coral cove: my favorite beach.  when the tide is low, there are rocks to climb on.  the rocks also make little pools that turn into little harper jacuzzis the lower the tide gets.  there are shells everywhere, and little rocks that you can pick up and take home and put in a jar.  there is a shower (there’s no way it’d be my favorite beach if my car and kid were covered in sand when we left), and much to harper’s delight, a playground.  it’s never crowded, because it’s still a pretty well-kept secret.  i didn’t know about it until july when i did a photo session there.  if you want to see coral cove, go to my proofing site (katiehobbie.exposuremanager.com) and click on “evan & jenna”.

continuim:  this john mayer album could very well be my favorite of all time.

camping:  a group of us go camping twice a year….ususally once in late november/early december, and once on martin luther king weekend in january.  we go up to sebastian to longpoint key.  it is the coolest campground…real toilets, hot showers, power hook-ups, and sites on the water.  we don’t really care that we’re not “really” camping…it is always a great time.  during the day, some of the boys surf, and the rest of us hang out on the beach or “chill” at the campsite (“chill” sometimes meaning sit and be bored while our baby takes a nap in the tent).  we play sports, take naps, go for walks around the campground, and munch on snacks.  we bring pre-made dinners and cook them on the fire.  after we eat we sit around the fire for hours and drink and talk and laugh alot.  if it’s really cold or rainy, we head to the cafe at the entrance of the campground for a hot breakfast of coffee, eggs, and pancakes.  when we get home, all the laundry smells like campfire and it makes me wish we hadn’t left. 

Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Matt.11:28


2 Comments to “C”

  1. you forgot the C trifecta: Cathleen Christina Cason : )

  2. I love this alphabet game!

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