i woke up from a nap about 45 minutes ago.  it’s 9:45 PM.

i put Layne to bed (Harper was already zonked out) and thought, “I’ll just lay down and sleep until Ryan comes home.”  (he was at the library.)  this was all because i could hardly hold my eyes open while i was reading to Layne.  ryan came home and sat down on the couch.  i sat up only long enough to move the pillow and lay back down on his leg.  slept for another hour.  got up and ate some cereal (random).

and now i’m getting things done.  finishing a painting, folding laundry, and hopefully i will have NO problems going back to bed in an hour.

pretty sure maitland has pink eye.  his poor little eye is goopy and swollen and red.  he had some sort of bacterial infection in his eye when he was like 2 months old and the dr gave me drops, but told me to try breast milk first (“you mean like, squirt it in his eye?”).  i did for half a day.  the mixture of the milk and the yellow crap in his eye was more than i could take…SO gross.  so i used the drops and it cleared up.  this time, i’m thinking we’ll have to have an antibiotic.  i tried milk once today before his nap and when he woke up, it was 3 times worse.  i used the drops twice already and it was definitely still in full force.  anyway.  enough about the dumb eye infection.  (but he is really pathetic-looking.)

my good pal amy stopped by today.  she is such an amazing friend to everyone she calls friend.  this was her who-knows-what-number trip in the last several months from her home of orlando.  she comes down here as soon as she can anytime anyone has a baby.  that was her reason for this one.  and i think the trip before last, too.  AP, it was great to see you.  i always love hanging out with you, however, i hope i don’t see you for awhile, or if i do, i hope it’s in your town and not in mine.  for your poor car’s sake.  (love you!)

ryan is in bed reading some book and keeps laughing out loud. making me smile.

i had a teeth cleaning today. has anyone else ever thought about asking for something to hold your mouth open so you could go to sleep? even though i don’t floss and my gums are crying out for mercy the entire cleaning, i seriously think i could go to sleep in that chair. i just love the aspect of being obligated to LAY somewhere for 30 minutes straight without being able to do even one thing else.
(by the way, thank you Alyssa for watching kiddos for me!!)

i cannot believe tomorrow is thursday.

please continue to pray for joanne and her family.  if you read toben’s post today, he said something about TIGER WOODS sending his well-wishes!  what in the blazes?!

just found this picture from almost exactly 2 years ag0.  cuh-razy.


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  1. Hi friend. Thanks for the shout out. You are too sweet. I am SO glad I was able to see you yesterday. It wasn’t long enough, but no time with you ever is (not meaning this in a bad way…meaning I could hang out with you forever). I’ll take what I can get. 🙂

    And…that pictures IS crazy! HOW IN THE WORLD ARE THEY GETTING SO GROWN UP!?!!

  2. Hi, I ran across your blog today and read about your baby having pink eye 😦 I know this sounds weird, but my pediatrician had me wash my daughter’s eye with baby shampoo. It helped clean out all the crusty stuff and that “numbing” stuff in the shampoo makes the eye numb and clean! I had the opportunity to try it in myself about six months ago when I got pink eye after a bad cold. It felt so much better after washing it with the baby shampoo!


  3. I eat cereal in the middle of the night. Like 2am. And I love AP. She gets friend of the year award. What a trooper.
    Love you!

  4. Can you pleassse send me your chicken pot pie recipe??? When I had Mason someone from church brought me over the best chicken pot pie I have ever had and I meant to find out who it was, A)so I could get the recipe and B) send thank you’s- BUT neither of those happened. It’s the thought that counts right?!?!?! I atleast THOUGHT of writing a thank you! LOL
    Anyway still in search of the best pot pie ever- and if you happen to know who at church usually sends a pot pie- hunt them down for me : )

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