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May 31, 2009


so i’m not supposed to be writing this post.  i have a rule for myself that i don’t use the computer on sundays, but i had to get on the computer to deal with meal ministry and decided as long as i’m on i would pop over to the blog for a minute. 

we had a fun weekend.  friday night my in-laws randomly spent the night with us.  they’re looking to buy an investment home down here, and had a last-minute meeting with a realtor.  they wanted to look some more on saturday, so they spent the night.  it was nice to see them and i know they had fun spending a little time with the girls (even if they did have to sleep on the couch/floor…sorry sherry!).

saturday morning i got up early and went over to this huge rummage sale at a church down the road (jupiter first).  this is the third year i’ve gone to the sale and it is insane.  it is always super-duper crowded and i always find a few good things.  the reason for the sale is to fundraise for mission trips, so it’s not cheap as far as garage sale prices go, but i don’t mind paying a little more (think thrift store prices) if i know it’s for a good cause.  the one item i went intentionally looking for was a booster seat for harper (for eating).  i found a great one with a tray so i can also use it for layne when we need a high-chair (travel or whatever).  it was in great shape and $5.  my favorite purchase was this ADORABLE Roxy teenie wahine dress for harper.  it was also $5, which i would normally never have paid at a garage sale, but look at it:


the tag was cut out, so i had to guess on the size, but i figured that if it was too small, we could use it as a long shirt with leggings, or i could just save it for layne.  we happened to have barrettes that matched perfectly, too.

we had a bunch of people over last night to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday (it was his second surprise party…totally the guys’ idea…really cute).  i think we had 16 adults, 3 kids, and 2 babies (although layne was sleeping, so she doesn’t really count) in our house and it felt SMALL.  however, we haven’t had people over here in forever and it was alot of fun.

the girls slept in this morning (harper didn’t get to bed until almost 10:30), so we went to the 2nd service instead of our normal 9:00.  ryan had a soccer game down south so he was gone almost all day.  the girls and i went to first watch after church for a quick lunch not cooked by mommy, which was nice, then we came home for naps.  layne kept waking up every time i came into the room to take a nap myself, so i ended up just watching SYTYCD on dvr and then real housewives of new jersey (that show is seriously my guilty is so awful, but i can’t stop watching it).

i fed the girls an early dinner and then when ryan got home we headed to the pool for about an hour.  the girls had a ball, however harper randomly lost half of her dinner on the pool deck, so she ended up eating again when we came back.  after layne was in bed and harper was done eating, she joined ryan and i on the couch for some AFV (america’s funniest videos).  we love that show and harper really loves watching it with us.  at one point, ryan looked at her and she had a weird look on her face.  he said, “harper, are you okay?”  she said, “yeah, i’m just happy.”

May 29, 2009


on monday evening harper and i drove down to loxahatchee to meet hank the horse.  he belongs to our friends courtney and brenden (they live in jupiter, but hank stays at a barn in loxahatchee).  harper’s been around horses a few times before this, but this was the first chance she had to really interact with one.  she fed him a carrot, learned a little about grooming, and then rode on him for a few minutes.

when we got out of the car, all the horses stuck their heads out of their stalls.  they were excited to have some company, i guess (or they smelled the carrot in my back pocket).

2009_05_25_0983 copy

harper was a little timid with the carrot, so courtney had to pretty much hold her hand up there, but as you can tell, she thought it was pretty cool that hank ate the carrot out of her hand.

feeding hank


2009_05_25_0999 copy

brushing his tail…she loved this.

2009_05_25_1006 copy

carrying tack (sort-of)…

2009_05_25_1011 copy

meeting one of the barn kitties.

2009_05_25_0975 copy

court got on hank to warm/friendly him up a little and harper kept yelling at her, “is it my turn now?”  courtney rides english, so i was a little worried about harper not having anything to hold onto, but she did great just grabbing the front of the saddle.  she wasn’t scared a bit.  she even told me later that she was sad that he didn’t gallop (who knows where she learned what a gallop is).

2009_05_25_1014 copy   2009_05_25_1016 copy

when we left the barn it was about 7:15.  both of us were starving.  i told harper that my tummy was growling saying “i’m hungry!  give me some food!”  she said her tummy was saying that too.  we went to wendy’s, and after we’d sat down and started eating (i think she’d taken like 2 bites), she said: “my tummy is saying thank you!”

so fun to spend one-on-one time with her doing something special.  thanks courtney and brenden, and thanks ryan for staying home with loo.

May 28, 2009


i’ve been such a blog slacker lately.  here’s why:

**photo disclaimer: all of these pictures were taken with my small camera at night.  i realize the quality leaves much to be desired, but i really didn’t want to wait another day to do this post…turns out i never got it done last night anyway**

i’ve been up until at least midnight every night this week.  one night i was up sewing until 2:30 in the morning.  ryan thinks i’m crazy, but i hate to be interrupted when i’m working on this stuff so i really can’t do it during the day.  plus, i screwed up several times and the ended up taking me alot longer than it should’ve.  made new bedroom curtains.  the ones we had before had been there for over 3 years and i had never hemmed the bottoms.  it was either this or buy expensive wood blinds.

IMG_1035 copy 

here’s  a close-up of the fabric (in the picture above it kinda looks like blue christmas trees).  i also made  dark denim accent pillow for the bed, but ryan was in the bed when i took these pictures, so you’ll just have to imagine it. 

IMG_1036 copy

next up is the living room.  made new curtains and FINALLY (6 months later) got some photos into these frames.  the pictures are from our family session with rebekah hood.  it was so hard to find good vertical shots that’d be good in b&w, but i like what i chose.  they make me happy.

IMG_1050 copy

i didn’t make the new pillow covers.  i tried, but like i said earlier, i screwed up.  went to target yesterday and they had these pillows for $9 each.  you can’t take off the covers, but the ones that were removeable were like $20.  i figure i’ll take them to the laundry mat every few months.  they are super soft and harper hasn’t stopped playing with them since we brought them home.  she’s made a bed on the floor like 5 times, a gymnastics mat, and a bed for baby jesus with them.

here’s a close-up of what’s in the frames (agian, the quality of these is terrible, and in NO way shows the amazing-ness of rebekah, but i didn’t want to use my flash)

IMG_1043 copy

IMG_1044 copy

here’s a close-up of the new curtains.  i love this fabric.  it’s called terrarium.  i think i’m in an orange phase.  the ones i took down were orange corduroy.  i loved them, but they were just too “heavy” for summer.

IMG_1047 copy

we got new fixtures for all our sinks the weekend of harper’s birthday (over a month ago).  ryan finally had time to put one of them in.  i love it.  i think it makes the whole bathroom look new again.  (pay no attention to the dork in the mirror.)

IMG_1039 copy

May 23, 2009

abc’s of me

this went around FB a few months ago and i’ve been waiting for a good time to put mine here.  this is a good time because i want to write a post but really have nothing to say.  feeling lazy and tired.

A – Age: 30

B – Bed size: full (UGH)

C – Chore you hate: cleaning the highchair or putting away clean clothes

D – Dog’s name: no dog (at least not a real one)

E – Essential start your day item: orange juice

F – Favorite color: any shade of green

G – Gold or Silver: silver

H – Height: pretty sure i’m 5’4″

I – Instruments you play: flute

J – Job title: Mama

K – Kid(s): Harper (3), Layne (10 mos.)

L – Living arrangements: 2 bedroom condo on the 2nd floor above a bar and across the street from a baseball stadium…sounds like fun but usually it’s…not

M – Mom’s name: this is a trick question

N – Nicknames: K-Tron (still annoyed about this one sometimes), KT, Kate

O – Overnight hospital stay other than own birth: eye surgery when i was a kid, broken arm in 2nd grade, 2 c-section births

P – Pet Peeve: i cannot sleep unless the opening of both pillowcases are pointing to the outer edge of the bed

Q – Quote from a movie: “Honey, God don’t care where you go to church, long as you show up.” 

R – Right or left handed: right

S – Siblings: Bob, Natalie, Courtney

T – Time you wake up: ideally, i wake up when ryan is getting dressed for work around 6:30, but usually i wake up to my alarm around 7:15…somedays i just sleep until harper runs in and pounces on me.

U- Underwear: none right now 

V – Vegetable you dislike: i seriously have never tried a vegetable that i didn’t like.  seriously. 

W – Ways you run late: see explanation next to “L” and then keep in mind that i have two kids and usually have to park at least 100 yards away.

X – X-rays you’ve had: teeth, arm, ankle, shoulder

Y – Yummy food you make: depends on who you ask.  there are some folks around here who’d say i make a mean PBJ.

Z – Zoo: went a few months ago.  they charge $2 extra for a carousel ride!

May 20, 2009

sometimes when i’m in target…

i tend to give other woman dirty looks.  i don’t think they ever notice, and most of the time it’s not even intentional.  i just cannot handle it when it’s taking me 4 times too long to get through a very short list and one child is screaming at the top of her lungs letting me know that she wants a new toy and the other is insisting that i allowing me to hold her instead of riding in the perfectly good cart.  while this is happening, i walk by some woman in the cards section who obviously has no kids (because even a mom whose kids are older and in school would be at least rushing around looking a tiny bit frazzled) and has obviously been standing in that section reading greeting cards for at least 10 minutes (i know this because, before i had kids, that’s how long i would stand there to pick out a card).  sometimes it also happens while i’m walking past the women’s clothing section, just because i pretty much want to be anyone who is looking around that section by themselves (the look gets even dirtier if they’re with a friend).

like the title of my blog says, i do feel very BLESSED, but sometimes i silently long for the days when i could take my time and look at whatever i wanted or even get through an entire list without giving up and going home without all the things i need.

May 19, 2009

full day

gonna do this one in reverse…

just showered.

ate 2 bowls of raisin bran, 4 bites of vanilla ice cream, and a reheated bowl of the mexican skillet i made for dinner but wasn’t around to eat. 

went to soccer evaluations, but only 6 of us showed up, and i was the only one “new” to the league (this is the 30+ league).  we played 3 v 3.  i was nervous at first…felt really out of my element, but it ended up being alot of fun.  i was encouraged because i never really felt tired…the gym is paying off!

fed and bathed the girls, cleaned house, folded clothes, vaccumed (how the heck to do you spell that?!). then i had the unpleasant experience of seeing the contents of a can of peas all over my kitchen floor. i’m such a clutz.


a few phone conversations and some e-mail.

playground behind the library…avoided the homeless man sleeping on a picnic table and the huge looming black clouds.

library…put the old books/movies/CD’s in “the hole” and checked out new ones.

church play group. (enjoyed our conversation, charlene.)

breakfast at first watch.  told harper it was her reward for being SO great at the dentist.  she was pretty much layne’s nanny while i got my teeth cleaned.  i was so proud!  we all shared chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled eggs. $9 including tip was worth it not to go home to eat breakfast before we headed out to the church.


dentist.  i was told once again that i don’t floss enough (or ever!), that i need a $200 toothbrush, and a mouth guard thingy because apparently i clench/grind my teeth so much so that the back ones are worn down like they’re 80 years old.  harper was put in the chair for about 2 minutes after i had my teeth cleaned.  she was VERY excited and very cute about it.  when i asked her later if she’d been scared, she said no, but when they put the air-blower thing in her mouth, i could see her flinching a little bit.  still, she seemed genuinely diappointed when “dr. mark” was done.

IMG_1023 small  IMG_1024 small

got the girls up around 7:15…pretty early for them.  out the door at 7:45.

May 18, 2009

why must every post have a title?

we’ve been going to the gym in the afternoons, but went first thing today…got to the 8:00 step class at 8:20.  ha.  guess it was a great thing that there were only 4 other girls in there…which was weird, it’s usually packed.  headed straight to publix after the gym, then home to put laynie down for a nap.  while she napped, i put a movie on for harper and i did some work on the computer.  when layne woke up, i fixed lunch and we ate on the porch (well, they ate on the porch…the enormous bowl of cereal i had when we got home from the grocery store was still letting me feel really full).  after lunch, harper wanted to play outside for a little while.  poor layne.  she is so happy when she’s 3 feet away from her sister, but it’s so hard for her to be on the porch…the concrete tears up her knees.  i sat her down and thought she’d figure out pretty quick that that’s how she should stay, but she was so bent on getting around…she was on all fours (hands and FEET) the whole time.  i felt so bad for her i went and got some cheap soccer socks and tied them around her knees to make kneepads.  i forced her knees to the ground to show her that she had padding, but she still refused to crawl.  oh well.  a few more months and she’ll be walking anyway.  here’s a picture of the poor girl trying to get around.IMG_1020 copy

put both girls down for naps at 2:00 and actually got some things done.  no exaggeration: our bathroom had not been properly cleaned in probably 6 weeks.  a clorox wipe here or there, but nothing else.  it was DISGUSTING.  i always say that you never appreciate how good a place looks clean until you see it dirty.  seriously, it was so dirty harper could have cleaned it and you’d be able to tell a before and after difference.  so, it felt good to get that done.

ryan came home a little early so i was able to get to my SoFly meeting.  i got there late, but it was still a great time.  we’ve met several times now so we’re all starting to get to know each other better and it’s always a time of encouragement, laughter, and information.  i left feeling very energized and…well, happy.

and, here i sit.  it’s almost 11:00 and i have to get up fairly early so i need to get off the dadgum computer.  HARPER HAS HER FIRST DENTIST VISIT TOMORROW!  i can’t wait…i think mostly i’m just curious as to how she’ll act and if she’ll be shy or not.  i’ll try to post pictures tomorrow if i have time.  she is so excited about it.  she’s told me at least 3 times that i have to stay in the waiting room.  ha!  we’ve been reading all these books about the dentist so i can only imagine what she thinks will happen. 


May 16, 2009

growing like a weed

it’s been a great weekend so far.  ryan and i just finished “slumdog millionaire”.  both of us had been putting off watching it, probably because we were scared it was over-rated like so many other “highly acclaimed” films.  it was fantastic….extremely artistic, excellent acting (even the small children were amazing), and not cheesy like we thought.  i’d watch it again in a heartbeat.

standing in waterfriday night as soon as ryan came home from work, we headed over to one of our favorite beach spots (dubois).  the girls and i had been on thursday and seen lots of little fish and i’d mentioned to harper that we should get her a net.  ryan came through for her on his way home friday evening.  she was ecstatic to try it out.  however, when we got there, it was low tide, so all the fish were out to sea or hiding really well.  she had a great time swimming and dragging the net around anyway.  while were were there, we realized that it was layne’s 10-month birthday.  wow!  time FLIES and i feel like the closer you get to that first birthday, the quicker it goes.  my heart is aching.  i’d love to keep her the way she is now for at least a few more months.  here are some pictures from friday and then some fun facts about layne at 10 months old… 

harper jump collage

layne smile

layne waving

mommy & layne


Layne Katharine at 10 months old:

  • she waves “bye-bye”.
  • she says “hi” to strangers and stares at them wondering why they don’t say it back.  she’s recently figured out that sometimes you wave hello to people as well as goodbye.  (when i say that she says “hi”, i mean it literally…it was her first word after “mama” and “dada”)
  • she growls on command.  i’m trying to teach her to do it anytime she sees a picture of a lion or a tiger, but so far it’s not catching on…
  • she eats literally anything you put in front of her and gets REALLY annoyed when it’s gone.  she out-eats harper at least once a day.
  • she follows harper around everywhere (and i swear layne can crawl almost as fast as harper walks…it’s hilarious).
  • she’s developing a love for books (yay!)
  • she blew bubbles in the pool today for the first time.
  • if you say “no-no” to here, she shakes her head vigorously.
  • her hair is finally really starting to fill in.  has a hint of curl at the bottom (yes!).
  • LOVES being in the water (really, she has no choice in this, so she’s just making it easier on herself by not making us force it on her).
  • when we’re at the beach, she eats sand like nobody’s business.  it is disgusting and i have tried everything.  here’s a picture of the only thing that’s worked so far:

IMG_0936 small

May 13, 2009

no way!!

this is my third post of the night, but i just had to log back on to say:

NO WAY!!!!!!!  i absolutely cannot believe that kris made it to the AI final instead of danny!!!!!!!!!  i am SO annoyed!!  however, i will definitely be rooting for kris next week so adam doesn’t win.  UGH!!  i cannot believe it!

May 13, 2009


just finished my first official design post over at my photography/design blog.  i’m planning on doing them once a month or so, or whenever i accumulate 2 or 3 designs to post.  here’s a taste, but please visit!  [i’m annoyed because the letters are white but showing up light blue…help me out, wordpress!]

spring 09 postcard4