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January 7, 2009

back with a vengence

my momnesia is back (if you know me, i know what you’re thinking…”huh?  did it ever leave?”). 

ryan had a soccer game on sunday afternoon and was so bummed that he had to miss the dolphins’ game.  he’s not like a crazy dolphins fan, but was excited that they’d made it to the playoffs and knew it’d be a good game.  ANYWAY, he was running out the door to leave for his game and remembered that he’d forgotten to set the DVR.  so, he asked me if i would do and told me it started at 1:30, which was in about 40 minutes.  my plan was to walk straight over the the TV to get everything set up, but something (or some-little-one) distracted me and i forgot to do it!  he came home and went straight to the TV and it was then that i remembered that i hadn’t recorded it.  he was so bummed and i felt terrible about it.  who forgets such a stupid little job? 

as if that weren’t bad enough, when ryan got home, layne was sleeping so i took harper and we went to the grocery store.  on the way home we were singing loudly with the windows down and looking at leftover christmas lights.  the next morning ryan called and informed me that i had left the driver’s side window completely rolled down ALL NIGHT!  sooooo glad that it didn’t rain and that whichever car thieves happened to be walking by all thought that the window was just very clean.  🙂

December 1, 2008


a few minutes ago, the kitchen timer was going off. “yum,” i thought, “my ray’s everything bagel is ready!” i went to get the bagel out of the toaster oven and it was empty. i had gotten the bagels out, turned on the oven, started the timer, and put the bagels back in the freezer without putting one in to cook!
think it’s about time for layne to start sleeping through the night. 🙂

August 15, 2008


some retarded things i’ve done lately:

  • today i took harper to the potty before her nap and then forgot to put a diaper back on her.  she called me into her room about 15 minutes later to read her a story and i said, “where’s your diaper?!” and then realized that i had never put a new one on.
  • three seperate times this week, i asked harper to get into her carseat.  she obeyed.  i drove away without fastening her in.  we were driving down the road and harper said, “mommy, my seatbelt!”  glad someone’s holding me accountable.  )
  • i made enchiladas the other night for a girlfriend of mine from church who had a baby 2 weeks after me.  i made a special trip to the store to get the ingredients (which, lately, is no small feat), got home, made the enchiladas and realized i’d forgotten the stuff for the sauce on top.  UGH.  i had to call my friend and explain that i wouldn’t be able to bring them until the following day.  lucky for me, she’s got 3 kids and totally understood.
  • i totally wrote this post with the intention for categorize it as “momnesia” and then forgot.  chalk up another line on the retard board.
April 29, 2008

momnesia strikes again…

this morning my friend kathleen came over to pick us up so that we could take the kids to the turtle hospital.  we decided to take one car, and hers is bigger, so i moved harper’s carseat from my car to hers.  we were gone about two hours and when we returned, we pulled up to my car to return harper’s carseat, and my car door was wide open.  had been for two hours. 

in the same minute, i was fishing in my purse for my keys and pulled out a cheesestick…from yesterday.  EW.  lucky for me it was still sealed in the wrapper.

April 18, 2008


it is real and it is rampant.  if you aren’t familiar with momnesia, you probably don’t have kids yet, and you can count this a fair warning.  i’ve added a category called “momnesia” and have decided to do a weekly post of all the retarded things i do as proof that i lost thousands of brain cells the day my daughter was born.  i have no idea why i just got the inclination to share my shame with everyone…maybe i’m hoping someone out there will have a story worse than mine…

some things that have happened in the past include: my purse flying off the roof in the middle of donald ross rd. (it was mercifully saved by a kind school bus driver who used her vehicle to block any other cars from running over it); realizing after two days that i had been strapping harper into a carseat that wasn’t strapped into the car (i know, that one is BAD)…moving on to the present…

this week:

last friday – got halfway through a photography session (jeremy & christy…see post below) before realizing that i only had ONE memory card with me and it was full.  i had to (very unprofessionally) stand there and go back through the shots already on the card and delete and “bad” ones (eyes close, blurry, etc.).  after i deleted those, i only took about 20 more and then had to declare that we were done…20 minutes early.  i did get some good shots, but it was very embarrassing to tell them to write a check for $25 less than i usually charge. 

wednesday – i arrived at quest diagnostics on time for my appointment at 7:15 (glucose tolerance test).  waited in a chair for 10 minutes and was then called up to the window.  i was asked for my paperwork and i responded with a blank look (that probably lasted a full 5 seconds) and an “uhhhh….”.  luckily my husband had taken more than enough time off that morning so i was fortunate to be able to make the 5 mintue drive home, get the paperwork (which had been staring me in the face on my desk for 3 weeks), and go back.

thursday – left an uneaten chicken pot pie in the oven overnight (luckily it was a new recipe and the small ones that ryan and i did eat, we didn’t like).