i’m tired.

fo’ real.

it’s after 11.  my feet hurt.  my eyes hurt.  and my head hurts when i think about tomorrow.

i’m assisting for my fabulous friend Kat starting at noon tomorrow and the wedding is about an hour and a half away (south beach, baby!!).  sure i won’t get home until at least 1 AM.  i will be drinking quite a bit of coke.  or coffee.  something with caffeine.

i just spent 2 hours working on a painting and taking a break to fold laundry when it came out of the dryer45 mintues every .  doing it all while listening to my bebo norman pandora station.  pandora seriously makes everything a pleasure.  and i hardly ever have to skip a song on that station (i think it’s a mix of bebo norman, watermark, and audrey assad).

one reason i’m tired:

doesn’t she look like a sulking 14 year old?  this girl is giving me a run for my money lately with her attitude.  it is DRAINING.  she’s started being sneaky and lying and cocking an attitude every 4 seconds.  sometimes when she speaks i swear if i closed my eyes i could easily picture her as a bratty teenager.  i love her fiercely, but man can she rub me the wrong way when she wants to.  (by the way, she WAS sulking in that picture.  she was pouting while we were in the FSU stadium.  a super fun and different place for anyone of any age.  i still don’t know what she was pouting about.)  however, she finished her first week back at school and in a different location (same teacher, most of the same kids) with a huge smile on her face.  girl is definitely a social butterfly.  don’t know where she gets it becuase both ryan and i were extremely shy as small children.

[side note: ryan lies in bed and reads all his RSS feeds (articles and blogs) before he goes to sleep.  he just read me an article that said on this day in 1794, the first Cesearean section was performed in the US where both baby and mother survived.  it was performed by the woman’s HUSBAND on a “table” made out of planks on 2 barrels.  wow.]

been working with layne all week on potty training.  it’s a total roller coaster.  she’s doing okay, i guess.  she’s actually had more pee accidents than poop, which is good.  i’m just glad i don’t have to buy diapers anymore (however she’s still in pull-ups at night)…especially now that Maitland is big into babyfood ($$$…i do make my own every now and then, but it’s alot easier just to take the top off of something).  she redeems herself from the accidents by being HILARIOUS and adorable.

funny story: i was doing dishes for awhile in the kitchen this morning.  maitland was in the playroom playing with a bin that had play dishes and food in it.  layne came into the kitchen carrying a basket with a piece of plastic corn in it.  L: “i got some corn.”  Me: “cool.  where’d you get that?  maitland’s store?”  L: “yeah, maitland’s store.  there were lots of babies there.”  Me: “really?  lots of babies?”  L: “yeah.  and it was really messy.”

ryan took a video yesterday of layne holding a bead from a broken necklace and voluntarily calling it a choking hazard.  it will probably be one of my favorite videos from her at this age.  i should figure out how to post it on here…

i’m done.  if i look at this screen any longer i’ll have to tape my eyelids open.

if anyone’s reading this who hasn’t taken a look at the photo blog this week, do it now!  (please?)


4 Comments to “i’m tired.”

  1. LOVE that picture of Harper. Don’t love that she’s 4 going on 16, but in my opinion the picture is HILARIOUS. And, speaking of 4…how in the world is she almost 5?!???? Love you. Love your blog. Love that you’re back. Need to see you. SOON.

  2. Hilarious Harper shot. Kiers is also bringing out her tude lately. Thanks for the family update and stories. LOOOOVE!

  3. So did you make it home ok last night?

  4. wow you’re back! Havent noticed because in case you’ve checked my blog- I have been on unannounced hiatus from sheer exhaustion!
    Glad to have you back.
    I HAD to comment because: the issues you are describing with Harper(side note: new niece in my family named harper) sound exactly like Mia. She has been so bad. Gets me red hot- sometimes I think if she wasnt so cute and I didnt love her so much- I dont know what I’d do with her- or to her for that matter! LOL

    Same things, lying, hiding stuff, sneaking, BAD attitude – thats my biggest complaint really- the behavior is one thing but for me the attitude is a really big one. I cant TAKE it!!!!

    sorry you’re in the same boat but glad to know ‘m not alone.

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