i hear the sesame street theme song…

not really, but that song to me epitomizes happiness.

i have a great deal to get done in the next few days (including resizing and blogging about all of harper’s birthday party pictures, i know, i know), but for now i just wanted to do a short post about things that are making me happy lately.
img_0920-copywe met ryan at chick-fil-a for lunch.  there are 3 reasons why that makes me happy: 1) i love seeing ryan in the middle of a weekday, 2) there’s really nothing i’d rather have for lunch, 3) harper eats everything she’s offered when we’re there AND has a great time on the playground.  layne likes the fries until she almost chokes and we take them away.




img_0922-copy2next up, we got a new faucet for the kitchen sink.  it is making me excited to do dishes just so i can use it and stare at it up close.  our old one was really ugly AND it leaked all over the top of the sink for pretty much the entire 5 years we’ve lived here.  funny story: when i got home on saturday night and the guys had just put this thing in, i was very excited to find that it also came with a soap dispenser.  so, i decided to fill it up and try it out.  first, i filled it up with dish soap, not realizing what i was doing.  i emptied the container (which is stored screwed in underneath the sink), and then proceeded to pour the hand soap into the hole.  after i’d dumped the entire bottle of hand soap into the hole, i bent down to see how much more i needed to pour in to get it full.  it was then that i saw the container STILL ON THE COUNTER.  i’d poured all the soap into the empty cabinet below!



this is the canvas that we got from the pay-it-forward photo session with my new friend rebekah hood (kallima photography).  she gave it to me on monday night after our SoFly meeting and i LOVE it!  i never knew i was a canvas kind of girl, but it is so impactful and classy looking.  we also got the rest of the images from her and are going to finally fill up the empty frames above the couch.  i would love to get our family photos done every few years and have a collection of these things to fill up a wall.



img_0926-copythis is a new gadget i got at bed bath & beyond.  i’ve only used it twice, but i can already tell it’s going to make this living-in-a-condo-with-two-kids life a little easier.  it’s called the OneGrip and it’s for carrying many grocery bags at once.  you just open the little slot with your thumb, slide the bags on, the latch closes, and you go…carrying many more bags than you could’ve without it…or at least carrying them without cutting off the circulation in your hand.  the first time i used it, i pulled several muscles in my back trying to prove JUST how much easier my life was going to be by only making one trip.  however, i learned my lesson from that and have accepted the fact that it may still take 2 trips, but those trips will be more pleasant.


4 Comments to “i hear the sesame street theme song…”

  1. What kind of creature is that crawling out of the opening to your new faucet ????

  2. I have got to get me one of those bag things–I really dislike making two trips. I love the picture of Layne-you can almost see how stuffed she is!

  3. I am laughing out loud in my cube at work at the fact that you filled up th soap dispenser first with the wrong thing then second with out the attachemnt! Now, you must understand the reason this is so funny is becuase I am completely certian that I would do the exact same thing!! 🙂

  4. OK 1. Love Love Love the Canvas. 2. I wish I would have know about that gadget last year! 3. The faucet is sweet 🙂 4. you already now how I feel about chickfila 🙂 and 5. regarding the soap dispenser, I feel like you were due for a momnesia moment anyway 🙂

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