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August 31, 2009

things i learned today:

  • apparently i complain about our house way too much.  harper informed me while i was sweeping today that “our house is way too small”.
  • bludomain is not my favorite company.  i am STILL waiting for them to transfer my domain.  it’s been 10 days.  my website doesn’t exist right now.
  • layne is starting an attachment phase.  her most favorite place to be: glued to my leg or my hip.
  • i have definitely, for sure, passed my love of sweets onto harper.  we made cookies today and she was hilarious licking the beater when we were done.  she had batter in her hair, on her legs, all over her hands, face, etc…
  • i stake way too much of my happiness on receiving e-mails (especially if they’re from bludomain).
  • after a phone call with wells fargo, i discovered that i know nothing about a profit & loss statement.
  • i am very secretly critical of almost everyone i ever see.  i am a snob.  alot. (ex: “that lady is way too old to be dressing like that”) my friend amy just wrote a post about this.
  • the library is a very forgiving system.
  • my sister’s correct zip code (but, of course, it wasn’t until after i’d already left the PO).
  • you should always read a recipe all the way through BEFORE you mix everything perfectly and then realize it’s supposed to refrigerate overnight.
  • today is princess diana memorial day.

August 31, 2009

weekend highlights

  • yesterday afternoon we hung out at the beach with friends for about 2 hours.  by the time we left if was 6:30 and they girls were starving.  since it was so late, we just stopped by wendy’s and got them cheeseburgers on the way home.  not only did layne eat an entire cheeseburger, she ate it faster than her big sister did.  i scraped off most of the condiments and just squished it really good so she could get her mouth around it and she went to town.  i was so annoyed that i didn’t have the camera because it was so funny looking to see a one year old eating a hamburger just like an adult would.
  • butter was 2 for $4 at publix yesterday.  when i got home and was putting things away, i couldn’t figure out where my 2nd box of butter got to.  when we opened the back of the car to get the beach toys out, we found it…totally melted and steadily leaking out of one end.  my car still smells a little like butter.
  • took some photos of gunnar.  i was just happy to be in the same room with him again.  so precious!
  • the message at church yesterday was extremely challenging to me.  pastor is doing a short series on revelation.  contrary to what i’d thought, he didn’t talk about the end times.  he talked about the shortcomings of one of the last churches: laodicea.  God despises lukewarm.  so convicting.

gotta run: load the dishwasher, switch over the laundry, make cookies with harper, and pick up the post-weekend clutter.  love to all!

August 29, 2009

i guess you say…

what can make me feel this way?

harper close-up BLOG


one of my favorite things about having a very verbal 3 year old is that she says alot of things the wrong way.  like many of us did, i’m sure, she says many things the way they sound.  a few examples that i hope i never forget:

  • tummyache- “tummy egg”
  • first lines of under the sea from the little mermaid– “under the sea, under the sea, darlin it’s better shower wetter, take it from me…”
  • band-aid- “band and”
  • no matter how many time i explain it, when i say “we’re going to run errands”, she never understands why we don’t end up at aunt ERIN’s house.
  • vitamins- “bite-a-mins”
  • tonight she said that justin was her husband.  justin is her cousin. 
  • remember- “bamember”
  • seagull- “eagle”

i can’t think of anymore right now, but if i remember, i’ll add them later.

a cute story i just remembered regarding this (and regarding justin):

when he was 4 years old, justin would call ryan (my husband) “uncle roar”.  it took us a while to figure out why he kept calling him that.  apparently, justin thought ryan’s name was LION.

August 29, 2009

check him out!

August 26, 2009


i’ve found some cool housewares at goodwill lately.  at least they’re cool now.  on the shelf surrounded by much junk, maybe not so much.

first up, this book storage thingy.  i had been looking for one of these for awhile so i was stoked when i found it.  it was a rust red color with some faded letters on the front (so faded that i never could figure out what they said).  i sanded it and painted it with a glossy “real green”.  i decopauged “read” on the front with some leftover scrapbook paper.  here’s what it looks like now:



next are some cool candle holders that i’m using as coasters.  if you look closely, you’ll see that my beloved silver table is pretty much ruined from us being too careless with beverages.  i hate coasters, but i really love my table.  i’ve learned my lesson.  anyway, aren’t they cool?  (yes, they are glass and yes, that is RISKY.)

2009_08_26_1911 copy

i’m always on the lookout for things i can “remake” or repurpose.  this frame caught my eye and i knew i could definitely turn it into something cool (i figured out when my girls were born that cool “one year” frames are hard to find…).  it was pretty beat up and just something i would never hang in my house.


i really don’t think my friend kristen reads this blog, but kristen, if you do and you are seeing this before i give it to you, i’m so sorry!  i just really wanted to do this post today.  🙂  here is the frame after (the baby’s name is gunnar):


those pictures make the letters look off center for some reason (i just panicked and ran in the other room to make sure they were centered).  the bottom circles have his birthday 08 20 09.  lastly, found this cool candle holder a few weeks ago.  i can’t figure out if it used to have glass, but i really don’t care.  i love it.



2009_08_26_1909no idea why that “display” picture is cloudy.  both my 50mm prime lenses are broken, one moreso than the other.  today i was practicing shooting manual with the less-broken one (it doesn’t shoot in automatic focus anymore).

anyway, happy thrifting!  you never know what you’ll find (and that’s why i love it!).

August 25, 2009

tough to swallow

i am really terrible at finishing things.  if you know me well, you know that i usually have numerous things “in limbo”.  it is very rare for me to start something and finish it soon after.  i realize part of this has to do with having small children… distractions/minor emergencies are a huge part of daily life.  however i’ve realized lately that this problem is multi-faceted.

it comes from two character flaws: 1) laziness  2) fear of failure

1) laziness: i don’t consider myself a lazy person, but i’m learning that lazy doesn’t necessarily mean sitting around doing nothing.  procrastination is a form of laziness, and boy am i guilty of it.  i haven’t cleaned my bathroom lately.  don’t get me wrong, it’s not unsanitary or anything…i have wiped it down and sprayed the shower with clorox, but i haven’t REALLY cleaned it in something like 2 months.  the sad thing is that i really have no good excuse as to why.  i know that when i do clean it, it’s going to be hard work because i’ll do a good job, so that’s why i haven’t done it.  pure laziness.  another example is my double-stroller.  last year when layne was born, my family bought me a super nice double-stroller.  it served me well until december 22nd, when it all-of-a-sudden wouldn’t fold down anymore.  i was really annoyed, but apparently now annoyed enought to call the company and get a replacement.  that took me until february (or maybe march?).  when i did call, they said we would have to pay for shipping, but that they would either fix or replace the stroller.  i said “great!” and hung up the phone.  once i received the shipping label thing in the mail, i realized just how much shipping a huge non-folded double-stroller would be.  i talked to a friend who has had a similar problem.  she said that i just needed to demand free shipping and it would be given to me no problem.  i was excited at first, but then i realized that the phonecall would involve confrontation.  enter the laziness/procrastination.  it is august and my awesome double-stroller has yet to be shipped or fixed.  i do still use it quite a bit, but only to go to the pool or the gym or the playground.  now there’s the issue of the warranty.  i’m pretty sure that it was up after a year, but what do i know?  have i called to find out?  NO. 

2) fear of failure: right now, on the bottom shelf of my refrigerator, there is a spoiled london broil (if you don’t know, london broil is a cut of meat that you cook by broiling or grilling).  the reason the meat is spoiled is because i LET it spoil.  i still have no idea why i spent $4.67 on something i KNEW i would never cook.  every now and then i get into a domestic funk and tell myself that i’m going to make something for dinner that i’ve never made before.  a few of my friends had talked about making london broil before, it was inexpensive, so i thought, “why not?”.  anyway, every night last week i came up with something else to make for dinner so that i wouldn’t have to take the chance of screwing up the london broil.  last night when i looked in the fridge and saw that the meat had turned dark, i was simultaneously relieved and then disgusted with myself.  i was relieved because i realized that i didn’t have to make something i’d never make before (thus, i wouldn’t have an opportunity to fail).  then, the disgust.  this is just one example of many times i’ve hoped that the “problem” (or opportunity) would go away if i just waited long enough.

it’s so hard to listen to yourself when you realize something like this.  it’s so hard to swallow the fact that i have issues that need dealing with…i think i’ve known about these problems for awhile now, but the rotten meat staring me in the face was the neon sign telling me to figure out how to change my behavior.  i’ll let you know how it goes.  for now, i need to go call the stroller company!

August 20, 2009

August 18, 2009


  • yesterday was our (me & ryan) SEVEN year anniversary!  i seriously cannot believe it’s been seven years, but at the same time it seems accurate to think that we’ve been “together” for 11 (we met in the spring of 1998).  thanks to my good friend jenny’s babysitting we were able to go out for a NICE dinner at The Riverhouse.  last time we went there was for our 3rd anniversary.  it sounds stupid because i’ve only eaten there twice, but that place is seriously my favorite restaurant i’ve ever been to.  amazing steak & mushrooms, gourmet salad bar, on the water, with my best friend: can’t beat it.


  • i’ve made it almost a week using my mouth guard.  i can’t really tell too much of a difference.  my jaw is still sore on one side, but maybe not quite as much.  it’s defintely easier to sleep without it, but i’ve adjusted to having it in my mouth all night alot quicker than i’d thought i would.



  • today was harper’s first day of school.  she did great.  when i dropped her off she didn’t blink an eye…practically ran into the classroom (she’d been talking about that room since the first time we visited).  when i picked her up 3 hours later, she said that she’d cried on the playground because she wanted me, but she seemed fine so i didn’t make it a big deal.  fun facts: there is another little girl in her class named harper.  haven’t seen her yet, but harper said she has dark hair.  also, there’s a little boy in her class named layne…spelled the same way and everything.  can’t wait to see what they look like.  she ended up not even needing the backpack, so we may put it away until VPK next year…or at least until she needs it for an overnight trip or something.
August 16, 2009

what i ate today

i usually try to stay off the computer on sundays, but i just had a photo session with some friends and couldn’t resist uploading them right away.  what that has to do with me being logged onto wordpress…i have no idea…

randomly, here’s a list of all the things i ate today:

  • leftover monkey bread (thanks, jenny!) and orange juice (before church)
  • bacon, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich and purple rain gatorade (after church)
  • approximately 1/2 cup of chocolate whip frosting from the fridge and a glass of water(1:45, when the girls went down for their naps)
  • some sunflower seeds with another glass of water(about 10 minutes later)
  • 2 fruit roll-ups with yet another glass of water (about 15 minutes later…just couldn’t seem to figure out what i wanted…a.k.a. the munchies)
  • pretzels sticks and a sprite (in the car on the way to the photo session)
  • a resee’s big cup (in the car on the way home from the grocery store after the photo session)
  • black beans, taco meat, cheese, salsa, and sour cream all reheated and mixed into a dip with multigrain tostitos and some water (9:00 pm!!  after i had all the groceries put away and the fridge cleaned out)

for the record, let me say that my kids did not eat everything i ate.  and they had a green vegetable at dinner.  also, i walked 2 miles pushing a double stroller (that counts for something, right?).

also, check this out.

August 14, 2009

some random snippets from my day:

  • a few weeks ago i found an ariel jigsaw puzzle at world thrift.  harper’s finished it, with my help, about 6 times.  every time we do it she gets faster.  the other night i decided to just take random pieces out of the completed puzzle and have her put them back in.  it was ridiculous how fast she could get 10 or 15 pieces back into the 70 piece puzzle.  so, i decided she needed  a new one.  got a 24 piece at target today.  it said 3+ on the side, so when i opened the box, i decided to give her no help at all and just see how far she could get.  she had the thing totally finished in about 10 minutes.  i was so proud.  i’m gonna let her do it a few more times and then video it and see how fast she can do it.  it is SO much fun watching her figure new things out and to see the sense of accomplishment she enjoys afterward.
  • we visited harper’s school for about 15 minutes this morning.  just picked up a calendar and her supply list and talked with the director about drop-off procedure and what-not.  harper is SO excited….wait, i’m pretty excited, too, actually!  hopefully when tuesday comes around she’ll be pushing me out of the way at the door to get in like she was today.
  • layne climbed up into the chick-fil-a playground again today, but this time around there were A TON of kids in there.  i heard a blood-curdling scream and had to climb up into the stinking thing.  some brat had pushed her down (at least that’s what another little girl told me).  we did not hang around much longer…had to get to target to buy school supplies!  (us, and every other family within a 10 mile radius)
  • i had sweet tea at lunch today and i just LOVE how much energy that caffeine gives me at the gym.  i’m not normally a caffeine person, but i ran 3 miles pretty easily today and i haven’t done that in a few months.  (plus the tea just tastes SO darn good.)
  • keep forgetting to report this: my excema is back in full force.  i’m a little relieved that i’m not allergic to sonic, but super annoyed because i really thought i had figured out what was causing it (although i have eaten other fast food and am wondering if maybe it’s just that in general…maybe i need to nix fast food for 6 months…hmmm….i don’t know if i could do that!).
  • layne was walking around today the most i’ve ever seen her.  she still just takes about 10 steps at a time, but she’s doing it totally on her own more now than i’ve ever seen….confidence is growing, i guess.  won’t be long until she’s keeping up with harper!  (scary!!!)
  • got a call tonight from my sweet sister-in-law julie yesterday and a confirmation call tonight.  they are flying me (and harper) out to springfield (MO) at the end of september to take pictures at her brother’s wedding reception (he got married a few months ago).  i’m so excited!  i’ll make a little money and get to hang out with family that we hardly ever see…and have some fun time with harper!  thanks again for thinking of me, julie!
  • i’ve been plugging away on the website for about a week now.  it is so frustrating that i don’t ever get more than 2 hours or so in a day to work on it.  still, it’s slowly coming together and i’m really pleased with it so far….feels very much a few steps above the old one.