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September 30, 2008

i love myself.

HA.  not really.  i mean, i do have a healthy self-respect, but i’m not conceited.  at any rate, this is just a response post to last tuesday’s top ten.

ten things i don’t mind enjoying about myself:

  • i’m blunt (sometimes this can get me into trouble, but i think i’d rather be blunt/honest all the time than sketchy any of the time).
  • i’m athletic.
  • i’m hardworking.
  • i’m outdoorsy.
  • i’m creative.
  • i’m sarcastic (supposedly this isn’t always a good thing…)
  • i am fearfully and wonderfully made by our awesome, gracious God.
  • i like the color of my eyes.
  • i like my hair (not every second of every day, but it’s healthy and relatively easy to manage, so i can’t complain)
  • i’m pretty laid back.
September 26, 2008

“doozie” sounds like the name of a delicious snack cake.

okay, so yesterday (see previous post) totally redeemed itself.  around 4:00, i finally changed out of my pajamas and washed my face and brushed my teeth (after talking to ryan on the phone and crying out of embarrassment when i told him i was still in my pajamas 🙂 ).  about 10 minutes later, harper came into the kitchen with a poopy diaper!  i literally felt like i’d been wearing a backpack and it fell off.  then i got some really sweet pictures of layne sleeping on my bed…helped re-set my perspective a little bit.  when ryan got home we went to the pool.  he and harper swam while laynie and i rocked in one of the chairs.  it was really nice out…cooler than usual…and relaxing (imagine that!).

after dinner, we got the girls to bed and i took off for home goods all by myself!  that was fun A) because shopping is always fun with no kids and B) because i love home goods and don’t mind looking at everything even if i have no money to spend (although i did end up buying a $15 toilet paper stand thingy).  when i came home, it was about 9:20…the perfect time to start watching The Office premiere (it’s the perfect time because that way you miss all the commercials, but still end the show at 10:00).  i was ridiculously excited about it, and it was totally worth it…so hilarious.  pam and jim’s engagement was too sweet and i loved how they caught us (and Pam) off guard with the whole rest-stop thing.  yay!  ryan was saying last night that the writers are so smart to add holly into the mix now that jim and pam’s “drama” is over.  even though michael is a huge dork, everyone loves him and knows he has a good heart and we want him to be happy…thus, everyone will now be rooting for he and holly to get together.  i have to say though, that i love poor andy and i hope that angela doesn’t drag him around for too much longer.  (if you are a fan of The Office and haven’t watched the premiere yet and you’re mad a me for posting this, be mad at yourself for not being a true fan and watching it last night.)

September 25, 2008

a doozie.

oh man.  can i just preface this post by saying: if you don’t have kiddos yet, don’t judge me.  if you do and you’re the perfect mom, keep your comments to yourself.  🙂

today is a doozie.  i had my alarm set for 5:30 so i could go running before ryan left for work.  i REALLY hate waking up early, but it’s not that bad when i can sit and feed layne for 10 minutes and be woken up slowly (it’s also great motivation to know that that’s my only time of day to go…it’s 5:30 or never, and i really really want to get rid of this baby fat).  anyway, at 4:30 it was clear that layne wasn’t going to wait another hour to be fed.  so i got up and fed her, figuring she and i would both be back to sleep by 4:50 or so (she’s usually really good about going right back to sleep), and i could get another 40 minutes of precious shut-eye before my phone started vibrating under my pillow at 5:30.  nothing doing.  she was wide awake and smiley after i fed and changed her, so it took me until about 5:20 to get her settled and sleepy again.  i got in bed and decided that i would sleep in and go running after ryan gets home tonight since we’re eating leftovers (i.e. i can run during the time i’m usually cooking).  layne woke me up around 7:45…i couldn’t believe i slept that long, but harper was still asleep so i decided to feed laynie and then hang out on the computer until harper got up (i usually get her up at 8:00, but since she’s been sick i decided to let her sleep).  man i wish i would’ve used that time more efficiently, but our house is so small that i really try to stay very quiet while harper is sleeping and everything i could’ve done (laundry, unloading the dishwasher, etc.) is noisy.  anyway, i finally went in at 9:15 and got her up.  things were fine until about 10:00 when layne woke up from a nap.  yesterday and today she has been SO fussy.  she had 4 vaccines on monday, so i’m sure that’s why, but if you’ve had an infant, you know how absolutely GRATING it can be when they are fussy.  i’m just glad that they’re aren’t cameras in my house (I’M STILL IN MY PAJAMAS!).  i decided around 10:03 that we wouldn’t be going anywhere A) because layne was so fussy and B) because ONCE AGAIN harper hasn’t pooped since monday and i want to stay at home in hopes that she’ll bite the bullet and push it out.  [most days i make it a point to be gone in the mornings as long as i can because i get stir crazy in our house…have i mentioned before how much i wish we had a yard?]  it’s a good thing i decided that because before i knew it, it was noon and i hadn’t gotten anything done except feed layne, change layne, swaddle layne, give layne her binky like 30 times, and beg/bribe harper to poop about 17 times.  ugh.

this post is really alot longer than it needs to be, but i am mostly writing it to vent, and to remind myself in the future that this stage in my life wasn’t always easy or fun (or pretty).

the two errands i really wanted to run were 1) the bank and 2) home goods (to look for something to go on the wall above the couch, due to the complete wall remodeling i’m doing on the house).  around 11:30, in the middle of my frustrations and selfishness, i had to stop and remind myself of what was really important.  why does it matter if i leave the house or how much i get done while in the house?  bottom line:  my job is to be a mother to these PRECIOUS gifts from God and they could care less if i’m in my p.j.’s with stinky breath as long as i’m doing that job to the best of my ability. 

okay, i’m rambling.  i’m off to brush my teeth and *gasp* change clothes and *even bigger gasp* do some ironing. (PS…laynie just woke herself up with a huge poop and seems smiley and happy.  maybe she’s cheering up a bit!  yay!)

September 25, 2008

desperate for a post, but nothing to say.

35 odd things about me

1. Do you like blue cheese salad dressing? YES!!!  it’s one of my favorites

2. Do you own a gun? Ryan has a rifle
3. What’s a favorite drink at Starbucks or other specialty coffee house?  decaf carmel frappuccino
4. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? orange juice and cranberry juice (half & half)

5. Do you do push-ups? i guess i’d do them if someone asked me to…
6. What’s your favorite piece of jewelry? my engagement ring
7. Favorite hobby? InDesign or rec soccer (is that technically a hobby?)

8. Do you have A.D.D? not usually, although i can rarely make it through a whole movie without getting up at least once
9. What’s one trait that you hate about yourself? i have a hard time waking up in the morning (i can remember being in high school and falling asleep on my bed in my towel after just getting out of the shower)
10. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment: layne is tired and needs to be swaddled, this juice is good, i wonder how long harper is going to sleep (i didn’t wake her up at her normal 8:00 since she’s been sick this week)
11. Name 4 drinks you regularly drink. Water, milk, OJ, dr. pepper (but not these days)
12. Current worry right now? when will harper poop?!?!

13. Current hate right now? the dining room set…i want it OUT of my house

14. Favorite place to be? anwhere with my husband (and my kids too, i guess)
15. Do you like to travel? who doesn’t like to travel?

16. What color shirt are you wearing? light blue
17. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? don’t know–never have.

18. Can you whistle? yes, but i can whistle much better by sucking in than blowing out
19. Favorite color? GREEN
20. If you could would you be a pirate? only if ryan was one too, and only if we “pirated” mean people (like robin hood)

21. What song do you sing in the shower? old country songs (the judds) and hymns
22. Favorite girl’s name?  i really love the name lucy, but would never use it because of our last name

23. Favorite boy’s name? well, ryan isn’t my favorite name, but it’s the name of my favorite boy  🙂

24. What’s in your pocket right now? no pockets.

25. Favorite bedsheets as a child? i don’t remember any of my sheets…i remember some with rainbows, maybe?

26. Worst injury? i broke my arm in second grade, but i think my badly sprained ankle during cross-country (junior year in college) hurt more and took alot longer to heal

27. Do you love where you live? love the town, but am very much annoyed by our actual dwelling

28. How many TVs do you have in your house? one, and that’s how it will stay
29. Who is your loudest friend? cathleen cason

30. How many pets do you have? none, sadly (one reason why i’m bitter towards our house)
31. Does someone have a crush on you? hopefully my husband does.  🙂

32. What is your Favorite Book? the hiding place by corrie ten boom

33. What’s your favorite candy? resee’s peanut butter cups

34. Favorite Sports Team? florida state seminoles
35. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? i can’t believe i slept this late and why is harper still sleeping  (i was supposed to get up at 5:30 to go running, but layne woke me up at 4:30 and kept me up until 5:30 so i went back to bed and woke up at 7:45!)

September 23, 2008

shameless plug.

so…i’ve been doing some graphic design this past year.  well, really, i guess i’ve been dabbling in it since i started my business and we got the computer programs, but now i actually sometimes get paid for the stuff i do.  i am not posting this to brag on myself or show you how awesome i am or whatever else.  i’m posting this because i don’t have a website for my designs and i don’t have the time to set one up and…well…basically i want some more business.  word of mouth has been my best friend so far (for this and for photography), so for all of you reading this, TELL YOUR FRIENDS.  i can copy a design you find somewhere else, or put something on paper that you’ve only seen in your head.  the best part is that i can guarantee you you will save money if you order through me.

here are a few examples of wedding invites/save-the-dates/response cards:


here are some random invitation designs (birthday party, double baby shower, high school reunion, and wedding shower):

i’ve also done a few baby announcements:


i still love photography and of course i’m still donig that, but since adding another child to our family, this is an easy and fun thing for me to get done, while adding a small amount to our income.  if you are interested in having me design something, please comment on this blog or send me an e-mail.

September 23, 2008

row row row your boat

a bunch of our friends got together on saturday morning to go canoeing/kayaking on the loxahatchee river.  i wasn’t too stoked about nursing/swaddling/changing a 10-week-old baby while paddling down the river, so layne and i stayed home (i ended up taking everything off the walls of our living area and spackling all the holes to start fresh…but that’s a whole different post).  harper was SO excited.  this was her first time on any kind of a boat and she’s seen canoes on tv before, so i think she kind of knew what to expect.  harper did GREAT.  everyone said she was patient and excited the enitre time.  i was so jealous and sad that i couldn’t be there to experience this first with her, but it was cool that she got to do something special with JUST daddy.  they left around 8 and got home (after having lunch) around 1:00.  a long morning, but they both had a ball.

big thanks to my friend tina who took pictures and e-mailed them to me.


September 23, 2008

ten things i hate about you…or me

here are ten things i dislike about myself (don’t worry, i’ll give proof of my high self-esteem in next tuesday’s post):

  • i am easily distracted (not a good quality to have when you’re a restaurant server…i was quite possibly the world’s worst)
  • sometimes judgemental (i stereotype people pretty quickly after meeting them)
  • i am not patient enough (lucky for me, i’m tested on this one several times a day)
  • i can’t stand the red dot (mole) on the bridge of my nose (last time i checked it was $350 to get it taken off…i need to ask around and see if i can get it done cheaper…there’s NO WAY i’m paying more than $100)
  • i really dislike talking on the phone (i wish i liked it so i could get some quality conversation with friends/family who don’t enjoy the computer as much as i do)
  • i love junk food of all sorts
  • since i’ve been a mommy, i’m late ALL the time (apparently, two months after adding another kid into the mix, i’m still in denial that i have to leave at least 10 more minutes ahead of schedule)
  • i really wish i was better at waking up early (i guess i wish i didn’t like staying up late)
  • i have a perpetual desire to buy things (it’s annoying…why can’t i just accept and be grateful for all the blessings i currently have instead of wanting more?!)
  • my prayer life is weak
September 17, 2008


i ripped this off from a blogger i don’t know, but sometimes i love stuff like this (“questions” where your answer could be different every time).

I AM…forgetful.
I WANT…to sell this condo.

I HAVE…a sore thumb.
I KEEP…reminding myself why i can’t have Sonic.
I WISH I COULD…have Sonic.
I HATE…getting up early and then feeling exhausted at 2:11 pm.
I FEAR…that my life will feel chaotic forever.
I HEAR…QUIET.  aahhhhhhh…..nice.
I DON’T THINK…this shirt really fits me yet.
I REGRET…putting it on this morning.
I LOVE…Ryan Michael Hobbie.
I AM NOT…prissy.
I DANCE…with Harper / for Harper every day.
I SING…all the time.
I NEVER…weigh myself.
I RARELY…floss.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH…E-Harmony commercials.  pathetic and dorky, i know.
I HATE THAT…my life feels so chaotic all the time.
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT…why i haven’t cooked a decent meal in like 2 weeks.
I NEED…to get up and put laundry away.
I SHOULD…do one of these once a month.  maybe i will…

September 16, 2008

home sweet home.

even though i’m a little burnt out on the way things are arranged/hung up and i think i’m going to be switching things around soon…

here are my 10 most favorite things in our little home (you’ll notice many of them have to do with storage.  if you’ve ever lived somewhere small, you understand why functional AND fashionable is so GREAT.):

  • silver trunk – i got this trunk at a garage sale for $5.  yes FIVE DOLLARS.  i couldn’t believe it.  i was ready to fork out at least $20.  when i got it home i accidentally locked it, so ryan had to saw it open and it will never be lockable again, but who cares.


  • jars – these are because i have no pantry and no extra space in the cabinets where i keep all my pantry items.  in them are sugar, flour, snacks, and bibs.  my husband gave me alot of crap when i got these, but now he even loves them.

  • woven baskets – got these at home goods and i LOVE them.  when i was pregnant with layne, i was trying to free up some more storage space in the nursery closet.  here’s where all that stuff went.  it’s everything from my husband’s ever-growing cable collection to paper plates and a coffee maker than i never use.

  • chalkboard – i wanted one of these for a LONG time, but they are always either way too expensive or reasonably priced but cheaply made.  i got this at a thrift store for $0.50 (fifty cents).  i figure who cares if it falls apart when it’s that cheap (although i think it’s tougher than some of the ones i’ve seen in decorating stores).  it’s supposed to be hung horizontally and has a chalk tray on one side, but i still think it’s cute.

  • antique wire baskets (on top of the fridge in the preceding picture)- got these out of my grandma’s attic and i LOVE them.  pretty sure they sell in pottery barn for like $40.
  • red bathroom – painting this bathroom was a ridiculous soap opera that i hope i never have to endure again, but i LOVE the color.  it’s called cherry cobbler.  the picture really doesn’t do it justice…look at the red in the background…that’s more like what it looks like.

  • dollhouse bookcase – my father-in-law built this for harper’s first christmas.  i asked him to build one like one i had seen in a pottery barn catalog and he did it just by looking at the picture and finding out what the dimensions were.  pretty awesome.  i LOVE this bookcase.  it is great storage and looks super cute in the girls’ room.

  • star – i got this 5 years ago at an antique store in havana, ga.  about two months after we hung it up, pottery barn had them in their catalog.  i was ticked.  now you can get them anywhere from pottery barn to old time pottery for like $15.  it bugs me that so many other people have them, but i’m leaving mine up because i had it first.  🙂

  • ken bradshaw poster – i got this for ryan in 1999 when my family went to hawaii.  i know some people might think it’s tacky to be 30 years old and still have a “poster” on the wall, but it’s signed (if you’re ever at my house, look in the bottome left corner).  ken bradshaw is an amazing big wave surfer, and at the time that i bought it, this was the biggest wave ever ridden…now i think laird hamilton has him beat.

  • polka-dot wall – we did this before harper was born.  it’s just one wall in her room that has polka dots evenly spaced painted in a VERY slightly lighter color.  i love it.  the picture on the left is in higher contrast so you could actually see the dots, but the real color of the wall is the one on the right (it’s called grape leaves).

September 12, 2008

a lollipop and some fabric scissors

harper had her first haircut on wednesday.  don’t think bad of me.  i know she’s only two and a half.  i know that she had beautiful blonde baby curls.  trust me, i know.  those curls were a gift from the Lord… something i’d always wanted.  i think they’re gone forever, and i’m not kidding.  i’m sad about it, but she seriously needed a haircut.  it was turning into some frizzy/straight/curly/uneven mess.  ryan finally gave in, so i had to jump at the chance before he changed his mind.  i cut alot off and seriously, even though i really wanted to do it, it KILLEd me to see those curls hit the floor.  still, she is a beautiful little girl (i’m not biased) and i think she’d look cute with a buzz cut, so i think she looks cute.  here are some before and afters:


(sadly, this smile was not for me…she was watching Little Bear and didn’t even know i was taking her picture.)

ps.  after i was done cutting hers, she told me loudly that now it was her turn to cut my hair.  🙂  um…NO.