hey guys.
i’m really torn about my blog lately. my goal is to write something every day, but i don’t feel like i have my priorities in order when i think about writing a blog post alot more than i think about having a quiet time. maybe once i start making time with God a priority He’ll clear up some time for my blog. i love the actual journal part of it…like the fact that i can write things about my kids and my day-to-day life that i’d never remember otherwise (this is the only “journal” i’ve ever stuck with). but if keeping up with something not “work”-related is causing me to slack in other more important areas of my life, it may be time to call it quits. no, i’m not ready to say that. it may be time to take a break. i’ve taken a hiatus before, and i guess i’m saying that i’m doing it again. i’ll still be writing over here from time to time.

thank you guys so much for ever taking time to read about my boring life.

now i think i’ll go read my Bible while all of my kids are sleeping.


ps. maitland woke up. but the reason i logged back on: i’ve also been thinking alot about my true motives for this blog. yes, i love sharing pictures and stories about my kids and my life, BUT i do think that i crave attention and sometimes that desire is satisfied through this blog. i check my “hits” and enjoy it a little too much when i know alot of people have read what i have to say or have given me nice comments (which is alot…thanks guys). i’m over it right now. hopefully i’ll be able to come back with a new focus and and a clearer goal.


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  1. i’ve kind of been over my blog too as of late. hmm…

  2. well, I’ve enjoyed reading about your life (seems to be the only way lately to catch up with friends 🙂 ).

  3. How can you have any more attention than that given you by The Most High everyday? You definately have His attention, being an “Affective” mother, wife, daughter and friend.

    Ask yourself this question and be honest with your answer – “Will what (the things)I am doing now really make a difference in somebody’s life now or in the future?

    The longer you live the more you appreciate what you believe you have left; but, do you really have “it” left? Only God knows what you have “left”. . . . .

    Don’t waste a minute of what’s left!

    THANK GOD for the little things He gives you everyday … kids, husband, family, loving friends, health, possessions, His Holy Spirit, etc., etc., etc., ….

    We Love you deeply !

  4. Thanks for the authenticity, Ktron. Very challenging to me in many ways. God is kicking my butt this week too! Love you!

  5. I’m going to be a bit transparent/honest here and add that sometimes I get bummed/disappointed/whatever you want to call it when I see in general my blogging friends that say they are too busy to call/hang out/email/whatever but yet they have time to blog about how busy they are if that makes any sense. I also know what you mean about getting blog attention/ I feel that way about facebook sometimes….looking to find satisfaction in people commenting on my photos or comments or etsy things. I heart this post for being honest!

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