day in numbers

1 tube of $45 ointment from CVS (apparently, i have SHINGLES.)

2 bathrooms that are still not clean

3 kids with me in the dr’s office (but they were actually all REALLY good)

4 times up and down the aisles at Publix until i finally had everything on my list (i’m so bad about that)

5 hours of shows i have saved on DVR or OnDemand that i am dying to watch 

6: number of chicken nuggets harper ate along with fries and she was still hungry when we got home (grow much?)

7 diapers changed today

8 reasons i really need to stay up until probably midnight, but i am exhausted.  think i’ll just go brush my teeth and hit the sack.

9 minutes to get the kids from the house, down the hall, down the elevator, across the street, and into their carseats (on a good day)

10 dry lima beans in the kids’ new “bean jar” (explanation to follow at a later post)

[i have great plans to do a post about last week’s beach house stay, but not sure if it’ll happen this week.  my baby sister gets here tomorrow!]


3 Comments to “day in numbers”

  1. Shingles can be a result of stress … GOT STRESS?


  2. where do you get these great posting ideas- post in #’s?!?!?! How often do you scour other blogs- or are you thinking all this up on your own?!??! LOL

  3. Hope you can give yourself some space to recouperate….as much as you can with 3 little ones.

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