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October 22, 2010

friday favorites: new and/or improved

here are five shots of some of my favorite decor in our new house.

i don’t want to give too much away, since i STILL haven’t posted any pictures of the befores/afters of this place.  so…they’re more artsy than they are explanatory.  i’ll just label each with where each shot was taken.

first up, maitland’s room.

girls’ room.

living room…er, area.


my bedroom/art space.

October 15, 2010

friday favorites

a few years ago i did an alphabetical favorites series of posts.  i’ve decided to revisit my favorite things, but do it through photography and do it every friday.

i’m hoping to post some pics of the new place (or things in the new place) next week, but for today…

jack-in-the-box.  it was mine when i was a kid and i found it in my grandma’s attic when we cleaned it out a few years ago.  the music and “popping” function only works some of the time, and i don’t even really like the way the clown looks (i took a picture of him and even hated that, so you won’t see him), so i’ve thought about filling it with rocks and glueing it shut to use it for a book-end or a doorstop.  every time i have this on my to-do list, i feel like the kids re-discover it and then i feel guilty about destroying it (even though they have another jack-in-the-box).  i just love love love the colors and the graphics on the outside and i love that it’s a tiny bit beat up.  and i love knowing that i played with it as a kid.

August 18, 2009


  • yesterday was our (me & ryan) SEVEN year anniversary!  i seriously cannot believe it’s been seven years, but at the same time it seems accurate to think that we’ve been “together” for 11 (we met in the spring of 1998).  thanks to my good friend jenny’s babysitting we were able to go out for a NICE dinner at The Riverhouse.  last time we went there was for our 3rd anniversary.  it sounds stupid because i’ve only eaten there twice, but that place is seriously my favorite restaurant i’ve ever been to.  amazing steak & mushrooms, gourmet salad bar, on the water, with my best friend: can’t beat it.


  • i’ve made it almost a week using my mouth guard.  i can’t really tell too much of a difference.  my jaw is still sore on one side, but maybe not quite as much.  it’s defintely easier to sleep without it, but i’ve adjusted to having it in my mouth all night alot quicker than i’d thought i would.



  • today was harper’s first day of school.  she did great.  when i dropped her off she didn’t blink an eye…practically ran into the classroom (she’d been talking about that room since the first time we visited).  when i picked her up 3 hours later, she said that she’d cried on the playground because she wanted me, but she seemed fine so i didn’t make it a big deal.  fun facts: there is another little girl in her class named harper.  haven’t seen her yet, but harper said she has dark hair.  also, there’s a little boy in her class named layne…spelled the same way and everything.  can’t wait to see what they look like.  she ended up not even needing the backpack, so we may put it away until VPK next year…or at least until she needs it for an overnight trip or something.
June 23, 2009

NC pictures I: the waterfall

this place was called coker creek falls.  it took us about an hour and a half, two stops, and some time on the internet to find it, but when we did it was well worth it.  these types of places are pretty much ideal to me…running water, big rocks, and no crowds.  it was so fun to get to share it with harper…she loved it (as you can tell from the first picture).

ryan told her to stand on the rock and not to move.  she obeyed.  🙂

the girls on the trail…this place would’ve been cool even without the water…the trail was very well worn, but still a little challenging…parallel with the side of a hill.



wedgie.  🙂2009_06_16_1207

coming in from testing out the current speed for us.  (yes, i’m kidding)2009_06_16_1162

March 14, 2009

it’s cold.

i’m in north carolina. i’m ashamed of myself because i haven’t written a post in almost a week. however, that’s not going to change now. i’d like to write a fun post about what i’m experiencing right now, but the quality will be multiplied when i include pictures which i can’t do until i get home. plus, we’re watching a justin timberlake dvd which demands my full attention. yesterday, 3 friends and layne and i drove 9 hours to raleigh to surprise an old friend. she was surprised. VERY surprised. it was one of the coolest moments i’ve had in a long time.

more later.

in the meantime, while you’re biting your nails waiting for my brilliant run-down of this weekend, check out two etsy shops:
triple c designs and two florida girls

January 4, 2009

good gadgets

my husband is obsessed with microwave popcorn lately.  for the past few months, he’s come home from work and (yes, before dinner) popped himself a bag of it to go along with his customary pint of beer.  so, for christmas i decided to get him an air popper.  we had one when we first got married, but i ruined it (i think i put oil into the part where the kernals go…something idiotic like that).  when i was a kid we used to have popcorn for dinner every sunday night and watch the wonderful world of disney (what a shame that that show is gone).  i have very fond memories of those times and i’m hoping that harper will as well.  we fired it up for the first time tonight and she really loved watching it and eating it.  ryan and i don’t usually get each other anything for christmas, but he agreed that the popper was $15 well spent.

another thing that’s brought us some simple fun this week is this bubble maker.  i found it at wal-mart as a gift to give to the girls together, which was kind of tough (not like layne knows any different, but i wanted harper to know that she had to share it with her sister).  it was $10 and well-worth it.  it takes AA batteries, attaches to the wall, and then has an opening in the front where you pour in the bubble solution.  it took a few minutes for it to get going (the wands had to get fully saturated, i guess), but it makes probably 10 bubbles a second and they shoot out pretty far.  at first we had it on the side wall, but it works best if you mount it on the wall under the showerhead.  the bubbles go all the way to the back end of the tub.  harper loves it and layne saw it tonight and was pretty mesmerized.  pretty cool.

December 10, 2008

my darlin’ clementine

these things are amazing.  not only are they small, sweet, and my picky toddler loves them, but they are unbelievably easy to peel.  last night i peeled one of these suckers pretty much with one hand while i was nursing the baby.  no lie…and it only took me about 30 seconds (to peel it).

November 25, 2008


this post is two-fold.  first, here are 10 of the most meaningful things i am thankful for in my life. 
  • my husband – he is my best friend.  after 10 years, i still get a certain sensation anytime i hear him say my name (even if he’s mad at me while saying it).  i have no idea where i would be or WHO i would be if he wasn’t a part of my life.  he truly is my other half and i don’t know what i’d do without him around…i know i wouldn’t laugh as much, that’s for sure.  i hate that all of that really doesn’t mean much to someone reading it because that’s what anyone who has a good marriage would say, but it’s SO true.
  • my children – can’t really put into words how thankful i am that the Lord has blessed me with two little girls to care for.  yeah…i’m not even going to try.
  • my home – although i complalin about where i live and i definitely dream about having a house one day, i’m still very thankful for our condo.  it’s nice that we own it and can do pretty much whatever we want to it (short of knocking down walls).  i’ve blogged about this before.  (also, i haven’t forgotten that i’m supposed to post picures of our new floor…it’s coming soon, i promise…i’m waiting until we get a new table.)
  • my country – these days i’m sure everyone has a long list of things they’d change about the government and the economy, etc, etc; but i think when we compare our country/freedoms to others in the world, we’d all say that we’re glad we’re american.  i am proud to be an amercian and i’m very thankful that this is where i was born.  america is a beautiful wonderful place, for sure.
  • my health – i have always been a healthy person.  i get sick like once a year and that’s it.  i’ve only had two real injuries (broken arm in second grade and a severe sprained ankle in college) in my life.  i’ve had two amazing pregnancies (knock on wood) and two successful c-sections (definitely not by my choice, but they were both textbook, so that’s good).  i cannot imagine what it would be like to live with a disability or a disease.  i have GREAT respect for people who don’t have good health but are still in good spirits.
  • my extended family – i’ve been blessed with a LARGE group of very cool, very caring people that i get to call family (in-laws included, of course).  i hope i never take them for granted. 
  • my God – it would be foolish for me to try to put into words how thankful i am to be a child of our God.  He has blessed me far beyond what i deserve or imagined.  i fall short daily (hourly).
  • my abilities – i’ve been given many gifts and i’m very thankful for that.  i love finding new ways to use the talents God has given me.  it makes me happy.  (i know that sounds cocky, but i don’t mean it to.)
  • my friends – i can honestly say that i’ve never been in a stage in life when i haven’t had a least one really good friend.  i know that that is not a common thing and i hope i never take it for granted.  if i had only my husband to talk to, i could manage (and wouldn’t mind), but talking to a man is never the same as venting to a good girlfriend.  plus, ryan makes fun
  • my experiences – of course, not all of my life experiences have been positive.  a few weeks ago i was thinking about regrets that i’ve had, and i honestly could only think of one thing that i would’ve changed, and it was a measly 2 month dating relationship after high school.  i feel like everything that’s happened to me has either blessed me or truly taught me something about God or life in general.

second, here are 10 things that i could live without, but am very thankful i don’t have to:

  • shower puff – a shower isn’t the same without it (and some super hot water)
  • the internet – do i even need to elaborate on this?
  • baby monitor – this is a key factor to my girls’ sharing a room
  • noggin – 24 hour “preschool on tv” with NO commercials…my pinch hitter never fails
  • dvr – one of my favorite technological luxuries…if you have it, YOU KNOW
  • flip-flops – so glad i live in south florida because i’d look pretty stupid tramping around in the snow in my leather quiksilvers
  • lotion – i cannot stand even a hint of dryness in my skin (thanks to a few months of accutane in high school…again, if you used it, YOU KNOW)
  • junk food – be it some type of little debbie snack cake or a bacon cheeseburger from sonic, junk food is one of life’s simple pleasures
  • music – i think music adds a layer to life that we don’t comprehend.  if there was no such thing as music we would all be very sad people (and it would really limit the ways we could praise the Lord)
  • body pillow – yes, i can sleep without it, but i’d rather not.  makes all the difference in the world.
October 12, 2008

“the dreams that you wish will come true…”

it’s sunday and i want to make this quick…my pillow and the quiet house are screaming at me to take a long nap before the girls wake up.  🙂

on friday afternoon, i called ryan and told him that i’d been thinking i wanted to give harper her first movie night.  he stopped on his way home from work and picked up cinderella.  i was super excited about harper seeing this movie because she’s been in the princess-obsession stage for about a month now and i knew that she would LOVE seeing cinderella on tv (so far we’ve just read books about princesses).  i kept telling her that she needed to be really good because when daddy came home he was going to bring her a super cool surprise.  when ryan walked in, i remided harper that he had a surprise for her and she ran up to him and asked him what it was.  he said, “well, i do have a surprise for you, but first i have one for mommy.”  i looked up and he had some wood floor samples in his armload of stuff (we’re most likely putting wood down in the next few weeks, but that’s another post).  i thought, “oh cool, floor samples, that is a fun surprise.”  (no, seriously, i really was excited…sad as that may be.)  then, ryan handed me a package wrapped in brown paper.  my birthday’s not for another month, so it took me totally off guard and i thought maybe it was like a case of resee’s cups or something.  🙂  i opened it and this is what i saw:

after i opened it, this is what i said: “AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”  i haven’t been that excited probably since i found out i was pregnant with layne.  i’ve been wanting a small point & shoot camera for about 2 years now and i’ve made sure that ryan heard about it constantly.  i am constantly in situations where i wish i had a camera with me, but wouldn’t dare take my big “professional” camera (i.e. the beach, the playground, the pool).  ryan has heard many times about failed photo opps because i was camera-less or was at home and didn’t have the time to get down the big backpack, pull out the camera, put on the right lens, blah, blah, blah.  i am SO excited and i love that he gave it to me a month early because there are alot of things coming up that i’ll want to use it for (not to mention the fact that he COMPLETELY caught me off guard).


harper absolutely LOVED the movie, like i knew she would.  it was really cute to watch.  we put her in a highchair in front of the tv to eat her dinner, but she wouldn’t take her eyes off the screen even for a second to look down at her food.  we had to keep reminding her to eat.  🙂  now the only problem is that she wants to watch it again…and again…and again.  i’m a little nervous about the other princess movies because they all have a pretty scary element to them…i think we settle for cinderella’s evil step-mother a few more times before we move on to any beast or octopus or mean witch.

off to take a nap!

September 2, 2008

two words: AWE. SOME.