you know…

  • you know it’s time to paint your toenails when you’re choosing outfits strictly based on whether or not they go with closed-toed shoes.
  • you know it’s going to be an exciting day when the first family activity is getting to see a possum (opossum?) stuck in the trashcan.  (for real, it was cool!  and, actually, the poor guy is still in there…scared to death.  no pun intended, haha)
  • you know giving your kids cake for breakfast yesterday was a mistake when one of them says the next morning, “mommy can we have a special treat for breakfast since layne went pee on the potty?”
  • you know you have too many clothes when the same load of laundry can sit in the dryer for THREE DAYS.
  • you know you’ve got a really good friend in someone when they invite you over just to help them eat a batch of monkey bread.  (thanks, jenny!)
  • you know you’re desperate for some help (and had a LONG day) when your husband comes home to your girls sitting at the kitchen table, in their bath towels, drinking hot chocolate.
  • you know your husband is a good dad when he’s willing to read a book called “Fancy Nancy”.
  • you know you’re too tired to cook when dinner consists of a glass of apple juice and some pecans. (DCF employees, please note: this was MY dinner, not my kids’.)

2 Comments to “you know…”

  1. cute image of your girls sipping hot chocolate:) I’m imagining them having their hair wrapped up in towels too.

  2. sounds like someone is really tired…hope you get some sleep soon!! I’ve been wearing closed toed shoes for all this week…same problem!

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