enter title here.

so, i’m back.

it’s been 2 months.
not alot has changed.
i’ve read my Bible twice. one of the main reasons i took a blog break was because i thought that posting on my blog was taking up time that i should be using to spend with God. i’ve realized during my break that if time with Him wasn’t a priority before, i can easily find something else to fill my blog time with. so, i’m still working on making that time with Him a priority. i guess it’s one of those things (like so many others in my life…i.e. my hair) that i feel like i can’t do at all if i don’t do it well.
i thought for a long time about whether or not to come back to my blog. it’s not something i want to do halfway…like i don’t want to post once a week or a week straight and then not again for a month. my main purpose in keeping this blog is to keep a record of my life, and to do that, i need to write regularly.
i also thought about starting a whole new blog. i’d like something that combines my photography and art and things with my daily life posts, but i knew that if i started a new blog that my old one would be sad and alone and untouched and it sounds stupid, but there’s just too much of my history here. i couldn’t leave. maybe later…i’ve heard there are blog-builders that can move your old posts to your new blog. we’ll see.
as of this morning, i still hadn’t decided if i was going to come back, but something convinced me i should. an author/blog “friend” of mine (i wish. actually she’s more of a mentor who has no idea she’s mentoring), joanne, apparently suffered a very serious stroke in her home yesterday. she is in a fight for her life and very well may be for a long time to come. she is 38 (THIRTY-EIGHT) years old and has two tween-aged daughters and a loving husband. i cried today when i read what her sweet husband had posted on her blog because 12 hours before i’d just read a totally normal post from her about building a fire and homeschool and coffee. life here is so unbelievably fragile and we are truly not guaranteed 5 more minutes.
anyway, i decided to come back because of the thing with joanne. i was thinking that if anything were to ever happen to me, i would want there to be something that my kids could read to give them some sort of idea as to what kind of person i was. i’d want them to have a clue to just how much i love them and laugh at them and how much i hate to clean the highchair.
in trying to decide whether or not to come back, i figured out that i haven’t missed the writing part of the blog. i’ve missed the knowing people are reading it and the comments and the attention i get from it. i know that there are alot of people who’ve still been checking it every day after 2 months! and that means ALOT to me (thank you guys so much!), but i’m going to try really hard not to look at how many visitors i have. i’m going to vent and tell stories about my kids and sometimes post crappy pictures and not care about being a blog celebrity. so there, selfish self.
it’s 11 pm. Maitland slept all the way through the night last night for the first time in his life and i’m really hoping tonight will be a repeat, so i want to get to bed….rephrase: i can’t wait to get to bed when i know i won’t be woken up at 3 AM. at least not by him. 4 year olds get thirsty in the middle of the night too. at least mine does. and tonight i will be glad to get her a drink if she asks for it…i’ll just be thankful that i’m capable of doing so.

thank you Lord for reminding us over and over how YOU are in control of our lives and how nothing is promised but YOU.  i love you for reminding us how precious each day is on this earth.  AMEN.


5 Comments to “enter title here.”

  1. glad you’re back. 🙂

  2. I’m glad you’re back too! I’ve always loved how REAL your blog is.

  3. Yay for you coming back. I can’t believe I’m about to start the not sleeping through the night thing again!! I remember the celebration we had when Joe finally slept through the night:)

  4. AMEN to that also! When life gets repetitive, we lose sight to the precious-ness…yep, each moment is a gift – thanks for the reminder. I still remember hearing a pastor tell young mothers (I was one at the time)
    that the most important thing they might do in the day is to take a nap (or a break, or whatever refreshes)…mothers of little ones are running a marathon and we need His grace & rest!

  5. So glad you are back! I have been considering going back to my old blog as well I do miss having a place to document just the day to day stuff but I wish there was some way to remove the stats page because I hate how much I start checking it when I am blogging regularly 🙂

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