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November 12, 2010

hey guys.
i’m really torn about my blog lately. my goal is to write something every day, but i don’t feel like i have my priorities in order when i think about writing a blog post alot more than i think about having a quiet time. maybe once i start making time with God a priority He’ll clear up some time for my blog. i love the actual journal part of it…like the fact that i can write things about my kids and my day-to-day life that i’d never remember otherwise (this is the only “journal” i’ve ever stuck with). but if keeping up with something not “work”-related is causing me to slack in other more important areas of my life, it may be time to call it quits. no, i’m not ready to say that. it may be time to take a break. i’ve taken a hiatus before, and i guess i’m saying that i’m doing it again. i’ll still be writing over here from time to time.

thank you guys so much for ever taking time to read about my boring life.

now i think i’ll go read my Bible while all of my kids are sleeping.


ps. maitland woke up. but the reason i logged back on: i’ve also been thinking alot about my true motives for this blog. yes, i love sharing pictures and stories about my kids and my life, BUT i do think that i crave attention and sometimes that desire is satisfied through this blog. i check my “hits” and enjoy it a little too much when i know alot of people have read what i have to say or have given me nice comments (which is alot…thanks guys). i’m over it right now. hopefully i’ll be able to come back with a new focus and and a clearer goal.

November 11, 2010

you know…

  • you know it’s time to paint your toenails when you’re choosing outfits strictly based on whether or not they go with closed-toed shoes.
  • you know it’s going to be an exciting day when the first family activity is getting to see a possum (opossum?) stuck in the trashcan.  (for real, it was cool!  and, actually, the poor guy is still in there…scared to death.  no pun intended, haha)
  • you know giving your kids cake for breakfast yesterday was a mistake when one of them says the next morning, “mommy can we have a special treat for breakfast since layne went pee on the potty?”
  • you know you have too many clothes when the same load of laundry can sit in the dryer for THREE DAYS.
  • you know you’ve got a really good friend in someone when they invite you over just to help them eat a batch of monkey bread.  (thanks, jenny!)
  • you know you’re desperate for some help (and had a LONG day) when your husband comes home to your girls sitting at the kitchen table, in their bath towels, drinking hot chocolate.
  • you know your husband is a good dad when he’s willing to read a book called “Fancy Nancy”.
  • you know you’re too tired to cook when dinner consists of a glass of apple juice and some pecans. (DCF employees, please note: this was MY dinner, not my kids’.)
November 8, 2010


On this date in:
1889 Montana became the 41st state.
1892 Former President Grover Cleveland beat incumbent Benjamin Harrison, becoming the only president to win non-consecutive terms in the White House.
1923 Adolf Hitler launched his first attempt to seize power with a failed coup in Munich, Germany.
1932 New York Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president over incumbent Herbert Hoover.
1966 Ronald Reagan was elected governor of California.
1971 The album “Led Zeppelin IV,” which included the song “Stairway to Heaven,” was released.
1987 A bomb planted by the Irish Republican Army exploded as crowds gathered in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, for a ceremony honoring Britain’s war dead, killing 11 people.
1988 Vice President George H.W. Bush won the presidential election, beating Democrat Michael Dukakis.
1994 Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years.
1997 Chinese engineers diverted the Yangtze River to make way for the Three Gorges Dam.
2000 A statewide recount of presidential election ballots began in Florida.
2004 Thousands of U.S. troops attacked strongholds of Sunni insurgents in Fallujah, Iraq.

Famous people who were also born on November 8th:

  • Parker Posey: 42
  • Bonnie Rait: 61
  • Courtney Thorne-Smith: 43
  • Bobby Bowden: 81  (YES!  i’ve always loved this one!)
  • Bram Stoker

i have an “On This Day In History” site on my favorites…i think one time i was thinking i could make up some silly holidays to do crafts with the kids about or something.  anyway, that stuff is interesting to me.

in other news…

  • i took the kids to target to get groceries.  a few days ago i was looking for stamps in my wallet and i found a target gift card with a baby design on the front.  “hmm…wonder how much is left on this thing.”  usually if i have a card in my wallet for a long time it’s because there’s like $4 left on it and i always forget about it.  i knew it had to be at least 5 months old because i haven’t gotten a baby gift since then.  anyway, i got up to the check-out and my total was $76.23.  i handed him the gift-card fully expecting to still owe at least $70.  WRONG.  the card had $75 on it!  thank you, SoFly girls!!  i had completely forgotten about it and it paid for our groceries.  awesome.
  • our church had a fall festival thing on saturday night.  at the sign-up table they had a cute basket full of apples and carmels.  there was a contest to see who could guess how many carmels there were.  we won, thanks to my father-in-law and ryan both giving me numbers as i was preparing to write (they said 275 and 250, so i guessed 232…there were actually 272).  the basket came with instructions on how to make carmel apples…hoping to try it sometime this week…maybe tomorrow.  i LOVE carmel apples and haven’t had one in forever…thinking we need to roll them in sprinkles or nuts or something…maybe i’ll post pictures.
  • i met (and exceeded) my charity:water goal, thanks to the generosity of many great friends and family.  i am so so so excited about seeing where this money goes.  (i still have like 70 days left, so if you want to give, DO IT NOW!!)
  • there have been times i’ve thought about giving up Facebook.  anyone who has it knows what an incredible time-waster it can be.  however, today was a day when i was so happy to have it.  it is so much fun to get so many birthday wishes from people from every time and place in my life.  i loved it!!

gotta hit the sack.  here’s hoping that maitland will give me one last gift: a full night’s sleep.

November 5, 2010

friday favorites: FALL!

our cooler weather has FINALLY arrived!  today was absolutely gorgeous…clear and cool.  i know we’ll have days before christmas where i walk outside and feel immediately sweaty, but i don’t care.  right now my toes are cold without the help of the AC and i love it. 

the weather is always a hindrance to my getting into the spirit of Fall, but this year i spent the month of october unpacking and settling into this house so i never  bothered to get out any of my Fall “decor”, which is the only other thing that gets me in the spirit.  (man am i glad i just typed that sentence instead of trying to say it out loud all in one breath.)  anyway, i’m in the spirit now, thanks to a fun Halloween and some cool weather…thinking i’ll break out said decor tomorrow.

and now, 5 of my favorite Fall photos…not ever, just the ones on my hard drive (’08 til now).

November 4, 2010

one year ago

[harper (then, the oldes of 2) napping (doesn’t do it anymore) in a dress-up outfit (mermaid that is too small for her), next to a purple dog (that i finally had to give to goodwill), under a tent held up by a chair (that we don’t have anymore), in a room (in a house we don’t live in anymore).]

November 3, 2010

i think zombies must look more rested than i.

  • harper’s not going to school today.  she got up around 4 AM and had a 103 temp.  no idea why or what else is wrong.  she says her throat hurts.  GREAT.  i am very glad she’s not going to school because it is pouring rain outside, however i am OVER the germs that are constantly creeping their way into this house.  i don’t want to resort to having to become one of those paranoid, addicted-to-hand-sanitizer moms (if you know me, you know that would be a ssttrreecchh).
  • got the estimate (the # that we’ll get a check for) from the insurance company on monday.  it was over twice what we were expecting.  i am begging ryan to let us just leave the scab on the side of the van and SPEND that fat check.  we’ll see what happens.  (new headboard?  gym membership?  stack of restaurant gift cards?  please babe???)
  • one night last week, harper was up all night with a stomach virus.  of course i hate for her to be sick, but i do love how snuggly she gets when she doesn’t feel well.  i slept on the couch just so that i’d be able to hear her if she was up running to the potty in the dark (which she did, 4 times, poor girl).  she wanted to lay with me for awhile after 2 of those potty trips.  while we were lying there, i was thinking that i never wanted to forget that moment…4 AM, house is quiet, just me and harper spooning on the couch.  her little hand on mine.  SUCH A PRIVELEGE.
  • my friend Tina is going on a FREE trip to san francisco this weekend.  she won a recipe contest on Foodbuzz and is being flown out there to attend a festival and do a demo for the recipe she submitted (which i had the privilege of trying and it is UH-mazing (pumpkin parfait).  we are all so proud of her (and i am SO jealous…san fran is one of my favorite places).
  • maitland hasn’t slept through the night since we were on vacation in august.  i’ve tried a few times to let him cry, but it hasn’t done the trick and i have perfected the skill of being in a semi-conscious state (basically asleep with my eyes open) so i’m lazy and just give in to nursing him.  i’d rather be up feeding him for 10 minutes as opposed to listening to him cry for an hour.  he just got 2 teeth in 2 weeks, but it looks like things in his mouth will be calm for awhile, so this week i decided it’s the end of the road for that waking-up business.  last night was night #2 and i think he only cried for like 20 minutes (monday night it was an hour or so).  i’m looking forward to not hearing him during the night anymore and i’m also looking forward to my milk supply understanding what’s going on.  i fed him at 6:30 this morning and he only ate on one side.  not to be graphic, but lets just say things are a little uneven right now.  i feel like i have a disability.
  • got a new blackberry and a new provider.  i now have internet on my phone.  it is a dangerous amazing new world.  🙂  the trackpad isn’t working right, so i actually have to go to the sprint place today to get it fixed or get a new phone or something.  i need to post pictures because it is ADORABLE.  purple.  i need to give it a name.
  • another note on maitland: he is very close to sitting on his own (he can do it on a soft surface).  his teeth are adorable. and he’s recently started being verbal…making jabbering noises.  all of this is fun to experience, but i can’t help but feel sad knowing he’s my last baby.  i want him to slow it down a little!

November 2, 2010

i have dirty knees.


it’s after 11:00.  i’m watching an early episode of Friends.  mediocre.  i always thought it was really cute how ross was so in love with rachel, but MAN he is d e s p e r a t e.

i had a late soccer game tonight and i can never get to bed before midnight on these nights.  i’m always hungry when i get home so i eat and i hate going to bed right after i eat.  so, here i sit. 

[monica and phoebe are taking care of some mystery coma guy.  they’re fighting over him and they don’t even know his name.]

i should be working on my website.  i realized a few weeks ago that i hadn’t so much as touched my website in about 2 years.  i’ve had ALOT of sessions in the past two years, and even i’ll admit that i’ve gotten alot better.  so, i’m in the process of updating all my galleries and slideshows and whatever.  i feel sort-of like i did a few weeks ago when i got SOME of the my skinny clothes out and kept thinking “oh yay!  i forgot i had this!”  it’s been fun to start looking through my portfolio and pick out my favorites.

i also should be painting.  not right this second, but just lately.  i’m doing a craft show in april that i should start cranking things out for…and i figure anything i do for that i’ll do doubles or triples of and just sell it in my etsy shop for christmas or whatever.  i’ve just gotten to the point where i feel settled in the house (unpacked the last box last week) and we are sort-of in-between busy times (although thanksgiving looks like an express train coming this way) so i need to take advantage of my “art space” and get some paint in my fingernails.

my creativity last week was making harper a mermaid cosume.  it was sort-of last minute (i took all 3 kids to the fabric store at 5 pm on a weeknight.  what in the world was i thinking?), but it turned out cute.  i spent last thursday morning literally doing nothing but keeping the kids entertained any way i knew how (they have alot of toys in storage that they’d forgotten about so that was cool) and working on ariel’s tail.  we found the last yard of this really cool scaly-looking fabric…turned out cute.  i made it up as i went along using my sewing machine and some posterboard and spray adhesive (which i haven’t used in forever and i forgot how much i love it…i’ve been searching ever since for something else that needs sticking together.  here’s our family halloween shot:

you can’t see harper’s tail, but you can picture it.  or you could look at a back shot i posted on facebook.  i was so happy that the snow white costume from last year fit layne…it was a little big on the shoulders, but she still looked darling in it.  ryan and maitland were acting out a scene from “the hangover”.  if you’ve seen the movie, you know how hilarious this is.  i was so proud of him for wanting to dress up and for being kind enough to include his infant son in his creativity.  hehe.

it’s now almost midnight.  just turned off the TV.  i need to go shower.  (i played keeper tonight at soccer because our regular goalie wasn’t there.  i hardly moved the whole game because our defense was playing really well.  there were 2 minutes left and i thought, “hmmm…maybe i won’t shower until tomorrow morning.  i haven’t sweated one drop.”  about 40 seconds later someone shot the ball and i dove for it.  right into a dirt hole.  the ball rolled right by me and my dirty knees.)