wednesday, already?!

time passes so quickly, doesn’t it?

i can’t believe it’s been over a week since my last post.  i did post on my other blog once, but man i am slacking off.

all the kids have been sick.  harper’s at the tail end of it and layne is just easing in…some sort of virus with disgusting huge boogers and a slight fever.  and attitude.  lots of attitude.  haha.  maitland on the other hand was a very sick little baby.  he was running a fever for 3 days with no other symptoms (just sleeping ALOT) and then he started with the congestion, too.  he wasn’t sleeping well at night and i started to suspect an ear infection.  saturday morning i called the ped’s office and they were booked solid so i ended up taking him to the urgent care.  WASTE. OF. MONEY.  luckily it was only $30.  the doctor was nice, but…to put i nicely, clearly clueless.  took him to the pediatrician on monday morning (2 days later) and she took one look in his ear and made a really sad face.  than she looked in the other ear, and, same face.  he and harper both had “overflow” in their eyes.  so gross…basically there’s so much mucous in the nasal passages and it’s not coming out of the nose so it comes out of the eyes.  so disgusting.  especially maitland because he can’t really wipe his eyes.  after 2 days on an antibiotic, he’s doing MUCH better, thank goodness.

i’m not feeling the best…pretty sure i’m getting whatever the kids have.  luckily i’ve been working on our new year’s cards (no comments on my tardiness, please) all morning so it was a good excuse to sit on the couch and watch TV, which i never ever do during the day. 

the girls are watching a new show and they are seriously SO out of it.  harper could’ve easily taken a nap, but didn’t, and layne just woke up…they’re both super tired.  i think there are invisible strings tying those eyeballs to the TV.  sheesh.

i hear maitland waking up and i need to get off my butt and do something productive.

i’ll leave you with this:  the bubble guppies



One Comment to “wednesday, already?!”

  1. Sorry to hear everyone is under the weather. 😦

    And, I always look forward to your New Year’s card…I don’t care when it arrives under my door (that’s the way I get my mail from the landlords). 🙂

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