this little man is 4 months old tomorrow.  so surreal.  it feels like he’s always been here, and yet when i think back to gazing down at him in the hospital….  crazy.  i was looking at someone’s baby photos on facebook yesterday and i almost started crying knowing that i will never again call a newborn mine (unless God’s got a good laugh up his sleeve). 

i’m not stressed, but i feel like i am hanging onto a sane life by a thread right now.  i hate that i’m so behind in my blog…i never know where to pick up…  i think in my last post i said that i had just found out i had shingles.  it was definitely not fun, but i wouldn’t say i was miserable.  i was totally capable of maintaining my daily routine with the kids and everything, i just felt like someone was dripping acid on my leg the whole time i was doing it.  in the midst of the shingles, my little sister courtney came to visit, harper started school, my mom came to visit, and we found out that our buyer’s offer was approved by the bank.

token first day shot:

had to post this next one because i cannot believe how much these two look alike:

and, just to keep it even, here’s a picture of my layne (it was raining one day at the beach, so everyone piled into the hot tub.  i think at this point she was pretty annoyed that there was no room in the warm water to swim.):


3 Comments to “barely.”

  1. Good looking lad and a cute little girl. In the hot tub, Layne was actually complaining about it being too hot. … from an eye witness.

  2. Miss you all….thanks for the pictures…we love them!

  3. That pic of layne is priceless, she looks so annoyed.

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