3/4 of a year

maitland turned 9 months yesterday.

re-reading that statement reminds me this: motherhood is an awful, beautiful thing.

it is so heart-wrenching and confusing to be stuck between enjoying your child as a sweet, chubby-bellied, babbling, bald creature and being excited about where you know they’re going: cruising, walking, spoon-feeding themselves, getting their driver’s license.  i wonder if i’ll ever get over it?  i wonder if i should even try.  maybe these feelings of being torn between where we were and where we’re going are what will help me not to take even one day for granted.  or, for that matter, not to look back on the past and ever say, “thank goodness those days are over.”

i guess i’ll just choose to be thankful for everyday.  period.  end.

i know, i know…that booger is driving me nuts too.  but what’s the point of editing out dried snot when he is eating grass while sitting in the dirt?  he’ll thank me later for leaving it there.  (even though i really want to break out that healing brush.  really bad.)


4 Comments to “3/4 of a year”

  1. I love that little man so much! I didn’t even notice the booger: love is blind.

  2. so cute! i didn’t notice the booger either until you pointed it out. 🙂

  3. He looks like your Dad:)

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