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October 20, 2010

i want water for my birthday.

my birthday is coming up in a few weeks.  this year i’m asking for something different.  if you’re interested in giving me a birthday gift, visit my charity:water campaign website and GIVE me something!!  i am so excited about being a part of this incredible organization.  such a simple idea with such life-changing potential.

let’s do something to help change that.

September 9, 2010

the search continues…

STILL haven’t found a new  place to live.  the search is all-consuming.  if i’m not on my computer looking at properties, than i am thinking about them, or going to see them (mostly thinking about them).  i haven’t been distracted easily from this, and it’s getting annoying.  i’m sure my kids are sick of seeing me on the computer.  had a photo session this morning and soccer tonight and it was SUPER nice to blow off some steam and forget about life for a little while.

i owe the four of you a catch-up post.  this past weekend was my annual girls’ weekend in ponce inlet.  we do it every year… sadly this year was the first without our dear sarah who had the nerve to move to south africa and pursue justice and kindness and other junk like that.  (braggis, if you’re reading this, we did notice you weren’t there but we all know you’re not a regular.  and we know you too pursue justice and kindness, only from the wilds of northern california.)

if you don't already know, don't ask about the matching shirts.

about two hours before we (maitland and i) left on friday, i got the news that the sweet rental house we were crossing our fingers for had gone to someone else.  i was super upset about it…so much so that I FORGOT MY SUITCASE.  i didn’t even realize it until i was in the room getting baby’s bed set-up and thought, “now where is the sheet for the pack-n-play?”  luckily a total stranger picked up my bag and brought it to me thanks to the incredible power of Facebook (amy knew a girl who had a fiance making the drive that day).  i also had a stomach virus all day on saturday so i missed out on alot of incredible food.  however, i made up for it on sunday and was fortunate to get to know these pillow cookies (one of the richest things i’ve ever put in my mouth…amy once again adding to the quality of my life/weekend):

yes, that is a BROWNIE in the middle of an already amazing choc chip cookie.

in other news, we’ve started a new reward system with the kids.  well, we started it a few weeks ago.  anytime an adult catches the girls doing anything they (the adult) deem “bean-worthy”, the child gets to take a bean from the bowl and put it into the jar.  when the jar is full, we go to chuck e. cheese.  no idea how harper knows what chuck e. cheese’s is, but she does.  and the motivation is doing it’s job.  this week they passed the small line at the bottom of the jar so they got a small reward: family trip to Annie’s (italian ice) after dinner.

i wish i got a bean for every rental property ad i read.

August 19, 2010


tuesday was my 8 year wedding anniversary.  we dated for 4 years before we married, so that means ryan and i have been “an item” for 12 years.  cool.  we’ve done nothing to celebrate so far, mostly thanks to these shingles, but we have a date with an amazing restaurant sometime next week.

anyway, my sweet husband has really been an inspiration to me lately. since maitland was born, he has really stepped up to the plate and helped out literally in every area of our lives.  not that he wasn’t a help before, now it’s just really obvious and obviously INTENTIONAL.  he takes initiative and just helps instead of asking me what needs to be done.  i’m convinced that this kind of thing (everyday caring for the kids) does not come naturally to men and because of that conviction, it makes me respect this change in him even more.

he’s gotten me thinking. 

this may seem like a very simple statement, but i’ve come to realize:  parenthood happens pretty naturally.  good parenthood takes initiative.

if we want fun things to happen, alot of times we will have to plan those fun things, or jump in and “teach” the kids how to play certain games.  if we are at a loss for new discipline or reward ideas, they’re not going to fall in our laps.  when christmas rolls around, we can’t just expect a traditional breakfast treat to make itself.  you get the idea.

reading back through this, i’m almost embarrassed to post it because it’s so simple.  i just kind of wanted to share my “lightbulb” going on.  but i say all that to say this:  i’m starting a new category of posts called “intentional living”.  these posts will discuss things that i’ve done or plan to do that are out of my comfort zone or that took alot of extra effort to acheive. 

(thank you for everything, ryan!!!  you are an incredible father and such a sweet giving husband.  i am so proud of the life we’ve built together.  thank you for encouraging me and challenging me with your words and actions.)