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August 29, 2008

my girls.

laynie turned 6 weeks old on tuesday, and she started smiling this week!  i never took pictures of her on her month birthday ( because she was really broken out).  so yesterday i had a few extra minutes toward the end of harper’s nap when layne was awake, so i decided to try to get some pictures.  a few turned out cute (newborns just really aren’t very photogenic).  after i was done with layne, we went and woke up harper and then she agreed (to the tune of me offering her some m&m’s) to do some pictures too.  as you’ll see, layne wasn’t too happy about sharing the spotlight.  🙂  luckily, harper is a card and a half so she made up for it.




(isn’t that last one the cutest thing ever?!  she just learned how to make a silly face – from a Dora book – and i beg her to do it all the time.)

August 28, 2008

proof of cautions

this is why pregnant women are warned not to fly during their last trimester:

August 26, 2008

john adams

ryan came home from blockbuster the other night with the first two parts of the HBO john adams series.  we have the blockbuster movies-through-the-mail thing and so he’d gone to trade one out…you never know what he’ll come back with.  we’ve watched at least one part every night for the past 4 nights.  it is EXCELLENT.  i find myself thinking about it even during the day.  it’s based on the novel by the historian David McCullough.  like any biographical film, i’m sure they’ve taken liberties with conversations and such, but I AM HOOKED.  it is so cool to see American history come to life.  the relationship between John and Abigail is encouraging – a very positive/realistic look at marriage in general and it is portrayed very much like what i would’ve pictured.  it being an HBO series, i keep waiting for the nudity and cursing, but so far it’s pretty much been rated G.

August 26, 2008

6 years.

my husband and i recently celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  neither of us got the other so much as a card (we’ve had alot going on and alot of extra bills to pay).  here are 10 of the MANY things i love about my husband (in no particular order…that would be impossible):

  • he’s a GREAT daddy…to be honest, he’s a better dad than i even thought he’d be.  his favorite thing to do at night just before we go to bed is to sneak into Harper’s room and watch her sleep.  it is precious.  not only does he LOVE his girls, but he is serious help to me whenever i need it.  he bathes, he dresses, he feeds, he changes poopy diapers, he burps after i feed (and is better at it than i am).  probably the coolest thing though, about his being a daddy is that i get to be the mommy…we are a team.  sometimes we’re clueless, but at least we’re clueless together.
  • he’s really good lookin’…after 10 years (we dated for 4 before we got hitched), i am still VERY attracted to him.  i love buying him new clothes so i can see them on him (although i don’t mind him with no clothes on either, haha). 
  • he makes me laugh all the time…ryan is probably THE most randomly funny person i’ve ever met.  when i married him i knew that even when we’re 95 he’ll still make me laugh and surprise me with the comments he makes because he always has something wierd going on in his head. 
  • he’s an incredible athlete…whether it be soccer, flag-football, surfing, golf, or skateboarding, he’s pretty much good at anything he tries.  to watch him, you’d never know how OLD we really are.  🙂 
  • he’s very well-read and loves to read…he is a walking encycolpedia of knowledge on WW2 and alot of other stuff.  also, he is a great help when i’m trying to interpret Scripture.
  • he has great taste in music…’nuff said.
  • he is a strong Christian…anyone who knows Ryan knows that he is a huge skeptic.  he questions everything.  that’s why i think it speaks volumes that he has chosen to believe in God & His Word and has accepted Christ’s love & forgiveness. 
  • he’s very well-rounded…the previous 7 points are evidence enough.  (he’s a good looking, well-read, hilarious athlete.)
  • he is easy to please…before we were married, i guarantee you that he ate cheese and crackers at least 2 times a week for dinner (when he no longer had the college cafeteria).  he wore the same pair of jeans to work twice a week for about a year, until they literally wore out…fell off of his leg.  i guess this is common to most guys (easy to please), but he is seriously low maintenance and it is NICE.  (do other girls’ husbands get excited when they come home and they have a pack of new Hanes underwear?)
  • he loves me…i feel very needed.  i KNOW without a doubt (and without his even telling me) that i am ryan’s best friend and biggest cheerleader.  he thinks i’m pretty and tells me so.  we know each other inside and out and i love that he loves me in spite of that.  🙂 
August 24, 2008

closing remarks.

some thoughts on my saturday:

how great is it that today i got a huge one of these:  for this:  ?!  what makes it even cooler is that i got to enjoy it while walking around wal-mart with only a sleeping baby in my cart…no two-year old begging me for a sip every second that she’s not asking me to shake up her quickly diminishing powerade slush (which, as you’ve probably guessed, is what is usually happening in wal-mart).  basically, sonic happy hour is totally rad.


what is up with these things being everywhere in all the places where there is new construction (example: the new kohl’s on congress and northlake)?  they are pointless and provide a false sense of shade and i don’t even think they look cool…  they are especially annoying if it’s raning and you didn’t get a close look and you think you’re running for shelter, but then when you get there, you’re still getting wet.  i know i’m weird, but i’m just sayin’.


tomorrow is our church‘s first sunday in our BRAND NEW BUILDING!!  hooray!  we’re so excited!  also, tomorrow night is the first membership class offered so that we can become members of the church.  this is something totally new for the calvary chapel denomination, but we think it’s pretty cool.  i’ll try to remember tomorrow to write a post about the new building (i want to remember my first impressions…).


layne is almost 6 weeks old, so i decided that i needed to offer her some age-appropriate stimulus (other than the 2 year-old that is constantly 3 inches away from her face).  so, today i broke out the baby toys.  they were in a see-through bin high in the closet and for some reason harper has had a fascination with them from the time i put them up there.  she was SO excited when we got the toys down and i think a little let-down when she realized that layne could do absolutely nothing with them.  i guess she decided to play with the toys enough for herself and her baby sister.  this probably isn’t the best picture because neither one of them looks cute or entertained, but it’s the best i could get (yes, i get paid to take pictures of people sometimes).





harper woke up AGAIN this morning with a dry diaper, yet AGAIN refused to sit on the potty when i asked her.  what in the world??? this kid will be in diapers until she’s four.

August 19, 2008

i heart the heat.

top ten reasons why i love living in south florida (in spite of this week’s horrid weather):

10) i secretly love the hot weather.  honestly, i don’t even mind being sweaty due to the weather (unless i’ve just showered, but i know better than that).

9) sea oats.  when i have a house, they will somehow be a part of my landscaping.

8 ) this sounds really materialistic, but everything is new here…especially in Jupiter, where we live.  it’s nice to go into stores (and drive past them) that are new and clean.  it might not be a good thing, but once places reach a certain age around here, they’re torn down.

7) A/C.  cool, conditioned air can be seriously taken for granted unless you’ve just come in from REALLY hot, humid air.  i’m sure i would NOT love south florida if there was no A/C.

6) PBAU (Palm Beach Atlantic University)…so proud to call it my alma-mater and it makes it even better that people down here know and appreciate it.

5) good seafood.

4) friends.  many of our good friends live within a 20 mile radius of us.  this makes living here all that much more fun.

3) laid back attitude…most powerfully manifested in the wearing of flip-flops everywhere and anytime.

2) palm trees.  after 11 years, i still love them and still notice them everywhere.

1) the beach.  it’s about a 7 minute drive for us.  SO NICE.  i love the salt water, the sand (even when it’s all over me and my kid), the pier, etc…

August 18, 2008

school days, school days…

…dear old golden rule days.

i loved school.  i loved every minute of it from my first day of kindegarten until i walked across the stage at my college graduation.  i love learning.  i loved having a schedule to my days.  i loved lunch and pe and usually had a good relationship with most of my teachers.  i always enjoyed seeing who i would sit next to in what class.  i loved organizing my locker or my desk (in elementary).  this time of year, i am always sentimental about school.  after i graduated from college, i taught school for 5 years…this did nothing for ending my usage of a school calendar in my head (i still think that way, 2 years later with no affiliation with any school whatsoever).  actually, my planner is a weekly assignment planner that any middle school girl would appreciate…that probably doesn’t help the school-calendar year thing…

the first day of school was always my favorite.  i would (no joke) pick out my “first day” outfit WEEKS beforehand (i’m not kidding)..usually the same day we bought it, along with the rest of the new school clothes.  i was obsessed with buying school supplies and still to this day feel a stupid excitement when i purchase anything new from the office supply aisle at wal-mart (speaking of that, the stuff they have these days is SO much cooler than we had.  we had to choose between plain or the lisa frank stuff that every other girl had).  my favorite line in “You’ve Got Mail” is:   “If I knew your name and address, I would send you a bouquet of freshly-sharpened pencils.”  i totally appreciate that because there is something so great about a brand-new, freshly-sharpened pencil.  it may be the sense of possibility or just how NEW it looks…

anyway, i guess today i honestly am just feeling sad that i’m not in school.  seriously.  i really do love my life, but i miss the excitement and the routine and the lunches that i didn’t have to make.  🙂

here’s a picture of my niece and nephew on their first day today.  he started first grade and she started preschool.  too cute!

August 15, 2008


some retarded things i’ve done lately:

  • today i took harper to the potty before her nap and then forgot to put a diaper back on her.  she called me into her room about 15 minutes later to read her a story and i said, “where’s your diaper?!” and then realized that i had never put a new one on.
  • three seperate times this week, i asked harper to get into her carseat.  she obeyed.  i drove away without fastening her in.  we were driving down the road and harper said, “mommy, my seatbelt!”  glad someone’s holding me accountable.  )
  • i made enchiladas the other night for a girlfriend of mine from church who had a baby 2 weeks after me.  i made a special trip to the store to get the ingredients (which, lately, is no small feat), got home, made the enchiladas and realized i’d forgotten the stuff for the sauce on top.  UGH.  i had to call my friend and explain that i wouldn’t be able to bring them until the following day.  lucky for me, she’s got 3 kids and totally understood.
  • i totally wrote this post with the intention for categorize it as “momnesia” and then forgot.  chalk up another line on the retard board.
August 12, 2008

extravagantly practical.

ten very practical things i would buy if we had the money:

  • new carpet (or maybe wood?) – i’m pretty sure our carpet is the cheapest you can buy and it’s 4 years old…if we moved all the furniture out, you’d still very easily be able to tell where it was
  • a new refrigerator with water and crused ice in the door (or do they make them with pellet – sonic – ice?)
  • a new dishwasher – ours comes up with a new noise every week and honestly doesn’t clean that great
  • a dyson vacuum cleaner
  • a new, smaller dining set
  • a king-sized bed
  • 2 sets of egyptian cotton sheets
  • a gym membership (with child care)
  • a scanner (no, we don’t have one, and yes, i know that everyone else does)
  • a macbook (laptop) for my business (and my blog!)
August 9, 2008

it’s the little things…

…that get me excited!  here are some things that i’m excited about today:

1) LilyPadz – i love breastfeeding and i wouldn’t ever consider bottle feeding my babies unless i had no other choice.  however, sometimes it’s a pain.  i can’t stand nursing bras and wrinkly nursing pads (if you don’t know what these are, basically it’s a maxi pad for your boobs to protect your bra/shirt from leakage).  i hate having to find a place to nurse wherever i go, or trying to figure out if it’s appropriate NOT to “find a place” and just stay where i am…if i stay where i am, should i cover up?  anyway, for me, yesterday one of these problems was SOLVED forever!  i had read about LilyPadz while doing some research on the web and really wanted to try them.  yesterday i bit the bullet and carted both kids to the mall just to get the LilyPadz.  i hate going to the mall for just one thing, but i’m SO glad i did.  they are so cool!  they’re made of this thin silicone rubber stuff that magically and painlessly sticks to your skin no matter how many times it’s peeled off.  you can wash them with soap and water and they’re supposed to last up to 2 months.  the pressure of the thing sticking to your skin ENDS any fears of leaking.  hooray!  they’re $20 a pair, but i will definitely be buying them for the duration of this breastfeeding stint.

2) Beijing 2008 – we watched the opening ceremonies of the olympics last night and it was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE.  if you didn’t see it, you need to YouTube it or something…seriously one of the coolest things i’ve seen in a long time…it was like watching a huge cirque de soleil show or something.  i love the olympics anyway, but when it starts off like that, you can’t help but get excited!


3) fish dinner – fish is one of my favorite foods…well, i guess seafood in general…  last night my husband went on a fishing trip with some guys from our church.  they caught a ton of kingfish and got so excited about it that they went out and bought a smoker when they got home at midnight.  🙂  tonight we’re all getting together at our friend danny’s house to partake of their catchings.  yummy!