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May 27, 2010

really wish we weren’t out of ice cream.

  • something i accomplished today:  i fixed the girls dinner WHILE nursing the baby.  yeah.  not my first choice, but ryan was at soccer.
  • something i screwed up today:  left harper’s lunchbox at school.  today was the last day.  dangit.
  • something fun i did with the kids:  took them to the pool.  i didn’t get in, but there were two sweet older ladies from our building there, and they helped out alot.  had a great time talking to those two, actually.
  • something funny or cute one of my kids did or said:  i can’t think of anything specific right now (see the last point in this post…bedtime makes my memory of cute things fuzzy).
  • something yummy i ate today:  publix cinnamon rolls at breakfast.  
  • something i read today:  ashamed to say, NOTHING.
  • a tv show or movie i watched today:  i watched Glee and the American Idol final on DVR.  Glee took me forever to get through (actually started it yesterday), and the AI final was just annoying…i can’t stand those results shows.
  • something i did today that i hardly ever do: gave layne a haircut.  it’s a super-short bob, and i’m afriad ryan will hate it, but i think it’s adorable.  i’m hoping it won’t take long for her bangs to catch up and then everything will be the same length to grow it longer.
  • something i did today that i do every day:  got angry at bedtime.  i hate that this happens every day, but it really does.  they are terrible in there together.
  • something i am thankful for right now:  it’s 9:00 and maitland will be hungry any minute.  after i feed him i can go to bed.
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    May 26, 2010

    katie’s month in review

    i watch “the view” sometimes while i fold laundry or eat lunch.  they have a segment called “joy’s month in review”.  here’s mine:

    some things that have happened:

    • maitland was born (he’s a month old today!)
    • harper turned 4 (still crying on the inside over that one)
    • i had a wonderful week without the girls to get to know maitland and do my best to take it easy and heal.
    • maitland’s belly button stump fell off.  those things are disgusting.
    • ryan took harper on a date to see a mary poppins show.  turns out it was basically a recital for like 100 kids.  ryan was (secretly) extremely bored, but harper LOVED it.
    • LOST finale.  my expectations were super low, and i was still disappointed.  they got in way over their head…no way they could’ve explained everything in 2 1/2 hours.
    • i figured out that Pandora is absolute GOLD in my house.  i thought for the longest time that it cost money…i have no idea why, but the girls absolutely LOVE it.  pretty much every afternoon around this time, i turn it on the TV (playstation internet browser) and they dress up and dance around the living room for literally hours.  GOLD, i tell you!
    • our house became a short sale.  fingers crossed.
    • i discovered the show “9 by design” on bravo.  could be one of my favorite shows EVER.

    some things i’ve learned about myself:

    • i feel like more a stranger in this body than i did in the one i had a month and a day ago. 
    • i’ve come to realize that i crave normalcy and routine.  i am laid-back and am definitely not a stickler about doing most things at certain times or whatever, but after things are different for a few weeks, i need them back to normal.  my mom couldn’t believe i didn’t want her to come back and help me with the girls after their week away, but i was really anxious to get things back to as normal as possible.  (let me just follow that by saying that i LOVE it when big exciting things happen, such as having a baby or moving…wow, that would be unbelieveably fun…i fantasize every time i see a moving truck.)
    • i watch way too much TV…especially when i’m only sleeping 3 hours at a time at night and am super tired all the time.  i hate that as soon as the girls are in bed and the kitchen is clean, all i want to do is literally collapse on the couch.  i’d like to set aside at least one night a week where i watch zero TV.
    • i LOOOVE vanilla coke.
    • just when i think i know and appreciate how blessed i am, i realize that i have no idea.

    some things i have meant to do and haven’t gotten around to:

    • crest white strips.  they’re in the bathroom cabinet.  all i have to do is wear them.
    • stop eating sweets.  did it for 3 days and then….i don’t know what happened.  i decided last night i’m giving myself until the 6 week mark and then i’m declaring WAR on this baby fat.  this is my first time trying to shed fat while in my 30’s…i’m thinking it might be a little harder than the past 2 times…
    • order replacement chair back for our new dining set (one of them is broken).  actually did this while i was typing this post.
    • finish and deliver all thank you notes.  i have some finished ones that have been in my purse for over a month.  ugh.
    • be more consistent with blogging.  even if it’s only for my kids’ sakes (so that they have some record of their early years).

    May 13, 2010

    swagger wagon

    so…when i was a kid, we got a mini-van.  it was a toyota previa.  it had a refrigerator/freezer between the two front seats.  it had a huge sunroof.  the captain’s chairs in the back swiveled all the way around.  on trips we would turn them backwards and play cards and eat snacks and whatever else.  at the time, i thought it was the coolest car ever.  however, that mini-van love didn’t last forever.  by the time i was old enough to seriously think about what my life would be like when i had kids, i had firmly decided that i would NEVER own and/or drive a van.  even when we had harper 4 years ago and i knew i needed to get rid of my little 3-door saturn, and we bought a mazda hatchback, it still never crossed my mind that the next car i’d own would be a   van.  that’s right people, we got one.  and honestly, it hasn’t been that hard of a pill to swallow.

    here’s the deal.  about six months ago, i started reading “total money makeover” by dave ramsey.  he talks alot about letting go of the need to “keep up with the joneses”…about how if we forget about what other people think, our wallets and ourselves will be happier.  i was very convicted.  i’m not concerned with “the joneses” most of the time, but when it came time to thinking about a larger vehicle for our growing family, i realized that i DID care what people thought.  i didn’t want to be a cliche’ soccer mom.  [if you know me, you know i don’t like being cliche’ anything.]  but then i quickly realized that large s.u.v.’s cost ALOT of money and use ALOT of gas that costs ALOT of money.  so, i made the decision that i didn’t care what anyone thought.  i wanted/needed a bigger vehicle for a small price and decided that i didn’t care if that meant a van.  

    my father-in-law did alot of looking at the same time that we were, and he ended up finding the perfect van on craigslist.  we had some pretty strict guidelines as far as mileage, age, and price and this van met them all.  i am honestly SO thankful for this van.  ryan and i laughed at ourselves for all of an hour and then i think we were over it.  we got it 2 days before we had the baby, so i hadn’t even driven it until this week.  i love it.  let me say it like this (loud and proud): I LOVE MY MINI-VAN.  i am ecstatic about all the space.  there are many problems presented in my life thanks to a lack of space and storage in our home.  it is so nice to have so much extra space when it comes to my vehicle.  it makes me seriously happy when i look in the rearview mirror and see so much room.  pretty sure the old mazda would’ve fit INSIDE the sienna.  here are some pictures…

    the view in my mirror.

    same view, i just thought y’all might like to see how harper strapped in her baby.

    view from the back looking forward.  i am obsessed with all the cupholders and little storage nooks and crannys.

    i honestly even love the sliding doors…especially since i have to parallel park so often, it’s nice that my doors don’t hang out into the road.

    and, if i’d have needed another reason for developing some pride for my new ride, this incredible video would have done it.  watch it.  now.  go.  laugh.

    May 10, 2010

    day one

    so…it’s day one of our party of five.  not a “normal” day because (thank goodness) ryan is home today and tomorrow.  maitland had his 2-week check-up this morning.  i took harper with me.  ryan had some errands to run, so he took layne with him.  i was SO glad i had him to help out because we had to wait an hour for the doctor and layne would NOT have been fun during that hour.  after the dr’s office, we went to wal-mart.  the trip itself was pretty uneventful, but once we got home, i realized exactly how strategic i’m going to have to be about errands.  because we have to park so far away from our building, and i can’t lift the double-stroller yet (probably a week or 10 days to go on that), there is no way i can go to the store unless i leave everything in the car.  i had to call ryan for help (he brought down the stroller) because i had all the wal-mart bags, the baby, and a ton of taco bell stuff to carry.  luckily harper can walk.  🙂  everyone except me is napping right now and then i think ryan’s plan is to take the girls to the pool (we have to EXHAUST harper if she naps so that she’s not up until 10:00).

    baby is still doing well at night, but i’m up at least twice with him, and we didn’t get to bed last night until after 11:00 (we watched “up in the air”…i really liked it).  so, i think i’m going to take a little snooze myself.  L8TR.

    ps…we got a new vehicle.  it’s bigger.  it’s newer.  hoping to do a post in honor of it soon.

    May 7, 2010


    since i’ve had so much peace and quiet and rest this week, i’ve been thinking alot about what a huge transition it is to have a baby.  going from the end of pregnancy to being mommy to a new baby entails a great deal of change…some good, some bad, some just plain wierd.

    goodbye beach ball belly, hello feet

    goodbye looking “cute” in anything you wear (thanks to that rock hard beach ball belly), hello spare tire

    goodbye anxiety and anticipation, hello excitement and enjoyment

    goodbye “i’ve got this routine down”, hello “this is harder than i thought it would be” [i haven’t experience this yet since the kids are still gone, but i know better than to think it’ll be any different.]

    goodbye normal breasts, hello deceivingly large leaky baby-feeders

    goodbye having to pee every 10 minutes, hello normal-functioning bladder

    goodbye steadily gaining 35 pounds for 8 months, hello to hopefully losing it in the same time span

    hello to a husband who is i-forgot-how-sweet to his babies

    goodbye vericose veins and swollen feet, hello strange hormonal body odor

    goodbye eating for two, hello extra 1000 calories a day  [luckily nursing is a great excuse to continue eating like a soldier].

    goodbye solid night’s sleep, hello 3 hour naps

    goodbye to having no clue of how to change a boy’s diaper, hello sprinkler [and, for the record, i think a boy’s “area” is SO much easier to clean than a girl’s]

    goodbye to thinking my girls would care less about a little brother, hello exploding heart when i saw them excited about him

    goodbye week of rest on the couch with one EASY kid, hello family of five (starting on sunday)!!!

    May 6, 2010

    can’t believe it’s already been a week since we came home from the hospital!

  • something i accomplished today: finally finished my thank-you notes
  • something i screwed up today:  honestly, i didn’t do enough to screw anything up.  for real.
  • something fun i did with the kids:  maitland and i had a grand time snuggling on the couch watching mindless reality tv.
  • something funny or cute one of my kids did or said:  just have one sweet little baby this week and pretty much everything he does is cute
  • something yummy i ate today:   just finished a fantastic dinner brought over by our friends mike & tina (bbq beef sandwiches, corn on the cob, fried okra, and an awesome salas) 
  • something i read today: sadly, i don’t think i really read anything…certainly browsed through some e-mails, but i don’t think that counts
  • a tv show or movie i watched today:  lots of tv, but i think my favorite was “jerseylicious”…never seen it, but i couldn’t tear myself away from the big haired, fake tanned hoochies
  • something i did today that i hardly ever do: something i hardly ever do THIS WEEK: swept the floor
  • something i did today that i do every day:  wished i didn’t have to get out of bed when i woke up (although i’m very thankful that this week it’s been much later than normal)
  • something i am thankful for right now:  got through the day without taking a pain pill…hoping i’m really on the home stretch and i’m so thankful that i got that shot a few days ago – it really helped
  • May 5, 2010

    sing it, don henley.

    take it eeeeeeasy, take it eeeeeasy

    and i am.

    the past three days have consisted of me sitting on the couch.

    i get up for 3 reasons: to pee (or shower), to get food or drink from the kitchen, to change maitland’s diaper (all the stuff is in our bedroom).  i’ve been eating here, napping here, answering phonecalls and texts here, watching tv (never watched so much OnDemand), and using the fabulous laptop (ryan’s timing on the purchase couldn’t have been any sweeter).

    i am missing the girls, but the time alone with baby has been oh so nice.  the post-cesearean pain this time around has been pretty bad…i think i overdid it a little when i got home from the hospital.  monday night i started to think that something was wrong…felt like i’d torn something or ripped out a stitch or something.  so, we went to the OB office yesterday.  he said everything was fine and offered me a steroid shot for the pain.  i got the shot and it helped alot.  my plan for the rest of the week is still to park my butt on the couch all day.  i’m hoping to be feeling pretty good by the time the girls come back on sunday.

    a few of the things i’d like to accomplish while i’m parked:

    finish thank you notes

    mother’s day cards

    make/mail CD for hadleigh 6 month session (i’d like to blog it also, but my logo file is still on the old CPU, so we’ll see)

    edit adley 6 month session

    chanda e-mail update

    read the 2nd half of my Real Simple magazine

    get rid of this headache

    order leapfrog tag books for harper

    May 4, 2010

    anatomy lesson

    funny story:  in late afternoon on the day maitland was born, the nurse gave him a bath in the sink in our room.  i was in the bed, relaxing (i.e. high on narcotics), but everyone else gathered around the nurse to watch.  harper was on ryan’s shoulders so she could see everything.  everyone was quietly watching and my dad was videotaping.  out of the quiet, harper informed my dad (on tape): “poppy, that’s a penis.”

    May 4, 2010

    and baby makes FIVE!

    [wrote this yesterday and forgot to post it.  oops.]

    Maitland Buerke Hobbie is a week old today.  he was born last monday, april 26th at 12:54 in the afternoon.  he weighed 7 lbs 8 oz and was 19 inches long…our fattest and shortest baby.  he scored almost perfectly on his apgar test…a 9.9, i believe.  ryan said that the nurse said she wanted to give him a perfect 10, but the doctor wouldn’t do it…no such thing as a perfect newborn, i guess.  🙂  we are so grateful to God for such an incredible blessing and another amazing experience.  that 3 minutes of listening to his first healthy cries was easily one of the best 3 minutes of my life.  there is no higher happiness than the simple understanding that the baby is alive and well and here for us to meet and hold and kiss and stare at as much as we want.

    “brother”, as we’ve been calling him, was born via c-section, and as i sit typing this post, i am still very sore…moreso than i’m supposed to be, i think.  i’m going to the OB’s office tomorrow to get them to have a look at my incision site.  one end is causing me a great deal of pain.  my parents have the girls for the week so i’m looking forward to the week to be able to rest and get maitland on sort-of a schedule.  our new laptop couldn’t have come at a better time (thanks, honey!!!).  seeing as i’ve had plenty of time to post, i have no idea why i’m just getting to it.  i guess i feel like it has to be some briliant literary work or something and i just haven’t felt up to delivering anything of the sort.  🙂  but, here goes…a synopsis, i guess:

    this c-section, my third, was scheduled.  my body apparently has no clue what it’s supposed to do to deliver a baby…a medical term called “failure to progress”.  it was because of my retarded body’s lack of knowledge that i had to deliver my daughters through a hole in my abdomen instead of my…um…vagina.  not at all my choice, but my babies have all been extremely healthy and i’ve followed close behind them after a few weeks of healing, so it’s hard for me to complain.  when we had layne, i was trying to deliver via VBAC (vaginal birth after cesearean).  i went into labor in the middle of the night and immediately started rejoicing at the fact that the Lord was granting me my desire of a vaginal birth.  when that didn’t happen (retarded cervix!), i was heartbroken and mad at God.  i was literally shaking sobbing while they gave me the spinal shot that numbed me for the surgery. 

    needless to say, when planning for this baby’s big entrance, i didn’t want to go through that heartbreak or pointless labor pain again.  so, we scheduled this one.  turned out to be a great decision.  maitland’s birth was a great experience. from the drive to the hospital (at the speed limit, in the daylight) to spending the last night in the hospital alone (told ryan he HAD to go home to get a good night’s sleep and then the night  nurse – apparently an angel from heaven – kept the baby for me for FIVE hours straight so i could sleep) , this experience was totally different.

    i do not fare well when given narcotics.  i get dizzy, puke, and just feel really REALLY tired.  i had this experience after i had Layne, so this time i was prepared and wasn’t nearly as freaked out by it…plus, 4 of the 5 times i puked, my abdomen was still numb so it didn’t hurt.  i think i was actually even pleasant to be around…when my slurred words could be understood..haha.  my nurses were awesome.  the food tasted great (seriously) when i FINALLY got to eat on tuesday.  my only real disappointment was that i really got to spend no time with the baby the day he was born.  i was too dizzy really to even sit up far enough to nurse him.  however, like i said before, this was the best birth experience by far.  hopefully our experience with this little man will continue to be so pleasant.

    he’s been a pretty easy newborn so far…sleeps most of the day (typical), nurses every 2-3 hours (typical), needs a diaper change like every 20 minutes (not really, but i’d forgotten how often they need a new diaper), and he goes right back to sleep after eating and a diaper change in the middle of the night (greatly appreciated).

    my plan in the coming months is to focus solely on my kids, my husband, and my home.  i’m hoping to have some time to post often on this blog (although the past week hasn’t been a good indicator), but again, BLESSED is not my priority.  so, hope to see you again soon…with continued good reports about our sweet new son.