mystery solved.

many thanks to you who cared to wonder what was in the photos in this post.  i appreciated your comments and guesses, but you were ALL WRONG.  i think.  i can’t exactly remember what you guessed and i’m too lazy to look right now.  xoxoxo anyway.

here are the answers:

1) last week i noticed that the rubber plant on our back porch was COVERED in white caterpillars.  they weren’t doing anything, just hanging on.  harper and i counted 12!  went outside the other day and i guess i was there at just the right time because every single caterpillar was chowing down like it was their job.  i must’ve stayed outside at least 5 full minutes watching them eat.  if you’ve never seen them eat, it’s almost like a human eating an ear of corn really fast…side to side.  i felt like a little kid because i couldn’t stop watching them.  i was really disappointed with the pictures i got…first time i’ve ever really wished i had a micro lens.  [unfortunately, i just looked them up and i think they will be moths when they come out of their cocoons…too bad.  would’ve been cool to see some pretty butterflies out there.]

2) sort-of a long story, but there are two old ladies in our building that the girls and i have become friends with because we see them all the time.  last week each of them came to our door on different days bringing 3 macy’s boxes.  they had bought clothes for all the kids.  the oldest woman, carmen, is adorable.  she’s spanish and unkempt most of the time and has a dog (juliet) that is like 400 years old.  anyway, the boxes that she brought not only had clothes in them, they had little…goodies.  random candies and even that 50 cent piece.  so adorable.

3) lastly, was a picture of ripped shorts.  the kids and i were heading out to run errands…can’t remember where or why, i just remember we had somewhere to go.  anyway, i got all the kids strapped in the car and went to get in my seat and i still have NO idea how, but my shorts got caught on the lever that lowers the seat back.  they got caught and i pulled away, and they RIPPED up to my…um…backside.  i considered posting a picture of me wearing the ripped shorts, but i was too self-conscious…that’s how high the rip went.  haha.  as soon as they ripped, i started laughing really hard and harper asked me why i was laughing.  i said “i’m sorry girls, but we have to go back inside so i can change my shorts.  they just ripped.”  in true kid-selfish fashion, harper kept protesting saying she didn’t want to go upstairs and i didn’t need new shorts.  i just kept laughing and got them out of the car and upstairs (all with one hand because the other one was busy holding the ripped material together).  ryan called me as i was getting them out of the car and i didn’t even say hello, i just said, “i’m SO glad you called me right now because i needed someone to laugh with!”


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