i wish i had the super-power of not needing to sleep.

i work best at night.  i always have been a night owl, but even much moreso since i had kids and figured out that peace and quiet makes for a faster, more efficient, and most of the time a more creative way to get things done.  however, i am tired.  i’ve been tired for like 4 years.  and i’m sick.  i felt for a long time that if i’m not physically capable of being a night owl anymore, God should at least give me a few doses of morning person every now and then.  nope.  never.

i really do need to get to bed…i’ve been on the internet for 3 hours…pausing every 3 minutes to cough.  a dry, annoying, every-time-i-take-a-breath-i-need-to-cough kind of cough.  i haven’t felt that bad during the day (especially today since i got a glorious nap), but at night, all through the night the cough and congestion kick it into high gear.


apparently my domain expired.  for my website.  if you click on that little box to the right that has my logo and says “the website”, it’ll now take you to some dorky generic domain registry ad page.  that’s why i’ve been on the internet since 8:30…doing research on what my new site should be like…suggestions welcome.  i’m thinking i want to just nix the whole website thing and just do a fancier blog.  especially since i’m going to be combining my blogs….i feel i’ll be more devoted to upkeep and making it cool if i only have one spot on the web to worry about.  however, i am feeling VERY uneasy about having to leave this blog and its archives behind.  wondering about making it into a book…

i’m rambling.

here’s a sampling of my day brought to you by google images.





3 Comments to “i wish i had the super-power of not needing to sleep.”

  1. Tap shoes?? Did Harper start dance?

  2. I love seeing the tap tap shoes!
    I echo Amy…is Harper taking tap dance?

  3. The parking lot is a great movie..We just watched it on tuesday and really liked it!

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