full day

gonna do this one in reverse…

just showered.

ate 2 bowls of raisin bran, 4 bites of vanilla ice cream, and a reheated bowl of the mexican skillet i made for dinner but wasn’t around to eat. 

went to soccer evaluations, but only 6 of us showed up, and i was the only one “new” to the league (this is the 30+ league).  we played 3 v 3.  i was nervous at first…felt really out of my element, but it ended up being alot of fun.  i was encouraged because i never really felt tired…the gym is paying off!

fed and bathed the girls, cleaned house, folded clothes, vaccumed (how the heck to do you spell that?!). then i had the unpleasant experience of seeing the contents of a can of peas all over my kitchen floor. i’m such a clutz.


a few phone conversations and some e-mail.

playground behind the library…avoided the homeless man sleeping on a picnic table and the huge looming black clouds.

library…put the old books/movies/CD’s in “the hole” and checked out new ones.

church play group. (enjoyed our conversation, charlene.)

breakfast at first watch.  told harper it was her reward for being SO great at the dentist.  she was pretty much layne’s nanny while i got my teeth cleaned.  i was so proud!  we all shared chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled eggs. $9 including tip was worth it not to go home to eat breakfast before we headed out to the church.


dentist.  i was told once again that i don’t floss enough (or ever!), that i need a $200 toothbrush, and a mouth guard thingy because apparently i clench/grind my teeth so much so that the back ones are worn down like they’re 80 years old.  harper was put in the chair for about 2 minutes after i had my teeth cleaned.  she was VERY excited and very cute about it.  when i asked her later if she’d been scared, she said no, but when they put the air-blower thing in her mouth, i could see her flinching a little bit.  still, she seemed genuinely diappointed when “dr. mark” was done.

IMG_1023 small  IMG_1024 small

got the girls up around 7:15…pretty early for them.  out the door at 7:45.


4 Comments to “full day”

  1. Ok, how much do I love seeing the world’s BEST dentist checking out sweet Harper? And how much do I love that he is gracing the page of your blog! I’m sending this to Pam. She’ll LOVE it!

  2. What!!???!!! A $200 toothbrush?? What is that ??// I don’t even have one..Where do you get it?

    Ok so how precious was Harper as “The Nanny” and how great was she in the chair?

    The best mom’s in the dental office are the ones that aren’t the “helicopter mom’s”. Ask Beth Popadic about that.. she now drops her boys off, leaves and runs errands and the youngest in 5.

  3. what a brave girl! way to go harper! 🙂 so cute

  4. Love that you took pictures! Soooo, did she have any cavities?? 🙂

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