isn’t this whole internet thing strange?

i guess it’s not-so-much the website thing (like target or the library or even google) that blows my mind, but moreso the things via the web that involve people connecting to each other.  e-mail, yes, but i’m talking moreso about network-y things like Facebook and blogs.  anyone who’s been around the “blogosphere” (world of blogs) for any decent length of time, has figured out that you can learn a great deal about someone from their blog.  yes, you can stalk someone on FB and learn pretty much anything you want to know about someone, but it’s usually people you’ve met before.  the world of blogs is different.  you can read a total stranger’s blog for YEARS and never meet them and still know ALOT of stuff about them.  [actually, i have many friends who blog, and, now that i’m thinking about it, i guess you can learn alot of things you didn’t know about them, too.  but that’s not what this post is about…even though i love all of you gals…]

there are several bloggers out there who i have fantasized about meeting.  for real.  i would rather meet these girls than any celebrity i can think of…i’m thinking…  yup, can’t think of a celebrity i’d want to meet more than MEG or ASHLEY, for example.  i have literally had dreams about meeting meg.  dreamS, as in, more than one.  pathetic?  maybe.  (more pathetic: the fact that i’ve commented on a post both times to tell her.)  but if i’m going to be reading “articles”, i’d rather them be about real life/faith with 5 kids than about what some terribly-acting movie star ordered at Starbucks while her nanny-for-one-kid wrangles the child outside.

i almost peed my pants when i saw the photo in meg’s post today…i know there are alot of well-known bloggers in the picture, but the only ones i recognized were meg (bottom right) and ashley (top right).  i almost peed my pants because i was thinking about how much i would’ve paid money to be anywhere in that room while all those ladies were talking and crafting and probably eating some ridiculously delicious treats.  make me a fly on the wall (“i’d be honored for you to swat at me with that homemade totally-cool fly swatter!”)or a rug on the floor (“please, walk on me with your awesome broken-in-but-not-too-dingy shoes!)”….Lord, do you hear me?  i’d love to magically transported to meg’s house in kansas next time there is an event like this. 


seriously though, these bloggers encourage me, inspire me, and humble me.  i’ve mentioned joanne a few times in the past few weeks.  hers is a blog that i’ve read for about 3 years.  i’ve “spoken” with her a few times over e-mail and on Facebook, and i’ve even read one of her books, but we are strangers nonetheless.  it has been so so neat to read comments these past few weeks from readers just like me who are saying how much joanne has meant to them and inspired them through her blog over the years.  (by the way, she’s made a ton of progress in the 20 days since the stroke…if you haven’t clicked on her link yet, you should check it out!!

don’t really know how to conclude this post except by saying: i am thankful for the opportunity to read about other Christian women’s lives and be encouraged, challenged, and taught by them.


4 Comments to “blogosphere.”

  1. I too have so many bloggers I would love to meet….I met Joanne several years ago…and have loved her blog…..the blog world has changed my life….so glad that I stopped by

  2. You crack me up. 🙂

    It’s funny because when I saw that picture on Meg’s blog, I first said to myself, “Who’s that girl in the top right?” I read the blog of the girl in the top left–Julie. I think you would like her blog too. She’s fun.

  3. oh, i lied…i also recognized Jess (next to Ashley)

  4. When I was in San Francisco… I would see some of the girls whos blogs i had been reading and would get totally star-struck haha Oh & you need to watch this clip from the Today Show circa 1994 about the internet (so FUNNY to hear them talking about it!) –

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