the beginning of the end

my pregnancy is finally coming to an end.  yes, the baby has been out of my body for about 7 weeks now, but my body hasn’t really realized it yet (not like my eating crap all the time is gonna slap my body across the face and say, “hey!  lose some weight!”).  tomorrow marks the first day of an all-out war on the last 10 pounds i have to lose.  the plan: no sweets or soda until my 30th birthday (nov. 8th) and some type of heart-pumping excercise 6 days a week.  i’ll let you know how it goes.  i honestlly do LOVE excercise, but my love for sweets and such is just as great.  that’s why i called it WAR.  luckily i have a few friends in the boat with me, so that should help.  not to mention the fact that i don’t fit into 97% of the clothes in my closet…talk about motivation.

if you don’t know me, you should know that the most dramatic part of this “commitment” will be my lack of attendance at sonic’s daily happy hour.  no, i don’t go every day, but i do go at least once a week and when i do, i go all out.  sadly, route 44 strawberry limeades are carbonated and are VERY sweet…


8 Responses to “the beginning of the end”

  1. best of luck to you!

  2. We need to decide what special treat we get to have when its over so that I can keep my eye on the prize!

  3. I am on board with you, Kate. 10 lbs less on the old man’s bod before your 30th. Your 30th? How in the world did that happen. It seems like just last year you were in Miss Linda’s class @ Brenauea as a 3 year old. Isn’t it great how God keeps the whole together and it just keeps going.

    Of course, we will have a break in the “no-sweets” part of the routine when we are in Springfield … you know with Andy’s !

    In closing, let me make one political statement …. NOPE !

  4. Yeah, I agree with Poppy. You’re going to have to make an exception for Andy’s . It just wouldn’t be right if you came all that way and denied yourself the creamy goodness of Andy’s Frozen Custard. We’ll try to eat well other than that, so don’t worry. Oh, and my parents have a treadmill!

  5. oh boy… my weakness is COCACOLA!!! It is soooo delicious. You can do it though… Nursing will help.

    I am going to mommy and me classes too.. like twice a week soon.

    Wanna join me? They are in Gardens….


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