so in yesterday’s post i asked for questions.  i recieved a measley THREE.  better than nothing, i just feel alot of pressure to make the answers really good.

kristen asked: If you could choose any job in the world (and it never interfered with being a mom), what would it be?

i would only want to have a job that i was successful at (meaning i had alot of fun doing it and made enough money to live off of).  hard to pick, but it would be either an artist (painter) or a professional surfer (girl #2 is named after one…layne beachley).

emily asked: How did you meet your husband?

cliche’.  met him my freshman year in college.  he was in my little orientation group, but was hardly ever there because he had soccer practice like 4 times a day.  we also had a class together first semester and i can still remember him borrowing a pencil from me one time.  funny story, though: one of my brother’s childhood friends, matt, went to the same school we did (PBA…go fish!!).  i didn’t hang out with him, but we would speak to each other when we saw each other…usually in the cafeteria.  there were a few times when i said hi to him walking through the cafeteria and he just looked at me weird and didn’t say anything back.  i always thought it was wierd, but i wasn’t good enough friends with him to say anything.  when i finally was introduced to ryan, i realized that he looked alot like matt.  then i realized that it was ryan that i’d said hello to several times.  i mentioned this to him when i got to know him a little better and he said that he remembered and that he’d always thought i was so weird for randomly speaking to him.  we dated from the summer after freshman year (1998) until we got married in august of 2002.  no one else i’d rather spend my life with.  (oh, and it turns out that right around the time i started saying hey to ryan in the caf, matt had been kicked out of school for having a girl in his room or doing drugs or something.)

kati asked: If you could have any ability that you don’t already have, what would it be?  (Be good at a different sport, have super hero powers, anything!)

honestly, i think i would want that snapping thing that mary poppins had.  i would love to be able to get cleaning done literally in a snap so that i could spend more time doing more fun things like crafty stuff with my kids or painting or reading blogs books.

these were added after my original posting:
Amy asked: What’s your favorite physical characteristic about each of your kids so far?

this is a seriously hard question.  for harper (4 yrs), i think it has to be either her eyes or her hair (even though right now i wish it was a little shorter).  layne (2 yrs)’s is probably her little smile or just the way her body moves…i know that sounds wierd, but she just has a very distinctive way of dancing and walking that makes me smile.  maitland (3 mos) has just started really smiling and responding alot lately, so that has to be my favorite thing about him right now.  and also i am crazy about his little hot dog toes.

and: What’s your favorite thing about each of their personalities?

funnily enough, i immediately thought of things i don’t like.  yikes.  anyway, here goes:  i love that harper is creative and dramatic (that one bites me in the butt all the time, though).  layne…super duper sweet and loving.  maitland obviously hasn’t shown us too much as far as personality goes, but he seems to be fairly laid-back which is a good fit for our family.

alyssa says:  How did you meet Ryan and how did you come up with your kids names?

obviously already answered the first one.  as far as the kids go: 

harper ann – we had a list narrowed down to three.  i came up with harper because i love to kill a mockingbird by harper lee and because we had a ben harper song in our wedding.  on the drive to the hospital at 2 in the morning, we both admitted that harper was our favorite.  the “ann” comes from both of my moms’ middle names (one is with an E, one without.  we just liked the way it looked without an E, so we stuck with that).  i still love her name, even though it is becoming more and more common (annoying!).

layne katharine – second on the list that we’d had for harper.  already told you who she’s named after.  katharine is my name and i liked how it sounded next to layne.  she didn’t have a name until her 3rd day of life…it was driving everyone crazy.  we almost named her “july”.  yeah.  i know.  i’m super glad we didn’t.

maitland buerke – his name is the only one that ryan and i had ever mentioned to each other before we got pregnant.  actually, it was mentioned when we first started dating.  ryan told me he was from maitland, fl (in orlando).  i said, “oh that’s cool…i had a summer camper named maitland and i always thought it was such a cool name.”  he said, “wow, i had a fishing guide in the bahamas named maitland and he was a super cool dude and i’ve always thought i’d like to name my son that.”  when we knew we were pregnant with a boy, i still liked maitland, but the novelty of it had worn off quite a bit, so i decided to do the list thing again.  ryan pretty much hated all the boy names that i liked, so i just told him he could pick the name and i’d approve it.  i honestly don’t think he ever considered anything else.  buerke is my maiden name, so that one was easy.  we may have used it for his first name if there was no E in the middle…too many opportunities for mis-pronunciation.


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  1. Sorry I didn’t get around to asking a question. My questions would have been how did you meet Ryan and how did you come up with your kids names. So you already answered 1 and 1/3 . :0)

  2. Wait…is it too late to post a question?! I thought of a couple on the way home…

    1. What’s your favorite physical characteristic about each of your kids so far?

    2. What’s your favorite thing about each of their personalities?

  3. Okay, so random…my boyfriend lives in Maitland (this is reason #1 for me moving back to Orlando) I wondered if Maitland’s name had anything to do with the city! And I like your guys “how we met” story!

  4. loved that how you met story and I love the way laynie walks too, I think it is so cute!

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