our tree skirt.  the first year ryan and i were married, my mom got us matching tree skirt and monogrammed stockings from pottery barn.  they are my absolute favorite christmas things and i get so excited every year when i get them out of storage.  (this picture is a disgrace to my photography name…i wanted the lights to show and i was using my little camera.  don’t hate.)


before i had kids i used to go shopping alot (can i get an amen?).  by shopping, i mean: browsing around looking for no particular item at all with spending money spilling out of my purse. 🙂  i got this sign at TJ Maxx on one of those trips.  (country-ish again…hmmm)


for awhile now, i’ve really wanted one of those cool card holder things made out of wire (pottery barn has a cool one shaped like a circle that makes a wreath), but i just can’t bring myself to buy one when we already have this thing up all year round.  however, at christmas, to me it becomes a christmas decoration covered in cards.  next year i think i’m gonna do something different…i’m brainstorming (and spying on other people) to figure out what.


our stockings match the tree skirt and i love them, but i think i like harper’s the best.  i got it at target after christmas two years ago and had it embroidered.  total cost was $13.  layne got the shaft this year.  i don’t have hers yet, obviously, so this little dinky one had to suffice.  hopfully hers will end up as cute as harper’s.  as far as christmas morning, i don’t know what i’m going to do because layne is getting quite a few stocking stuffers.  where’s mary poppins’ purse magic when you need it?  🙂


i got an e-mail just prior to starting this post that we weren’t having Bible study tonight.  that’s how i justify spending an hour doing this.  i can edit tonight.  🙂

December 10, 2008

inside the actors’ studio

1. What is your favorite word?  magnificent

2. What is your least favorite word?  i won’t spell it out, but it’s damn with God’s name in front of it

3. What turns you on?  seeing someone give 100% at something…it’s very motivating

4. What turns you off?  when people are FAKE

5. What is your favorite curse word?  i’m too embarrassed to answer this becuase of the identity of some of my readers

6. What sound or noise do you love?  most recently, the sound of the coins going into the coinstar machine

7. What sound or noise do you hate?  nails on a chalkboard OR the squeaking sound that sand sometimes makes under rubber-soled shoes

8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?  professional athlete

9. What profession would you not like to attempt?   prostitution

10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?  i have no idea how to type the answer to this without it sounding cheesy or blasphemous…  so i won’t answer it.

November 25, 2008


this post is two-fold.  first, here are 10 of the most meaningful things i am thankful for in my life. 
  • my husband – he is my best friend.  after 10 years, i still get a certain sensation anytime i hear him say my name (even if he’s mad at me while saying it).  i have no idea where i would be or WHO i would be if he wasn’t a part of my life.  he truly is my other half and i don’t know what i’d do without him around…i know i wouldn’t laugh as much, that’s for sure.  i hate that all of that really doesn’t mean much to someone reading it because that’s what anyone who has a good marriage would say, but it’s SO true.
  • my children – can’t really put into words how thankful i am that the Lord has blessed me with two little girls to care for.  yeah…i’m not even going to try.
  • my home – although i complalin about where i live and i definitely dream about having a house one day, i’m still very thankful for our condo.  it’s nice that we own it and can do pretty much whatever we want to it (short of knocking down walls).  i’ve blogged about this before.  (also, i haven’t forgotten that i’m supposed to post picures of our new floor…it’s coming soon, i promise…i’m waiting until we get a new table.)
  • my country – these days i’m sure everyone has a long list of things they’d change about the government and the economy, etc, etc; but i think when we compare our country/freedoms to others in the world, we’d all say that we’re glad we’re american.  i am proud to be an amercian and i’m very thankful that this is where i was born.  america is a beautiful wonderful place, for sure.
  • my health – i have always been a healthy person.  i get sick like once a year and that’s it.  i’ve only had two real injuries (broken arm in second grade and a severe sprained ankle in college) in my life.  i’ve had two amazing pregnancies (knock on wood) and two successful c-sections (definitely not by my choice, but they were both textbook, so that’s good).  i cannot imagine what it would be like to live with a disability or a disease.  i have GREAT respect for people who don’t have good health but are still in good spirits.
  • my extended family – i’ve been blessed with a LARGE group of very cool, very caring people that i get to call family (in-laws included, of course).  i hope i never take them for granted. 
  • my God – it would be foolish for me to try to put into words how thankful i am to be a child of our God.  He has blessed me far beyond what i deserve or imagined.  i fall short daily (hourly).
  • my abilities – i’ve been given many gifts and i’m very thankful for that.  i love finding new ways to use the talents God has given me.  it makes me happy.  (i know that sounds cocky, but i don’t mean it to.)
  • my friends – i can honestly say that i’ve never been in a stage in life when i haven’t had a least one really good friend.  i know that that is not a common thing and i hope i never take it for granted.  if i had only my husband to talk to, i could manage (and wouldn’t mind), but talking to a man is never the same as venting to a good girlfriend.  plus, ryan makes fun
  • my experiences – of course, not all of my life experiences have been positive.  a few weeks ago i was thinking about regrets that i’ve had, and i honestly could only think of one thing that i would’ve changed, and it was a measly 2 month dating relationship after high school.  i feel like everything that’s happened to me has either blessed me or truly taught me something about God or life in general.

second, here are 10 things that i could live without, but am very thankful i don’t have to:

  • shower puff – a shower isn’t the same without it (and some super hot water)
  • the internet – do i even need to elaborate on this?
  • baby monitor – this is a key factor to my girls’ sharing a room
  • noggin – 24 hour “preschool on tv” with NO commercials…my pinch hitter never fails
  • dvr – one of my favorite technological luxuries…if you have it, YOU KNOW
  • flip-flops – so glad i live in south florida because i’d look pretty stupid tramping around in the snow in my leather quiksilvers
  • lotion – i cannot stand even a hint of dryness in my skin (thanks to a few months of accutane in high school…again, if you used it, YOU KNOW)
  • junk food – be it some type of little debbie snack cake or a bacon cheeseburger from sonic, junk food is one of life’s simple pleasures
  • music – i think music adds a layer to life that we don’t comprehend.  if there was no such thing as music we would all be very sad people (and it would really limit the ways we could praise the Lord)
  • body pillow – yes, i can sleep without it, but i’d rather not.  makes all the difference in the world.
November 17, 2008

the great outdoors.

top ten reason why i love camping:

10) my husband looks hot in an old sweatshirt

9) i love sleeping in a tent

8 ) sleeping on the hard ground makes you appreciate your bed so much more when you get home (even if your bed happens to be VERY small)

7) i love seeing everyone “au naturale” (gotta save the shower for the very last thing before bed)

6) there’s not much to do

5) hobos cooked on the fire (hamburger meat, potatoes, veggies, and seasoning wrapped up in tin foil pockets)…well, pretty much any food cooked on the fire (s’mores, hot dogs, etc…)

4) seeing LOTS of stars at night while walking to/from the bathrooms

3) great conversations (like i said, there’s not much to do) while…

2) sitting around the fire at night…staring at it for hours

1) making memories (as corny as it sounds, it’s true)

here are some pictures from the trip we took this weekend up to lake louisa state park in clermont.  it was a birthday surprise trip, stealthily executed by my sweet husband and several other friends/family members. 

img_0263   img_0282

img_0297   img_0302


October 22, 2008

it’s still tuesday…

gotta get my top ten on!  🙂

we’re having a great time in missouri.  i’ll definitely post pictures when i get home, but for now all i can think of to post as far as a top ten goes is: my favorite ten things about today.

10) snuggling with harper as soon as she woke up (we’re sharing a king-sized bed and she’s done GREAT)

9) my dad’s bacon, eggs, and homemade hashbrown breakfast

8) staying in my p.j.’s until THREE O’CLOCK (we didn’t have any plans until this evening)

7) a nap (next to my precious daughter)

6) laynie smiles

5) got to wear my “new” boots (wish is had a picture…they’re a pair that i got a few weeks ago at world thrift for $4)

4) eating FRESH, homegrown chicken, turnips, beans, and apple pie

3) watching my nephew owen kiss harper several times throughout the day

2) amazing COOL weather

1) watching harper sit on a horse for the first time (we visited some friends of my brother/parents who live out in the country and have alot of land, chickens, horses, and cows)

October 14, 2008


the girls and i leave tomorrow for an 11-day trip to my brothers’ in missouri.  i’m not completely crazy: tomorrow we’re driving to my parents’ place in tallahassee, and then on friday all of us will load down the suburban and make the 13-hour trip to springfield.  layne’s gotten alot better in the car and harper always does great, so it shouldn’t be too bad of a drive.  anyway, the fact that i’m leaving for a trip got me thinking about how much i love to travel and that it doesn’t really matter where.  before i had kids i liked it more, but it’s just fun to get away and do something different and see new places.

here’s a list of 10 trips i’ve taken in the past 10 years, in order.  we’ve traveled more than this, but i’m not counting those times because they were to see family or weren’t very far away.

1) baltimore – PBA spring break 1999.  my first mission trip.  we ripped out the inside of a rowhouse for their habitat for humanity chapter and spent a day at meals on wheels.  it was a great time.

2) hawaii – summer ’99.  my dad flew us (the kids) out to meet he and mom in kauai.  they were already there for a convention for his work.  that is still one of the most memorable weeks of my life and hawaii is THE most beautiful place i’ve ever been.  i hope ryan and i can go back sometime and take our kids.

3) london – fall semester senior year 2000.  the most impacting 3 months of my life.  visited 13 countries with some of the best girlfriends i’ll ever have.

4) east coast tour – spring break senior year 2001.  ryan and i randomly decided to drive to new jersey to visit some friends.  i guess we just had nothing better to do and we knew we were only weeks away from “the real world”.  we drove to new jersey with a stop in D.C.  once we were in jersey we went to philadelphia one day and atlantic city one night.  surprisingly enough, i thought the cheese steaks were gross.

5) alaska – honeymoon, august 2002.  holland american cruise through the inside passage.  i had been on the same route once before with my family when i was about 12, but when you’re a pre-teen on a cruise, all you really care about is your tan…so, let’s just say i had a MUCH better time when i was 23.  we saw the salmon run, went mountain-biking, ate our weight in seafood and desserts and everything else, and spent 2 days in vancouver.  i couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon.

6) arizona – fall 2003.  berean freshman mission trip.  i was flattered and excited when i was asked to chaperone this trip.  we went to a small town in southern arizona.  i honestly can’t remember everything that we did, but i know that i formed some great relationships with the kids (and the adults).  it was a great experience.

7) ireland – spring break 2004.  one of our good friends, matt, was living there for work for a year.  we stayed with him for free and did some day-long trips during the day while he was working.  matt and ryan went surfing twice while i stood on the shore with my jaw on the ground.  when they got out, their fingers didn’t work and their mouths couldn’t form words, but i think that is still probably one of ryan’s favorite memories with matt.  we toured the guinness brewery in dublin…that was pretty cool.

8) san diego – fall 2004.  berean freshman mission trip #2.  again, i’m embarrassed to say that i can’t remember most of what we did.  but, man, san diego was amazing and we saw God do some really cool things in the lives of our kids and some of those we met.

9) grenada – fall 2005.  took this trip just after i found out i was pregnant with harper.  my friends hannah and kevin (who’d just left berean) were living there while kevin was in medical school.  my friend pat and i flew down to spend the week with them over fall break.  we had a great time: hiking to waterfalls, sunset on a sailboat, laying by the pool, snorkeling, etc.  i was such a fun trip and grenada is gorgeous!

10) las vegas – august 2007.  with ryan to celebrate our fifth anniversary.  harper stayed home with nana and we had a great 5 days of walking the strip, exploring all the casinos, eating amazing food, driving to the grand canyon, and just hanging out together.

bonus) the week after college graduation, some girlfriends and i all went on a cruise together in the bahamas.  there were 12 of us all together and it was a great time!

October 7, 2008

I’ve never…

  • liked lobster.
  • been to illinois, massachusetts, new hampshire, vermont, wisconsin, indiana, louisiana, michigan, north dakota, connecticut, iowa, maine, nebraska, ohio, rhode island, deleware, or mississippi.
  • understood cricket.
  • worn/wanted to wear false eyelashes.
  • met a candy bar i didn’t like.
  • pushed a baby out.  🙂
  • understood why people spend so much on a wedding. (has anyone seen that show “yes to the dress”?)
  • stayed up ALL night.
  • been able to do a split.
  • worn stilletos.  i just don’t feel like i can pull it off.
September 30, 2008

i love myself.

HA.  not really.  i mean, i do have a healthy self-respect, but i’m not conceited.  at any rate, this is just a response post to last tuesday’s top ten.

ten things i don’t mind enjoying about myself:

  • i’m blunt (sometimes this can get me into trouble, but i think i’d rather be blunt/honest all the time than sketchy any of the time).
  • i’m athletic.
  • i’m hardworking.
  • i’m outdoorsy.
  • i’m creative.
  • i’m sarcastic (supposedly this isn’t always a good thing…)
  • i am fearfully and wonderfully made by our awesome, gracious God.
  • i like the color of my eyes.
  • i like my hair (not every second of every day, but it’s healthy and relatively easy to manage, so i can’t complain)
  • i’m pretty laid back.
September 23, 2008

ten things i hate about you…or me

here are ten things i dislike about myself (don’t worry, i’ll give proof of my high self-esteem in next tuesday’s post):

  • i am easily distracted (not a good quality to have when you’re a restaurant server…i was quite possibly the world’s worst)
  • sometimes judgemental (i stereotype people pretty quickly after meeting them)
  • i am not patient enough (lucky for me, i’m tested on this one several times a day)
  • i can’t stand the red dot (mole) on the bridge of my nose (last time i checked it was $350 to get it taken off…i need to ask around and see if i can get it done cheaper…there’s NO WAY i’m paying more than $100)
  • i really dislike talking on the phone (i wish i liked it so i could get some quality conversation with friends/family who don’t enjoy the computer as much as i do)
  • i love junk food of all sorts
  • since i’ve been a mommy, i’m late ALL the time (apparently, two months after adding another kid into the mix, i’m still in denial that i have to leave at least 10 more minutes ahead of schedule)
  • i really wish i was better at waking up early (i guess i wish i didn’t like staying up late)
  • i have a perpetual desire to buy things (it’s annoying…why can’t i just accept and be grateful for all the blessings i currently have instead of wanting more?!)
  • my prayer life is weak