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July 30, 2010

week in review.

this week was…well, quite a week.  maitland is getting a tooth (already!) and i think i’ve also figured out that he has some type of dairy sensitivity (there’s only one way to figure that out and it’s not fun). monday and wednesday were full of activity, but the rest of the week we really just hung out here…which is really rare for us…i get claustraphobic.  all of my favorite bloggers post alot of pictures and i am lazy terrible about it, so i decided to do a mother of a photo post.  here goes:

monday: we got up and got out by 8:45…followed my sweet friend courtney out to loxahatchee where she keeps her horse, hank.  harper and i had been once before, but i don’t think layne had ever even seen a horse in real life.  she was good with it until i set her up on top of him…not crazy about that.  court was SO patient and kind and helpful to the girls while she let them help with grooming hank and even giving him a treat.  they absolutely loved everything about every minute we were there (except for layne ON the horse).  after the barn, we went to chick-fil-a to kill some time before we drove up to tequesta to pick up my friend kat‘s son, tookie.  he was at our house the whole afternoon until after dinner.  tookie is SUCH a sweet precious little guy.  they all had a great time…even layne, whose only nap that day was like 20 minutes in the van.  

tuesday:  kind of a blur actually.  🙂  we were home ALL day.  maitland was super fussy and i had no obligations, so we just hung out.  made pancakes and ended up in my pajamas until about 4:00.  i haven’t had a day like that in forever and it was actually really nice.  at 4:00, instead of heading to the gym like normal, i decided we needed some outside air so we walked to the playground.  it’s about half a mile and i was stoked that i figured out a way that all 3 kids could ride in the double stroller (harper stands sort-of in-between the seats).  it was hot out, but it was a nice change of pace for all of us, and just nice to get outside for a bit after being shut-in all day.

wednesday:  my friend alyssa texted me telling me there was a free veggie tales movie that day.  i knew we’d be late, but decided to go anyway.  we got there about 10 minutes after it started.  it was layne’s first movie and she did great…SO cute sitting in the big seat.  maitland slept through much of the movie, so that was nice.  after the movie we went to super target and got some groceries for a picnic lunch and then went to the fountains in royal palm.  the kids had a blast and a half.  we were only home long enough for layne to sleep for about an hour and then we went over to visit my sis-in-law and the kids she babysits for.  the girls swam with them and maitland and i just hung out poolside.  we got home just in time for me to nurse the baby and toss him at ryan while i ran out the door to the gym (first zumba class!).

thursday:  we didn’t do much….i can’t remember much.  layne randomly woke up with a gross snotty nose, so i was trying to keep her pretty quiet.  we went to publix and that’s about it.

friday: we had big plans for a lemonade stand this week (one reason we went to publix on thursday).  so, right after breakfast we spent about 45 minutes working on signs for the “stand”.  maitland was again very fussy so i was hesitant to go to the gym, but we did anyway.  i was only on the bike for 10 minutes when they called me back to the kidzone to get him.  the girls played on the porch for awhile after that, which is sometimes really nice (even when they put more sidewalk chalk on thier bodies than on the concrete).  harper and i made the lemonade during layne’s nap (it turned out DELICIOUS) and then when loo woke up we all headed downstairs.  we were only down there for like 15 minutes before we ran out of lemonade, but i could tell harper really loved it.  may have to do it again before we move.  after we ran out of lemonade, one of our sweet neighbors (an older lady named mercedes) invited the girls up to her house and told me to enjoy my shower.  wow!  such a nice blessing…not to mention that baby boy feel asleep 20 seconds into said shower.  we had dinner in west palm with ryan’s sister and cousin-in-law and her brother.  it rained cats and dogs the whole time we were in the restaurant, but it’s an open-air place, so it was actually pretty cool.

now, ryan’s over at a buddy’s house and i’m avoiding any type of housework…thus this ridiculously long post.

just posted on my photography blog, too.

this was one of the signs for the lemonade stand.  harper has recently learned to write her name (good thing she goes to school because i’d had no idea she was capable) and i think she’s getting really good at it.  she writes “harper h” because there was another harper in her class at school who was “harper g”.  at the very top of the photo you can see where i wrote “lemonade” on a piece of paper…she copied it and i think she did a great job!  the “E” is my favorite.

i still have no idea why harper didn’t want to be in this picture.

poor guy did alot of this this week.  (don’t judge me for photographing him while he is ticked off.)

one of the only ways i could get him calm.  today he hung out in here for about 15 minutes.  just laid there while i had my laptop on the counter.

he did have a few smiles for us.  cutie.

July 29, 2010

hate to admit.

  • sometimes i tell someone i’ll pray for them (or i AM praying for them) and i forget and don’t.  or even worse, i just don’t pray period.  the Lord is working on me about this.
  • i don’t make harper wear underwear to bed.  is that wierd?  i don’t sleep with underwear, so when i was potty-training her, i always told her she didn’t need panties at night.
  • i am super judgemental sometimes.  i do my grocery shopping on saturday nights and i’ve had some pretty mean thoughts about people that i see in there (especially people with kids).
  • i haven’t cleaned my bathroom in at least 3 weeks.
  • i surprise myself sometimes when it comes to the level of my competitive nature.  i get a tiny thrill out of dumb things like: paying less for something than someone else i know bought the same thing for more, having more kids than someone else (no lie), running longer than someone else on the treadmill at the gym (especially if they’re right next to me).
  • i get really excited when i get alot of hits on my blog (that’s why i “advertise” on FB sometimes).  get even more excited when people comment.  validation or vanity?
  • the pants i’m wearing have dried snot on them (not mine).  it’s about 10 hours old.  i forgot about it until just now and now i am totally grossed out.
  • sometimes in the middle of the night, when i’m awakened out of a deep sleep by the baby, i forget which baby he actually is.  i’ve definitely called him by both of his sisters’ names at least once.
  • i’m a little bit sad to see layne go to bed without her binky.  she looks too grown up.
July 28, 2010


•something i accomplished today: movie theater with all 3 kids by myself (and the seat-saving assistance of alyssa)
•something i screwed up today: there is a huge pile of laundry in a chair that’s been waiting to be folded since yesterday morning. still sitting there.
•something fun i did with the kids: aforementioned movie theatre (free veggie tales); fountain fun; and some swimming with aunt erin after layne’s nap. it was layne’s first movie! she did great…loved it.
•something funny or cute one of my kids did or said: layne is so adorable when she pretends to be buzz lightyear…can’t quite get it out when she tries to say “to infiinity and beyond!” it comes out more like a series of mumbles followed by “YOND!”
•something yummy i ate today: i randomly bought starburst at target…hadn’t had those in forever.
•something i read today: i just read a whole bunch of blogs.
•a tv show or movie i watched today: ryan and i have been watching “carrier”. if you have yet to see this movie, you should do so soon. it is 10 hours, but it is excellent.
•something i did today that i hardly ever do: never done it, actually. a ZUMBA class…so fun. so…latin. i felt very non-latin. 🙂 can’t wait to go again next week!
•something i did today that i do every day: OJ.
•something i am thankful for right now: this laptop (i’m sitting in bed next to ryan while he reads) and a sleeping baby close by.

July 27, 2010

a brick in the face.

so it’s late and i should get to bed, but i wanted to post this before i forget what i’m thinking/feeling:

i never knew i had a temper until i had kids. layne’s not there yet (not really old enough), but harper can make me madder than i ever knew i could get at anyone. sometimes i am utterly shocked at how seething mad a 35 pound little curly-haired ballerina can make me. i don’t know if it’s normal, but i’m assuming it is (feel free to leave comments affirming this fact).
bedtime at our house is almost a nightly battle. we spank, we take away toys/privileges/etc, we turn off lullabies. nothing seems to matter to harper…she will think of any excuse to stay awake, even if it involves a negative consequence. tonight was pretty typical, but ryan was at a function for work, so i was on my own. i lost it on her. i got extremely angry in a matter of about 10 seconds and said and did some things that i am regretting. that’s all i’m going to say about what happened…no need to call CPS or anything, i just wish i’d reacted differently.

when i came out of the girls’ room, heart-beating, tears streaming, i went on a cleaning rampage. it helped me clear my head a little and also gave me something to do with my hands, which is always a plus for me when i’m upset. one of the thoughts that kept going through my head was this: “i do so much for her. i give her so much. i teach her so much. why does she turn around and treat me this way?!” now, i understand that these issues we’re having with harper are more about her than they are about us. she is testing boundaries and learning how to express herself just like any other 4 year old does. she wants to stay up a little later and she knows that if i’m angry, she’s getting attention and doesn’t have to go to sleep. she’s not logically thinking through things, remembering everything i did for her today, but not caring. however, when i was super ticked off and had that thought for the 5th or 6th time (about how much i do for her), it hit me like a ton of bricks in the face that that has to be EXACTLY how God thinks about us. oh man, the floodgates opened when i had this realization. it’s a simple truth: God loves us. He invented love, so i know He feels it far deeper than we do. He does amazing things for us every day, provides us with not only the things we need, but with the things that make us super happy, and how do we repay Him? We sin. He arranged and re-arranged and sacrificed so much for us just to keep us close to Him and how do we show our appreciation? We choose not to spend time with Him. We are only passionate when we need something. We keep His amazing gifts and truths to ourselves.

maybe you don’t treat the Lord this way, but i realized tonight that i do. and i am so thankful that my kid was a brat for 10 minutes so i could get the slap in the face that i deserve.

Lord, i don’t ususally pray to you via my blog, but i just wanted to tell you tonight that i do realize how blessed i am and that every second i have on this earth is a gift and an opportunity to give you praise. i am so ashamed that i don’t do more to show you my love and appreciation. i am so sorry for my anger tonight, but i thank you for using it to teach me more about your infinite mercy and grace. thank you for never reacting to us in anger. amen.

July 27, 2010

slip n slide

this just made my day.  thanks meg (even though the video of you conveniently didn’t work).  now i am daydreaming about this being my family and some friends of ours (or maybe family) in like 5 years.  we have done this tarp thing before and it was awesome.  i just can’t wait for the day that all my kids can do it with us (although i don’t know if i would pay them a dollar for making it to the end…maybe if they were standing on their head or something).

July 25, 2010

have you ever…

question-mark1dried your hair with the car air-conditioner?

made dinner while nursing a baby (and almost gotten their baby foot too close to a hot pot)?

gone to the gym for the sole reason that it gives you a break from your kids?

worn a shirt all day that had spit-up on it and not noticed until you took it off?

left your wallet on the counter at the checkout at wal-mart after you paid for your stuff?

realized 10 minutes before your husband came home from work that you’d never brushed your teeth that morning?

literally used spit and elbow grease to clean up a sticky spot on the floor because you were too lazy to grab the floor cleaner?

worn a skirt to church that comes up to your rib cage because it’s too small (and liked it because it made your stomach look a little flatter)?

me neither.  just asking.

July 24, 2010


sometimes i get audio books for harper at the library.  she likes to listen to them during her rest time in the afternoon (rest time is code for: “get-away-from-mommy-for-an-hour” time).  when i was getting ready to drive to orlando to get the girls the other night, i saw “on the banks of plum creek” sitting on the dresser.  i grabbed it and decided i would listen to it on my way up…something other than the radio or my un-synched iPod.  the “Little House” books were some of my favorites growing up and it has been so fun to enjoy them all over again with harper (even before she can read!).  anyway, i think i got through 4 of the CD’s on my way up.  i was riveted.  one of the things that stuck in my mind after i got out of the car…and even until today, 2 days later was this:  anytime Wilder gives a description of the creek, she says that it was “always changing, but always the same”. 

i love that.

i started thinking about how many areas that little phrase can apply to.  that is life for most of us:  “always changing, but always the same”.  spent time yesterday with some dear friends and i was just thinking about all that’s changed during the 6 years that we have been making special efforts to see one another…marriages, new jobs, babies, degrees, more babies, big moves, haircuts, etc, etc.  and yet, through all that, our friendships are the same.  never awkward, never really strained.  always, ALWAYS a blessing.

i feel that way about my marriage, too.  sometimes i take a step back and think, “is it really possible that this is my life?”  i have 3 kids and loads of happiness with this man, the boy that i started loving so many years ago.  i know it sounds corny and simple, but it’s true.  when we got our van, i felt like a total nerd for the first few days driving it around.  but then i thought to myself, “what if someone had told me in college that i would be driving a mini-van full of OUR 3 kids?!  i would’ve passed out from pure glee.”

every generation of kids has about 3 memorable fads (i.e. Silly Bands).  “always changing, but always the same.”

my dad’s cousin Cliff died last week.  he’d very recently been diagnosed with advanced brain cancer, but the doctors thought he’d have a least a few months left to live.  the morning after he died, i woke up and thought about his sweet wife.  i thought about what it must be like to wake up on that first day when your spouse is gone.  i can’t imagine.  but i guess, that life really is just like the creek…”always changing, but always the same”.  even when the love of your life is no longer on this earth, you still wake up, you still eat, you still (try to) sleep, babies are still born, eventually you laugh again (especially thinking about someone as funny as Cliff).  i think i’ve talked about Steel Magnolias before…pretty much my favorite movie.  i love the very last scene when Malynn (played by Sally Field), the previously grief-stricken mother, is pushing her grandson in a swing and says so simply: “Life goes on.”

this post has taken a turn that i didn’t intend, but i don’t think that matters.

the most prevalent theme in my thinking the past few days was about our God.  He is the only thing that NEVER changes.  it is almost unfathomable to me.  but i like it.  i’m incredibly thankful for it.  that’s really all there is to say about that.

July 21, 2010

7:53 AM

i’m thinking i want to organize my blog a little better…kind of like my friend bekah has done…each day has a specific post assignment. i’ve been thinking about doing it for quite a while, but it seems to be working really well for her, so i’m inspired to make it work for me as well.  i need to think about what i’d like each day to be…

in the meantime, a little about what’s been going on:

we were in orlando this past weekend for layne’s birthday party and also for the 30th birthday festivities of a good friend of ours.  it was a great relaxed time with friends and family.

the girls stayed in orlando at my in-laws’ house.  this is day 3 without them.  i leave tomorrow evening to drive back up, spend the night, and drive back with them on friday night.  we will spend the day on friday with my chanda girls at my friend cathleen’s house.  our friends casey and sarah are on a 2 month visit to the States from their new home in south africa.  i am so excited to spend a few hours with them and hear about their new life.

we had an offer come in on our house. it was super low and it’ll take around a month for the bank for even look at the paperwork, but it’s a start. the ball is rolling, if ever so slowly. one part of the offer being made is that we won’t show the house again until the bank rejects the current offer.  nice to know…it is OH SO stressful to get this house ready for a showing with 3 little bodies running/laying/sitting around.  i have to practically chain the girls to the couch in order to pick up messes and keep them picked up.  even though moving out may still be months away, i’ve been inspired to get rid of some things and get things better organized/stored…mostly the kids’ clothes (too big, too small, winter stuff) and toys (i have a bunch of toys that i keep in the closet and i switch them out with the toys in the girls’ room every now and then…also have some things that i only get out at certain times like the little people or the puppets).  hoping to get that done today…i’ll run to wal-mart and get a bunch of plastic bins (i’ve been on a kick with those things lately).  maybe i’ll post an “after” picture.

i saw a preview for “eat pray love” the other day on pandora.  i want to see the movie, but i really would like to read the book first.  i went to the library yesterday to get it and they didn’t have it on the shelf.  i still have a few weeks, so i’m hoping it’ll be there next time i look.  i’ll try to remember to post a review of both the book and the movie.  has anyone read the book???

maitland is sound asleep so i need to get off my butt and get some things done.


July 15, 2010

happy birthday, laynie loo!

 i ran some errands tonight and on my way i got stopped at a train.  as i was sitting there counting the cars (haven’t done that in forever), it hit me that this was a metaphor of life as a parent.  each car represents a day.  some are empty flatbeds, some contain one trailer, some are burdened with two stacked on top of one another (at least for me, i know there are some days with my kids that are very forgettable and then others are filled with hours of things i hope i never forget) and they are speeding by, practically unstoppable. it made me sad how difficult it was when i tried really hard to study each car carefully, see how it distinguished itself from the rest.  made me sad because i hate that there are so so many days with my kids that i will have no memory of. 

i am feeling inspired to be more proactive about recording the in’s and out’s of these days as a “young family”.  here’s our sweet birthday girl in her carseat on the way to dinner tonight.

it is killing me that she won’t be this cute forever…she’s eventually going to be…gulp…beautiful.  i’m already having a very hard time remembering harper when she was this age, and that was only 2 years ago!  God bless the man who invented the video camera.  i would be so sad if i knew i’d never be able to hear that little voice or watch her little naked dances again when she grew up.

our sweet layne is TWO YEARS OLD today!  i feel like i’ve grown as much inside as she has on the outside over the course of the past two years.  transition is definitely a word that comes to mind as i think back.  loo has gone from a restless, fussy infant (which i think now was probably due to something in my diet that i never tried to change) to an incredibly sweet, shy, JOYFUL little person.  she is so special!  i feel so privileged to call her mine and so blessed to be the one who teaches her (or tries to).  i know that sounds cliche’, but i can’t think of any other way to say it.  SHE IS A GIFT FROM GOD!

here are some things i hope i never forget about my second-born on her second birthday:

  • she copies EVERYthing her big sister says and does.  because of this, she has a very extensive vocabulary (although alot of it is indistinguishable sometimes), she can identify every disney princess, and she knows how to pretend she’s playing a part in “the nutcracker” or “little house on the prairie”.  she can also identify a great deal of songs after the first few notes thanks to our disney station on pandora.
  • she is shy…sometimes seems rude because she looks at the ground or in the other direction when people are talking to her.
  • she is extremely loving and affectionate…has been as long as she’s been able.
  • she likes things that “go” more than any other little girl i’ve ever been around.  she really enjoys playing with trucks and things…she and maitland will hopefully have fun doing this together when he’s older.
  • she is a hilarious dancer.  i really need to post a video.
  • i said before that she has a super vocabulary…it’s true, and sometimes it’s awkward.  i hate knowing that she knows i can’t understand what she’s saying.  she figured out just this week that she can say, “i’ll show ya.” when i don’t know what she’s talking about.  poor kid.
  • i cut a hole in her pacifier about a week ago, hoping that she wouldn’t want it anymore.  she still does.  every day i’ve been stretching the hole and making it a little bigger.  she points to it all the time and says, “hole.  broken.”  i say, “yeah, it’s broken…let’s throw it in the trash.”  she gets ticked and says “NO!”  i’m giving her another week and then it’s going to the dump.
  • she can swim!!  a few weeks ago she practically taught herself and she can’t get enough.  now she dives in!  i’ve never been more proud.  (if you’re on Facebook and haven’t seen the video, you need to watch it!)

there are so many other things i could write, but i could never do justice to just how cool and sweet and adorable she is.  so, i’m done.

happy birthday, sweet girl!  i thank God for you every day!

July 14, 2010

i wish.

  • i wish celery tasted like twinkies.
  • i wish anything we bought online was free.
  • i wish i had a painting/craft/office room.
  • i wish i had time to paint/craft/office.
  • i wish layne could be one for another year. (she turns 2 tomorrow!)
  • i wish that roaches and rats really knew how to clean like they do in Enchanted.  i would totally let them stay in my house and feed them all the time if they’d clean the bathrooms for me.  (what?  i’d keep them in cages.)
  • sometimes i wish FB was “real”.  like one big actual conversation where you could hear people’s voices and see their facial expressions as they left comments or updated their statuses.
  • i wish i had been more of a servant to my husband before we had kids.
  • i wish i could wake up tomorrow and be in Hawaii.