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April 30, 2008

thank heaven…

…for little girls.¬† ūüôā¬† last thursday i got a chance to hang out with my friend hannah.¬† she’s a fellow photographer who lives in michigan and comes down to make some money every few months.¬† this trip she had one of her friends from up north come down to hang out.¬† hannah has a little girl, lily, who is (i think) 19 months.¬† hannah’s friend jessica’s little girl, ava, is 22 months.¬† harper, lily, and ava had a GREAT time playing together.¬† we met up at worth avenue on palm beach, had some lunch (arby’s…not palm beach food), and strolled around.¬† eventually, the little girls ended up naked playing in a fountain.¬† we got some stares and dirty looks, and eventually got scolded/kicked out, but the girls had a BALL and hannah was able to get some cute shots.¬† i only included one of harper (cropped!) because i wasn’t sure how the other moms would feel about a naked picture posted on¬† my blog.¬† ūüôā¬† hannah also got a few shots of harper and i together, which i was so excited about…it is a very rare thing!

random fact: if you look back at one of my previous posts, you’ll see harper wearing the same pink polka-dotted dress that ava has on.¬† [can someone please tell me how to make a link to a previous post??]

April 29, 2008


if you’re a john mayer fan, you have GOT to get this album.¬† there are only 6 songs, but man, it’s good!¬† if you’re not a fan, take a listen and you might change your mind…¬† it is FANTASTIC.

April 29, 2008

update coming…

so we’ve had alot going on and i am anxious to post pictures, but this week has been super busy so far.¬† we leave for a beach condo for 5 days on friday, so i’m hoping to get pictures up before we go (harper’s birthday pictures, etc…).¬† stay tuned… (i know you’re all biting your nails in anticipation.)

April 29, 2008

momnesia strikes again…

this morning my friend kathleen came over to pick us up so that we could take the kids to the turtle hospital.¬† we decided to take one car, and hers is bigger, so i moved harper’s carseat from my car to hers.¬† we were gone about two hours and when we returned, we pulled up to my car to return harper’s carseat, and my car door was wide open.¬† had been for two hours.¬†

in the same minute, i was fishing in my purse for my keys and pulled out a cheesestick…from yesterday.¬† EW.¬† lucky for me it was still sealed in the wrapper.

April 24, 2008

AI update

so…i haven’t written on American Idol in awhile, but i just watched 2 1/2 hours of it (my husband is out of town, obviously), so i feel the need to express my opinion. [and, yes, if you’re wondering the 2 1/2 hours was condensed because i watch it on DVR and fast-forward through all the commercials and through any screen time that they give to Paula Abdul.]

first of all, i LOVE musical theatre, but i do not love pop singers trying to perform it. also, andrew lloyd webber seems extremely fond of himself (almost as much so as david cook). he is a perfect example of the reason the british are stereotyped as being snotty. still, i guess i have to give the guy some credit…i have paid good money to see more than one of the musicals he wrote.

syesha was my favorite. i totally agreed with randy when he said she could be a big star on broadway…i can totally see that. although, i HATED starlight express and wouldn’t pay $5 to sit through it again even if she was the star (any show whose highlight is people on roller skates is probably not going to be the most enjoyable…the skating part gets old after like 12 minutes).

brooke white…hmmm…i want to put this nicely because she seems like a super nice girl and she is so darn easy on the eyes… she’s terrible. i knew girls in high school who could sing better than her. when i watch brooke, it’s like watching phoebe play her guitar in the coffee house in an old friends episode… (if brooke makes it to next week, maybe she should try a rendition of “smelly cat”)

jason castro is my prediction to head home tonight. pretty eyes and dreadlocks can only get you so far. he needs to stick to praise & worship or playing at starbucks.

david archuletta is such a doll.¬† i know alot of people get sick of him singing the same types of songs every week, but i really liked his version of “think of me”.¬† i love that song, and i thought he did¬†a great job.¬† i could listen to him sing the phone book.


carly did a great job.¬† she has an absolutely amazing voice and i can’t believe there are normal people out there with voices like that (she seems so down-to-earth and humble).¬† she deserves great success.

david cook is into himself.¬† i don’t like that.¬† he is a really great singer and definitely has a “star” quality (but i think that quality is arrogance).¬† i think he has a chance at winning.¬† darn.

oh my word!¬† i am in total shock.¬† i just planning on watching the second half of the elimination show tomorrow, but i was on the internet and saw a spoiler article that said carly was “headed home”.¬† i didn’t believe it so i just watched the rest of it…holy cow.¬† i cannot believe it!!!!¬† not only that, but i can’t get over the fact that syesha was in the bottom two.¬† seriously, we cannot let all the 14 year old teeny boppers out there control this contest!¬† i haven’t ever voted before, but i think next week might be¬†a first!¬†¬†at the moment i¬†care more about who wins this than i do about the presidential election.¬†

also, what the heck is up with clay aiken’s hair?!¬† i know that his role on broadway might require longer hair, but they have really good wigs, right?

April 18, 2008


it is real and it is rampant.¬† if you aren’t familiar with momnesia, you probably don’t have kids yet, and you can count this a fair warning.¬† i’ve added a category called “momnesia” and have decided to do a weekly post of all the retarded things i do as proof that i lost thousands of brain cells the day my daughter was born.¬† i have no idea why i just got the inclination to share my shame with everyone…maybe i’m hoping someone out there will have a story worse than mine…

some things¬†that have happened¬†in the past include: my purse flying off the roof in the middle of donald ross rd. (it was mercifully saved by a kind school bus driver who used her vehicle to block any other cars from running over it); realizing after two days that i had been strapping harper into a carseat that wasn’t strapped into the car (i know, that one is BAD)…moving on to the present…

this week:

last friday – got halfway through a photography session (jeremy & christy…see post below) before realizing that i¬†only had¬†ONE memory card with me and it was full.¬† i had to (very unprofessionally) stand there and go back through the shots already on the card and delete and “bad” ones (eyes close, blurry, etc.).¬† after i deleted those, i only took about 20 more and then had to declare that we were done…20 minutes early.¬† i did get some good shots, but it was very embarrassing to tell them to write a check for $25 less than i usually charge.¬†

wednesday – i arrived at quest diagnostics on time for my appointment at 7:15 (glucose tolerance test).¬† waited in a chair for 10 minutes and was then called up to the window.¬† i was asked for my paperwork and i responded with a blank look (that probably lasted a full 5 seconds) and an “uhhhh….”.¬† luckily my husband had taken more than enough time off that morning so i was fortunate to be able to make the 5 mintue drive home, get the paperwork (which had been staring me in the face on my desk for 3 weeks), and go back.

thursday – left an uneaten chicken pot pie in the oven overnight (luckily it was a new recipe and the small ones that ryan and i did eat, we didn’t like).

April 18, 2008


last night i started feeling plagued with guilt.¬† i felt guilty because i gave harper hot dogs twice in one week (even though she’d eat them for every meal if she could), i felt guilty because i turned the tv on so i could get some stuff done, i felt guilty because i looked terribly sloppy when my husband came home from work.¬† as i laid in bed thinking this morning, i realized that i’ve felt guilty alot since becoming a mother.¬† then i remembered a post that¬†my¬†good friend sabrina had posted not long ago.¬† i turned on the computer and read it, first thing, and i’m glad i did.¬† if¬†you struggle with guilt, you should go read it.¬†¬†it’s a great reminder that, yes, the Lord expects our best,¬†but our best will be different every day.¬† He knows what is going on in our homes,¬†He understands¬†how much or how little energy we might have for a certain task, and¬†most of all,¬†He knows our hearts and whether or not we are seeking to please Him.¬† thank goodness we don’t serve a God who judges us based on how many good things we do in a day, or¬†in what direction we’re facing when we pray.

one of my favorite verses is colossians 3:23:¬†¬†“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men…”.¬† in one respect, this verse encourages us to do a better job at something than we would normally do, since we should be doing it for the almighty, awesome God; but on the other hand, it¬†is only the Lord who knows our hearts and knows what we are capable of.¬† “men” might expect greatness from us every time a task is accomplished, but only the Lord knows if our hearts are capable of acheiving that greatness at the time.

now go read sabrina‘s blog.¬†

April 17, 2008

KT Photography

so, I’m a photographer.¬† well, I get paid to take pictures of people.¬†¬†i know a ridiculously small amount about cameras and apertures and light, but I’m creative and have a nice camera.¬† thus, i make a small amount of money taking picures…and i really enjoy doing it.¬† i don’t have a studio or a super nice website, but i like it this way.¬† the lord blessed me with the hobby soon after harper was born and i’ve been extremely thankful for the creative outlet (and the money is fun too).¬†

many of the photographers that i keep up with (or whose websites i randomly discover) have blogs.¬† i don’t do enough business to have a blog strictly devoted to photography, but i’ve decided to start posting some of my¬†picures on this blog.

last week i was in tallahassee for 2 photography jobs.¬† on the way up i spent the night at my sister’s house in gainesville.¬† while i was there i took some shots of her¬†with her two kids and also did a session with¬†my brother-in-law’s pregnant sister (w/son & husband).¬† here are a few¬†pictures from that day:

 nat & hannah banana (my sister & niece)

 justin (my adorable nephew)

dominic, my sister’s nephew, is seriously one of the easiest kids i’ve ever taken pictures of.¬† not only is he absolutely gorgeous, but he smiles on cue (says “cheese”) and looks straight at the lens, which is unheard of…especially in a 2 1/2 year old.¬† kate is due 2 weeks before me, but she is still so little (…and super tan…basically makes me sick).¬† needless to say, they’re an adorable little family.


 kate ann & scott


the sumners were my first family to “sign up” for my baby plan.¬† i went to highschool with them (cheered with juli for 3 years) and they are such great people.¬† they have a beautiful home and we’ve done about 5 sessions there.¬† i took juli’s maternity pictures when she was pregnant with landon, and i’ve taken shots of him (and the family) every 3 months since he was born.¬† he turned one in march, so that was the reason for this session.¬† since we’re having our second baby in july, i probably won’t get up to tallahassee for awhile.¬† i will miss seeing them so often.¬† araela is almost 3 and loves to have her picture taken.¬† of course he was easy when he was tiny, but these days landon is pretty much the hardest subject i’ve ever had…all boy and SUPER busy…never wants to sit still.¬† ūüôā

 pretty araela in her room

 landon the climber



christy and jeremy met in spain 2 years ago and are getting married next may (’09).¬† they are both in school in tallahassee (he’s from indiana getting his masters in spanish, she’s a political science major from miami).¬† christy lives across the street from the deans, a family that i had done a session with last year.¬† she saw their pictures and immediately e-mailed me to schedule an engagement session.¬† they were sweet enough to wait until my next planned trip up.¬† they were super easy to work with, super nice, and are obviously a great match for each other…i felt like i was watching an e-harmony commercial.¬† ūüôā¬† we battled the sun and wind a little bit, but here are a few of my favorites:


harper and my niece, hannah, are only 15 months apart.¬† nat and i have had fun dressing them alike since harper was¬†a tiny baby.¬† now it’s even more fun because they actually like each other and have fun playing together.¬† this trip to nana’s house the girls had a ball with all the wildflowers.¬† here’s my favorite picture from a “session” we did with them in matching dresses:


to see more of my “work”, go to my website or my proofs site, which is my most¬†recent stuff.

April 8, 2008

more Harper…

here’s another recent picture¬†of Harper (i took¬†some this afternoon)…¬† guess i’ve been in a camera-ready mood lately.

she’s¬†in a really creative outfit…we had just gotten back from the pool, so she only had on a diaper.¬† she added from there…it started with the boots (two sizes too big, but she knows they came¬†from her cousin Hannah), then the hat (knitted by her Aunt Courtney), bracelet, Daddy’s watch, Daddy’s cheap sunglasses.¬† she was so cute…she knew she looked funny.¬† ūüôā

update:¬† as of today, she’s gone pee-pee on the potty twice!¬† yay.¬† slowly, but surely is better than nothing!

April 4, 2008

what the heck is a “meme”?

sooo…my plan for right now was to be taking a nice little nap, but living in a condo building isn’t always so great (i.e. the people upstairs are working really hard on some type of project that involves hammering).¬† i couldn’t sleep so here i am.¬† i got this off aboyagirlandapug¬†.¬† if you’re reading this and you’re on my blogroll, GET TO IT (post¬†your answers¬†on your blog)!

What was I doing 10 years ago (spring of 1998):
1) watching a ridiculous amount of taped episodes of “Friends” (i had never seen it until i¬†went to college, and my freshman year roommate just happened to be completely obsessed); 2) daydreaming about ryan hobbie, my secret crush at the time (now my¬†husband!); 3) spending¬†HOURS at the beach; 4) wearing some really ugly clothes; 5) instant messaging at night.¬† alot.

Five things on my to-do list: 1) schedule my 28-week glucose test (better get on the phone right now!); 2) make a photo CD for Ryan’s cousin’s family (who we were with at Easter); 3) drive to Ellenton tonight (with no Harper, yay!); 4) vaccum; 5) excercise (i.e. brisk walk to the playground when Harper wakes up)

Five snacks I enjoy:¬† i’m not really sure what qualifies as a snack… 1) apple or banana with peanut butter; 2) cottage cheese with pears; 3) strawberries; 4) white cheddar cheese popcorn; 5) Nilla wafers (i don’t really count those as a dessert…though i probably should)

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire: 1) Buy a huge piece of land and build a house on it; 2) Go on a cruise around the world (yes, they do those…my aunt and uncle are on their second one right now); 3) tithe; 4) buy my husband a motorcycle; 5) Rent out a cruise-ship and fill it up with all my friends and their families and my family for a week or two

Five of my bad habits: 1) i interrupt people when they’re talking; 2) i say “dangit” and “crap” in front of my kid; 3) i hardly ever read the Bible; 4) i’m on the computer way too much (pretty much for Harper’s whole nap); 5) ???

Five places I have lived: 1) Gainesville, GA; 2) Tampa, FL; 3) Tallahassee, FL; 4) West Palm Beach, FL; 5) London, England (UK)

Five jobs I’ve had: 1) camp counselor; 2) Shoe City worker (EW!); 3) waitress (i was absolutely horrible); 4) teacher; 5) mommy (my favorite)