full day.

any day that starts with the kids not climbing into bed with me until 7:30 and pre-made cinnamon rolls soon after that, can’t go badly, right?
the girls played “happily” together for a few hours this morning (the only unfortunate part of that is that their new favorite place in the house is our closet…it really didn’t need a good trashing). then we packed up and went to meet some friends (jenny!) at the beach. i was apparently clueless that it was GORGEOUS outside and didn’t even bring sunscreen! we were only there for around an hour, so any “color” my kids got will be gone tomorrow. got home late so layne didn’t get a nap, but she actually did great…contrary to what i’d prepared myself for.

my friend rachel and her girls came over for awhile while i was making chicken pot pie.  we hadn’t seen them since before christmas, so the girls and i both had fun seeing them.  rachel and i have decided that we’re going to start trading babysitting.  she and her husband have no family in town and have only lived in jupiter for about a year.  most of their friends live about 25 minutes south, so babysitting options have dwindled a little.  they never get to go out, and i really need to have a day every now and then where i can catch up on things for my business.  so, we’re thinking that she’ll watch my youngest 2 kids (while harper’s in school) for a few hours some Fridays and then that same night, we’ll keep her girls while she and her hubby go out for a dinner date.  hopefully we’ll start making this happen like once a month.

[don’t hate me for saying this, but david crowder is seriously overated. i know he’s probably caused alot of people to come to know Jesus, but he CAN’T SING. anytime he comes on my kick-butt pandora worship station, i thumbs-down him.]

after rachel left, we ate and did the bedtime thing and then i headed to Bible study.  so grateful for time with so many beautiful, sweet, FUN, Godly women.  there are so many tuesdays where i think about not going because i’m just drained and tired and don’t feel like small-talking to anyone, but i always feel so encouraged and renewed when i get home.  (holla, tina & sarah! they’re the only 2 with blogs…other than jenny who i’m sure i already embarrassed once.)

i just spent about an hour working on transfering scripture onto a painting.  it’s my least-favorite part, but i figured out that if i listen to worship music while i’m doing it, i really get alot out of it.  like, i really feel like i’m worshipping while i’m tracing.  sounds dumb, but the work is really mindless, so i can focus on the words i’m hearing.  i tear up every now and then when something hits me hard.  i appreciate that because it could be a song i’ve heard several times before, but i had never really thought about it.

if you hadn’t noticed, i put a button on my sidebar (“praying for joanne”).  if you’re interested in getting updates on joanne, you can click on it.  at this point she’s still in a medical-induced coma, but they are saying she’ll be hopefully coming out of that sometime in the next several days.  a small step in what will be a long, long walk.  i am still so struck by this situation and have been really thankful for the reminder that we can make all the plans we want, but God will laugh at us.  chuckle…lovingly.

it’s almost midnight. i need to go to bed. i need to go to bed and “accidentally” wake up ryan and then try to fall asleep before he falls back to sleep (virtually impossible).


3 Comments to “full.”

  1. Holla! 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE getting together with all you ladies too!!

  2. Just stalked your friends and now want to be their friends. Am TOTALLY making Tina’s homemade tortillas – my mom’s family made them EVERY day when she was growing up and I never have! Holla! 🙂


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