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April 29, 2009

i hear the sesame street theme song…

not really, but that song to me epitomizes happiness.

i have a great deal to get done in the next few days (including resizing and blogging about all of harper’s birthday party pictures, i know, i know), but for now i just wanted to do a short post about things that are making me happy lately.
img_0920-copywe met ryan at chick-fil-a for lunch.  there are 3 reasons why that makes me happy: 1) i love seeing ryan in the middle of a weekday, 2) there’s really nothing i’d rather have for lunch, 3) harper eats everything she’s offered when we’re there AND has a great time on the playground.  layne likes the fries until she almost chokes and we take them away.




img_0922-copy2next up, we got a new faucet for the kitchen sink.  it is making me excited to do dishes just so i can use it and stare at it up close.  our old one was really ugly AND it leaked all over the top of the sink for pretty much the entire 5 years we’ve lived here.  funny story: when i got home on saturday night and the guys had just put this thing in, i was very excited to find that it also came with a soap dispenser.  so, i decided to fill it up and try it out.  first, i filled it up with dish soap, not realizing what i was doing.  i emptied the container (which is stored screwed in underneath the sink), and then proceeded to pour the hand soap into the hole.  after i’d dumped the entire bottle of hand soap into the hole, i bent down to see how much more i needed to pour in to get it full.  it was then that i saw the container STILL ON THE COUNTER.  i’d poured all the soap into the empty cabinet below!



this is the canvas that we got from the pay-it-forward photo session with my new friend rebekah hood (kallima photography).  she gave it to me on monday night after our SoFly meeting and i LOVE it!  i never knew i was a canvas kind of girl, but it is so impactful and classy looking.  we also got the rest of the images from her and are going to finally fill up the empty frames above the couch.  i would love to get our family photos done every few years and have a collection of these things to fill up a wall.



img_0926-copythis is a new gadget i got at bed bath & beyond.  i’ve only used it twice, but i can already tell it’s going to make this living-in-a-condo-with-two-kids life a little easier.  it’s called the OneGrip and it’s for carrying many grocery bags at once.  you just open the little slot with your thumb, slide the bags on, the latch closes, and you go…carrying many more bags than you could’ve without it…or at least carrying them without cutting off the circulation in your hand.  the first time i used it, i pulled several muscles in my back trying to prove JUST how much easier my life was going to be by only making one trip.  however, i learned my lesson from that and have accepted the fact that it may still take 2 trips, but those trips will be more pleasant.

April 26, 2009

finally a meme

hope everyone had a great weekend!  just found this and felt like doing it (mostly just to read other people’s when i tag them)…

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:

  1. our SoFly meeting on tomorrow night…can’t wait!
  2. weekend in tampa with good friends and NO KIDS (2 weeks away!)
  3. week in north carolina with ryan’s family (mid-june)
  4. week on the beach in melbourne with my family (beginning of july)
  5. my house being clean again
  6. going to the gym tomorrow
  7. starting my tan…i’m thinking this week will be the start of weekly summer beach trips with my girls
  8. bed!  it’s 8:45 and i seriously think i might go to sleep after i finish this (no, i am NOT pregnant…just exhausted for some reason)

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

  1. spent $15 on balloons and $28 on a cake that left us nothing to take home!  i love publix, but they seriously rip you off with the character cakes!
  2. made pancakes for my family and niece and nephew
  3. got a new faucet in the kitchen!  i love it!  i want to post a picture later in the week…i have a funny [i’m an idiot] story to go along with it…
  4. fought back tears all day long because i CANNOT BELIEVE that harper is three years old!
  5. had a great day spent with friends and family…enjoying each other and celebrating the life of my precious little girl
  6. wore a shirt that had previously been too small (yay!)
  7. realized my nail polish is chipping badly again and now i remember why i never take the time to put it on
  8. put a bow in layne’s hair for the first time…she’s finally growing something up there!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

  1. sleep in tomorrow
  2. hire a maid
  3. figure out how to be really good at “call of duty”, my husband’s favorite ps3 game…it would be so fun to play with him and actually be competitive
  4. get a pedicure once a week…or even every other week
  5. get my 1999 body back
  6. get through this HUGE pile of receipts on the computer desk
  7. go to the beach and just lie on a chair a read and/or sleep
  8. be a better/bolder witness

8 Shows I Watch:

  1. the office
  2. 30 rock
  3. lost
  4. jon&kate plus 8
  5. dirty jobs
  6. american idol
  7. friday night lights (although the season is over)
  8. real housewives (great for ironing day)

8 People I’m Tagging:

  1. Amy
  2. Kathleen
  3. Charlene
  4. Alyssa
  5. Tina
  6. Lyndsey
  7. Kati
  8. Courtney
April 23, 2009

getting to know you….

…getting to know all about you.  getting to like you, getting to hope you like me…

i’m intimidated.  i got my new canon 50D on tuesday.  i was scared to open the box.  i have a large fear of failure and this is a really big can of worms.  not only is it learning a whole new camera, but it is investing.  actually, we’ve already made the monetary investment.  now i just have to pay that off and make it worth our while.

anyway, here are some shots i took yesterday while i had 20 free minutes to play around with it (although there is alot more to learn, this camera actually seems quite a bit more user [technical idiot] friendly)…think i’ll post this on the business blog as well…





disclaimer: all of these are un-edited.  yes, i’m aware my baby is wearing nothing but a diaper.  yes, the hair on boots’ hand is annoying me too.

April 23, 2009

the year of living biblically

The Year of Living Biblically: One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible  by A.J. Jacobs

i first heard of TYOLB when a.j. jacobs was on the cover of relevant magazine two years ago.  the second i saw the title i remember thinking that i wanted to read the book.  when i found out that a.j. isn’t a christian it made me want to read it even more.  my little sister gave it to me last year for my 30th birthday.  i started it in january and JUST finally finished it on our way home from texas 10 days ago (it’s pretty average these days for me to take a few months to finish a book…sadly).

anyway, a.j. jacobs is agnostic.  i didn’t even really understand what that was before i read this.  (if you don’t know either: an agnostic is basically someone who believes in some sort of higher power, but isn’t sure or doesn’t care exactly what that higher power is.)  the fact that he isn’t a christian made this book even more enjoyable for me.  it was refreshing to hear about the bible from someone a) who’d never read it and b) really didn’t understand what he was getting himself into. 

when i started the book, i had a hint that it might turn out to be sacreligious.  not true.  there is no mocking tone whatsoever.  jacobs does not believe that the bible is inspired by god, but shows great respect to the men who wrote it and the words it contains.  he takes 4 weeks to read the bible and then throughout his year is constantly trying to soak in more and more knowledge about it.  he reads many many other books and commentaries and even sets up a “board of advisors” of people from different sects of biblical faith (orthodox and non jews, conservative and liberal christians, etc).  he also goes on several trips throughout his year to get a closer look at many aspects of the bible (my favorites were: the creation museum, a snake-handler’s church, and an amish farm).

he spends 3/4 of the year in the old testament, since that’s the largest half of the bible and the portion with the most laws.  i won’t try to list all of the hundreds of laws he follows, but many of them fall under the categories of food, clothing, and the ten commandments.  jacobs is jewish by heritage and he makes it fun to watch him learn about “his people” in this way.  at first he feels awkward about everything, but after a few months, many laws become habit to him.  he forces himself to pray, which is very mechanical at first, but toward the end of the year, he catches himself doing “reflex” praying instead of just standing in the corner of his office with his eyes closed.  he follows the sabbath and comes to appreciate the beauty of truly taking a day off.

he has a harder time when he gets to the new testament because many of the o.t. laws are thrown out the window when jesus steps into the picture (thank you lord!).  it was funny to read about him trying to follow “laws” that aren’t really there.  many of his spiritual advisors tried to explain to him that the things jesus talked about are usually practiced out of a desire to please God and improve your relationship with Him after you’ve accepted Christ as your saviour.  it was cool how he began to see how following Jesus’s teachings affected his life and the lives of people around him. 

jacobs’ account of this year of his life is honest and endearing.  the book is a great balance of contemplation, humor, and education (i’ve been around the bible my whole life and i learned many things i never knew).  of course, the whole time i was rooting for him to get to the new testament and realize that he needs jesus, but i know that was alot to ask.  i highly recommend it.

April 20, 2009

monday monday.

just trying to get in a quick post before i head over to my photography blog and to fulfilling a much-needed print order.

i just spent 2 hours driving around town looking for an ariel figurine set that i can use to decorate harper’s birthday cake.  her party is on saturday.  it’s mostly just family and our (adult) friends, but i know that she is really looking forward to her cake (she still remembers her cake from last year!), so i’m trying to make it cool.  i wanted to get just a plain Publix cake and put the figurines on it, instead of splurging on the actual Ariel cake, but at this point, it doesn’t look like the cheap route is going to work.  this is not really a kid party…no favors, no pinata, no games or anything, so i want her to have a fun cake and some balloons.

i’m excited about everyone being here…my niece and nephew are coming with my parents and staying with us at night…harper is SO excited.  i just saw my parents like a month ago, but it was really quick, so i’m looking forward to spending some quality time with them.  also, my in-laws and sister-in-law are coming and they always add more fun to the party.  i’m sure i’ll be posting pictures next week…  sniff sniff.  seems like a few months ago i was posting these photos from her 2nd birthday.  i’ve said it once this month, and i’ll say it again:  STOP THIS TRAIN!!!

here are a few pictures from our trip to Texas (or maybe i should say “harper’s trip”):

the new backpack (filled with little toys and her Kitty)


this is when we were in the “train” that takes you to the concourses…she was so excited because she finally could see some planes…seriously, who needs to pay $100’s to get into Disney? 



this is claire.  she’s our…second cousin, i think.  anyway, harper took a liking to her and claire put up with her so nicely the whole time we were there.  i think she was just happy to see another non-adult.  this is a shot of harper while claire was so nicely lugging her around the yard (claire loves to wear her grandpa’s gardening boots…so precious!).


lastly, here’s a shot of ryan and i at our friend ben’s wedding this past friday night (note the green nails, which are now light pink, thanks to too much chipping).  i got that dress an hour before we left at Ross for $7.50.  typical.


April 18, 2009


harper is hilarious.  i’m running around like crazy today trying to get a bunch done while ryan’s here with the kids, but i just had to type this post before i forget this story:

a little while ago, harper and i went out to the back porch to have a picnic.  i set my sub on a barstool while i was setting up our chairs and looking for something to use as a little table.  i looked over next to the wall (over which is a 30 foot drop to the concrete below) and saw her wooden bathroom stool.  “what’s your stool doing out here?” i asked her.  she answered by explaining that she “just wanted to see the road and the houses”.  i’ve recently been trying to explain to her that she can look over the wall when mommy is outside, too, but not when she’s by herself and most of all, DO NOT EVER try to climb it.  so, after she explained why the stool was there, i said again, “mommy doesn’t like that…it’s very dangerous.  you could die.”  just after i said that, i reaced up behind me to grab my sub off the barstool.  i knocked the sandwich and it fell off the edge.  i caught it just before it dropped to the ground.  “whoa,” harper said.  “your sandwich almost died.”

April 16, 2009


(i know this post was supposed to contain pictures, but i haven’t found the camera yet since we got home…give me a few days.)

i’ve made several discoveries in recent days:

  • Expresso: i’ve only tried it once, but i see a great future ahead with this machine.  it’s a bike at the gym with virtual reality.  the handlebars move and it has a screen that makes it look like you’re riding your bike somewhere exotic (or just on a plain ol’ road).  it’s harder to peddle when you go up a hill.  you create a username and they keep track of all your stats and you can race your p.r.’s.  it’s very much like the running part of wii fit if you’ve ever seen that.  so fun!  i haven’t gotten sick of the gym yet, but when i do, i’m sure that’ll be one of things i lean on for motivation.
  • chick-fil-a sauce is amazingly good on pretty much everything that place sells.  i just figured out that it is fantastic on fries.  everytime i eat that sauce my mind races to think about what else i can dip in it.  i need to stockpile it at home and make a dinner with it.
  •  [warning: what you are about to read will cause shock and possibly despair.]  I’M THINK I’M ALLERGIC TO SONIC.  no, i am so not kidding.  seriously, would i joke about something like that?  here’s the story:  for about a year now, i’ve been getting really bad excema on my thumbs.  it is really painful and disgusting and, well, annoying.  i went to the dermatologist just after layne was born and she (the dermotologist, not laynie) told me that there was no way to tell where it came from and there is no cure.  i was very frustrated.  anyway,  the girls and i ate there about two weeks ago and i hadn’t been since new years’.  the excema popped up 2 days later after not having an outbreak in three months.  i don’t know when/where it hit me, but i all-of-a-sudden realized one day that sonic is the only factor that has changed in my life since i started getting this junk on my finger.  talk about being between a rock and a hard place!  i want so badly to know the cause of the problem, but i also want so badly to continue eating/drinking sonic!  i’m going on a 6-month sonic fast to see if that really is the source of the allergy.  pray for me.
  • today i discovered our george foreman grill on the porch.  it had been sitting there since the last time we grilled hamburgers.  TWO WEEKS AGO.  ew.

i guess while i’m discovering things i need to figure out how to get up and clean my house!  love you all.  night night.

ps.  i had a photo session tonight and one of the first things the mom said to me was that she liked my green nailpolish.  🙂  haha

April 15, 2009

my nails are painted green. seriously.

i’m catching up on american idol (and facebook and e-mail and my blog) while the girls are napping. they are both EXHAUSTED from our trip, so i have great expectations for some good solid sleeping. texas was great. not that it’s “fun” to go to a funeral and all that surrounds it, but it was so great to be around ryan’s [extended] family and to celebrate the life of his aunt carolyn. turns out everyone else thought she was just as amazing as we did.

[anoop is singing one of my most favorite songs ever…”everything i do, i do for you” from robin hood. he’s kinda corny, but i LOVE this song!]

as most trips like this one go, it was a hectic 3 days. the girls went to bed late every night and layne only really got one REAL nap, but they did awesome as far as behavior and being flexible. harper had a great time playing with the other kids and layne got lots of lovin’ from all the adults. i LOVE ryan’s relatives (and i love that some of them read my blog…hi mark and sharol…haha). it was amazing to get to be around them for a few days again. also, THE FOOD WAS INCREDIBLE. i’m heading to the gym when the girls get up so i can start to burn off some of the million calories i ingested (oh but they were delicious calories…homemade white bread, strawberry shortcake, homemade fried chicken, creamed corn, perfectly sweet tea, etc, etc, ETC…).

our plane left dallas at 7:45 yesterday morning, so we were back at my in-laws’ around 12:30. that was nice. the girls went down for a nap and me and erin (my sister-in-law) and sherry (my generous mother-in-law) headed to a salon for a mani/pedi. it was erin’s birthday, but i felt like it was mine! 🙂 i usually skip getting my fingernails done because i keep them so short and the polish gets screwed up really quickly since i’m always doing dishes and messing with strollers and whatnot. however, sherry talked me into getting the manicure. i’m glad she did, it was great. for some reason, though, i ended up picking dark green polish. i wanted something different…it’s different, for sure. i didn’t know if i liked it at first, but i do. i feel like it’s an accessory or something. something funky short of getting a nose ring or dying my hair red or whatever.

[adam’s voice reminds me of that guy from “the darkness”… i cannot believe some of the notes he can hit. i still am not rooting for him.]

after the mani/pedi we went to dinner at buca di beppos. love that place. ryan and i and the girls didn’t get home last night until about 10:45, so we were pretty wiped, but i’m glad we made the trip last night because i would NOT have been motivated this morning to get up and drive home. layne’s up, so i gotta run. i’ll try to post pictures tomorrow from the trip. harper was STOKED about the plane (and the bus and the tram and the van). it was really cute.

later gator.

April 10, 2009


so, i don’t deny i’ve been a slacker this week when it comes to my blog. i’d like to say that it’s because i’ve been tirelessly editing or cleaning my house or doing laundry or cooking gourmet meals. but, alas, i cannot [say that]. my wonderful sister-in-law erin has been in town since tuesday. we’ve had a great week full of activity. she’s not one to sit around, so it’s been great to have her around to help with the girls or fold laundry or do dishes. you’d think i would’ve gotten alot more done, but she and i are pretty close friends and i can’t shut-up when she’s around. i have several design projects going on right now and some editing to do and un-entered receipts piling up on the computer desk. luckily, a friend needed a babysitter today, so i have an excuse to write a blog. 🙂 if i hadn’t come over here during these kids’ naps, i doubt this post would be happening. [incidentally, i feel super special because i’m typing this post while looking at a HUGE apple monitor…trying not to be jealous.]

we’re leaving town tomorrow to drive to orlando and then fly to texas. ryan’s sweet aunt carolyn died yesterday after a tough 6 months of battling cancer. we’re looking forward to going up for the funeral just to see extended family, but it will certainly be tough to accept the fact that she’s gone. she was one of my favorites. i’m so sad that harper won’t remember her.

i most likely won’t have computer access while we’re gone, so i guess i’ll be taking another little hiatus. my goal when i come home is to blog every day for a week. i’ve slowly figured out that even if i feel like i have nothing to type about, if i take the time to sit down at the computer and post, something always comes to mind…even if it’s not of much substance.

harper’s 3rd birthday is weekend after next and i have seriously been in the twilight zone about it. erin and i went to “floetry” at berean last night…basically a writing (poems, essays, songs, etc) showcase. i was fighting tears the entire time we were there because most of the kids on the stage were kids that i taught 3 years ago who’ve become amazing “mature” young men and women. it’s hard to accept the fact that my kids won’t stay small forever and that some day they’ll be texting and gossiping and getting dirty looks from teachers. seeing those kids and how much they’ve changed in 3 years is going to be my current motivation for appreciating my life TODAY…not looking forward to that next milestone or even to the weekend. i feel SO fortunate that i get to stay home with the girls and that both of them are super healthy…i definitely take it for granted way too often. i keep hearing that john mayer song, “stop this train” over and over again in my head…. i don’t want to grow older. i don’t want to see my parents grow older. i don’t want my kids to grow up and get attitudes.

apparently i don’t want this post to end either. but here it is…

the end.

April 6, 2009

i bet heaven smells like breakfast.

this quote was printed on my paper napkin ring yesterday at First Watch.  i love it.

now that i have your attention: check out my two new (albeit short) photography posts here.